Aqua Aura Crystal Points, Aqua and Pink Aura for Wealth and Success

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Aqua Aura and Pink Aura Polished Points

Aqua Aura Crystal Points, Aqua and Pink Aura for Success

These polished Quartz points are a combination of pink aura and aqua aura.  Aura Quartz is a combination of a natural quartz stone that has been treated. Quartz points go through a process where the vapor from precious metals chemically bonds to the quartz point. Some people believe that the metals add additional properties or strengths to the natural crystals.

Aqua Aura quartz is believed to enhance your intuition and communication and calm your nerves. It is also said to help one’s inner beauty to shine and to attract wealth and success. Helps to balance the throat chakra.

Pink Aura brings in the energy associated with the heart chakra such as unconditional love and improving your self worth and self esteem.

You'll receive one point from our inventory, approximate sizes are 1.95- 2.2" tall x 1 to 1.2" wide and 1" thick.  The actual stone you'll receive may be slightly larger or smaller.