Aura Howlite Towers, Angel Aura Howlite Polished Points, Howlite with Rainbow Coating

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Howlite  Points, 3 pieces

Aura Howlite Towers, Angel Aura Polished Points, Rainbow Colors Yellow, Pink, Greens

These are Howlite polished points with an angel aura coating. Keep Howlite close by where you sleep as it's said to help with insomnia/sleep issues. I love to look at the beautiful grey veining though out to help relax my overactive mind in the evening. Howlite is used to help reduce anger as it can teaches patience. Keep in your pocket for absorb anger directed at you.

We're excited to intuitively pick a perfect Howlite tower for you from our inventory. The pictures are a representation of what we have available. Approximate size 3.25” to 3.5" tall x .9” at the base. The actual tower you receive may be slightly larger or small.