Azurite "Blueberry" Clusters, For Intuition, Use on 3rd Eye

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Azurite Clusters Blueberries x-small

Azurite Clusters, Azurite Blueberry Clusters for 3rd Psychic Development

Azurite clusters are an excellent stone to use when you are working on your psychic and intuitive development. Azurite helps to stimulate your 3rd eye so you have a clear understanding about situations.  Azurite helps with communication by removing blocks and enhances your memory. Need to clear some stress, grief, worry or sadness from your life? Grab your Azurite cluster and start working with it. 

Azurite is powerful in it's ability to help you get to the root cause of your fears and things that you are afraid of.  Azurite, Malachite and Chrysocolla are found closely together and some of these clusters might be a combination of the stones.

We'll intuitively pick an Azurite cluster for you from our inventory.

Approximate Sizes:
XS = .5", 3-6 grams. 3 Available
Small = 1.12"-1.25", 34 to 36 grams. 3 pieces available
Medium = 1"-1.5", 46-57 grams. 7 pieces available
Large = 1.25"-15", 68 to 89 grams. 3 pieces available