Black Opal Polished Crystal Stone Points, Grounding Stone

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Black Opal Polished Crystal Stone Points, Grounding Stone

Black Opal Polished Points For Grounding

With Black Opal, you can have the confidence to chase your passions. Black Opal promotes a perfect spiritual balance by connecting your Root and Crown Chakras. This stabilizing energy also extends to create a protective shield around your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual selves.

Black Opal magnifies this stone’s lucky properties and vibrates uplifting energy. It aligns with the universal field to manifest your desires, and it also provides access to your past lives. Black Opal’s dark shine is ideal for scrying and other magical activities.

Select your favorite Black Opal point, you'll receive the exact stone in the picture. Approximate size is:
1: 4.25" L x 1.9" W,1.50" thick and weighs 9.3 ozs.
2: Sold
3: 5.6" L x 1.7" W, 1.4" thick and weighs 11.4 ozs.