My Dream Crystals - May 2024 Edition

My Dream Crystals - May 2024 Edition

Posted by Heather McConnell on 29th Apr 2024

Mermaid Crystals for MerMay

Summer is just around the corner, and we’re dreaming of the beach! So this year, My Dream Crystals is getting in on the fun of #MerMay, a month-long creative celebration of mermaids.

MerMay encourages artists all over the world to share their mermaid-related art and explore every facet of this mythical creature. But why have mermaids captured our imagination for so many years, and what can we learn about ourselves by connecting with them?

Mermaid Legends Around the World

Mermaids are the embodiment of the ocean, and just like their watery home, mermaids are objects of both fascination and fear. They can represent creativity and vitality, but they also symbolize mystery and death.

The earliest known image of a mermaid dates back to Ancient Babylon, but the word mermaid has its roots in the Old English “merwif,” which means water witch. By the late middle ages, “merwif” had transformed to “mermayde,” or sea maiden, and the modern mermaid was born.

Legend holds that mermaids are most active at dawn and dusk. Some folklore posits that mermaids are easily spotted at these liminal times because they actually cross over from the spiritual realm, taking advantage of the thinning veil between worlds.

Some ancient sailors strongly believed that mermaids were signs of good luck; however, others viewed them as omens of danger, inspired by the Ancient Greek legend of the siren. Mythological sirens are female creatures with gorgeous singing voices, and their magic song lures sailors to crash and die on rocky shores.

Although Ancient Greek sirens were half-bird, half-human instead of half-fish, the siren’s legacy can clearly be seen in the most famous modern mermaid, Ariel from Disney’s The Little Mermaid, who is gifted with a beautiful voice and puts it at risk for her human prince.

This duality between allure and deceit is prevalent throughout European mermaid folklore. The story of Melusine describes a woman who marries a nobleman under the condition that he never looks at her on Sundays. On Sundays, Melusine’s mermaid side is revealed, and she must spend the entire day in the bath. When her husband spies on her and discovers her secret, Melusine flees. Several European royal houses proudly traced their lineage to this magical mermaid, including the Anjou and Plantagenet families who ruled France and England for centuries.

The Slavic Rusalki are water nymphs (largely associated with rivers and lakes) who protect agriculture, but darker myths hold that they are the spirits of drowned women who lure others to the same fate.

Gaelic and Norse mythology has a unique mermaid figure: the Selkie, a seal who can transform into a human woman. They can shift freely so long as they have their seal skin, and they are known to occasionally marry human men.

Folklore from Africa focuses on mermaids as mother figures. Water gives life, and many legends speak of mermaid-like water spirits known as mami wata, which literally translates to “water as mother.” The most famous mami wata is Yemanya, the Yoruba mermaid goddess, who has travelled the world through the African diaspora.

The Spiritual Meaning of Mermaids

All of these legends shed light on the mermaid’s different spiritual and metaphysical meanings. Mermaids are closely tied with divine feminine, representing the ocean’s inherent sensuality, the nurturing and cleansing elements of water, and divinely informed intuition.

Because mermaids are neither fish nor human, they aren’t bound by the rules of either the ocean or the human world. In their duality, mermaids are able to explore independence, authenticity, and freedom. They are so beautiful because they are confident in their true selves.

Mermaid stories, from Melusine to The Little Mermaid, often center around transformation, which makes change central to mermaid symbolism. Mermaids remind you to embrace change and the unknown. The ocean is a powerful force, and somethings you have to accept its unpredictability to discover what you is truly meant for you.

Mermaid Crystals

If you’re ready to connect with your inner mermaid, crystals are the perfect tool!

Aquamarine is the most obvious mermaid crystal; it is closely associated with the ocean, and its empowering vibrations give you the courage to follow the mermaid’s messages of independence and intuition. Amazonite takes these energies further, drawing on the most rebellious elements of the mermaid to encourage you to break out of old habits and fight for your authentic self.

Crystals that have high water content, like Opal, or form naturally in the ocean, like Aragonite and Calcite are also great mermaid crystals. These stones are literally created by water’s life-giving energy, and their nurturing vibrations help connect you with the mermaid within. Indigo Gabbro is found on the ocean floor, and it teaches you to explore the mysteries of the ocean, mermaids, and the universe.

Aqua Aura Quartz’s soothing blue color energy makes it an obvious match for a mermaid. Aqua Aura Quartz’s high vibrations come from fusing Quartz with gold, and this amazing transformation draws out both the duality and creativity energy of mermaid lore.

What will you discover when you unleash your inner mermaid?

Our Top 5 Cinco de Mayo Crystals

Tacos, margaritas, and… crystals? They go together better than you may think! Let’s explore the cultural significance of Cinco de Mayo and how we can use crystals to keep the party going all year long.

What is Cinco De Mayo?

Contrary to popular belief, Cinco de Mayo isn’t Mexican Independence Day (that is observed on September 16th). Cinco de Mayo actually commemorates the Battle of Puebla.

The Battle of Puebla was a clash between the Mexican army and an invading French force, who sought to take over the country after President Benito Juarez ceased paying Mexico’s foreign debts. The Mexican forces were dramatically outnumbered, but they defeated the French at Puebla on May 5th, 1862, giving a major boost to Mexican morale.

While the French invaders did eventually manage to take Mexico City and install an Austrian archduke as a puppet emperor, the new government didn’t last long. By 1866, the Mexican army successfully regained the capital and ousted the foreign government. The newly reinstated President Juarez declared May 5th a national holiday, acknowledging the Battle of Puebla’s importance in repelling the French invasion.

So, while Cinco de Mayo is not Mexican Independence Day, it does celebrate the pride, strength, and courage of the Mexican people and their refusal to bow to foreign control.

How is Cinco de Mayo Celebrated?

Today, Cinco de Mayo remains a major festival in Puebla, complete with reenactments, parades, and celebrations. However, for the bulk of Mexico, it is a minor event.

Cinco de Mayo actually plays a larger role in American culture than in most of Mexico, as it was adopted by Mexican immigrants as a way to celebrate their heritage. In fact, the United States first celebrated Cinco de Mayo in 1863, one year after the Battle of Puebla, to show solidarity with its neighbor.

Modern American Cinco de Mayo has been criticized for the way that alcohol companies and bars capitalize on a critical moment in Mexican history to make money, but there are still places to connect with more authentic Cinco de Mayo activities, such as major, multi-day events in Los Angeles, the Twin Cities, Denver, and San Antonio. All over the country, many Mexican-American groups mark the day with parades, authentic food, mariachi music, and traditional dances.

The Top 5 Cinco de Mayo Crystals


Danburite is mined in Mexico, and its altruistic vibrations connect with the heart of Cinco de Mayo. This crystal creates strong communities, which is central to Cinco de Mayo celebrations in both Mexico and the US. It is also a stone of charity and sacrifice, resonating with the sacrifice made by Mexican soldiers at Puebla.


Another crystal mined in Mexico, Garnet is a crystal of courage, passion, and pride, making it the perfect way to connect with the energy of Cinco de Mayo. Garnet works with your Heart Chakra to draw out your desires and empower you to achieve them.


Sunstone carries all the its namesake’s radiant energy: positivity, vitality, and confidence. Sunstone doesn’t just imbue Cinco de Mayo celebrations with extra joy; it also celebrates independence, authenticity, and empowerment.

Orange Calcite

When you’re ready to truly celebrate, Orange Calcite is the crystal for you! This stone radiates happiness and fun, making it the ideal crystal for any party, including Cinco de Mayo.


We’re finishing off with another Mexican-mined crystal, Amethyst. This crystal resonates strongly with the spiritual realm, and it is often used around another major Mexican holiday, Día de los Muertos. At Cinco de Mayo, Amethyst can help connect users with the ancestors and heritage that made modern Mexican-American culture possible. However, Amethyst also serves a very practical purpose for Cinco de Mayo; its name comes from the Greek word “amethustos,” which means “not drunken,” and it can help you make prudent decisions during your celebrations.

However you’re celebrating this year, we hope these Cinco de Mayo crystals help you find fun, courage, and authenticity!  

Get Schooled: Crystals for Teacher Appreciation Week

The end of the school year is only a few weeks away, which makes it the perfect time to celebrate the teachers who make education possible—and give them a little extra energy to make it through the final, chaotic days before summer vacation.

May 6th is the beginning of Teacher Appreciation Week, and to celebrate, we are highlighting some of the best crystals for teachers.

The Top 5 Crystals for Teachers


Hematite is often called the “Stone of the Mind,” making it our number one crystal for teachers. This crystal harnesses the planet’s grounding energies to keep you feeling balanced, which in turn results in improved mental clarity. Hematite supports strong decision making, effective analysis, and a better memory.


Teaching is all about communication, and Apatite supercharges your communication skills with a specific focus on the intellect. This crystal opens your mind to new ideas so that you can explore fresh perspectives and new intellectual horizons—and effectively share them with your students.


Howlite is a stone of patience and emotional intelligence. It will keep you calm so that you can help your students tackle complex concepts. Howlite can also support you as you work through your own large-scale projects, and it is a helpful tool for lesson planning.


Being a teacher can be emotionally draining, but Emerald is here to help. This crystal works with your Heart Chakra to reconnect you with your passion for the job. Emerald also inspires the courage you need to advocate for yourself and your students.


Education is a slow process where information and skills are layered on top of each other—just like Stromatolite’s formation. This crystal is fossilized algae that slowly developed over millennia, and each layer is thought to possess another level of knowledge. Stromatolite reminds you to work slowly, patiently, and consistently to achieve your goals.

This Teacher’s Appreciation Week, skip the apple; grab one of our top crystals for teachers instead!

Spotlight on the Sacral Chakra

Do you feel uninspired? Do you feel like you aren’t as playful as you used to be? Your Sacral Chakra may need some attention!

What is the Sacral Chakra?

The Sacral Chakra is part of your Chakra system, a series of energy centers that run along your spine. According to ancient Ayurvedic tradition, each Chakra houses life energy (prana) and corresponds to a different facets of physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing.

The Sacral Chakra is your second Chakra, located just below your belly button. It is strongly associated with the color orange, and its Sanskrit name is “svadhisthana,” which translates to “one’s own place.” If you’ve ever heard the phrase “listen to your gut,” that’s a reference to your Sacral Chakra!

The Sacral Chakra is the center of passion; its inspiring energy helps you achieve your dreams. The Sacral Chakra inspires and regulates creativity, pleasure, and spontaneity. When you make art, have a spur-of-the-moment hangout with friends, or connect with your sensuality, you are accessing your Sacral Chakra. Connecting with the Sacral Chakra’s creative energy grants you a stronger sense of self-worth, improved emotional balance, and greater motivation.

When your Sacral Chakra is out of alignment or blocked, you may feel burnt out, apathetic, or insecure. However, meditating with a Sacral Chakra crystal can help keep your Sacral Chakra happy, healthy, and balanced!

Sacral Chakra Crystals

In general, most orange crystals resonate strongly with the Sacral Chakra, but here are a few of our favorites:


Amber’s protective energy works with the Sacral Chakra to transform negative energy into pure positivity. This crystal combines the Sacral Chakra’s motivating, inspiring vibrations with powerful Earth energy to help you manifest your goals. Amber is also closely associated with the divine feminine and fertility, making it an excellent tool for connecting with the Sacral Chakra’s inherent sensuality.


When used in Sacral Chakra work, Bloodstone helps you draw out your true passions and overcome limiting self-talk. This crystal imbues you with the mental clarity and focus to make effective decisions as you chase your dreams. Bloodstone also reminds you to appreciate the present, even while you are striving for a better future.


Carnelian is a fertility crystal, allowing us to access the creative and sexual energies of the Sacral Chakra. Carnelian promotes free expression and lets your imagination run wild. When you channel these creative energies, you will discover that your possibilities are truly limitless.


Cinnabar has been prized for artists for centuries, and for good reason! This crystal helps you channel creativity and inspiration to create your most abundant life. Cinnabar attracts material wealth but also address other elements of prosperity, such as strong interpersonal relationships, unshakeable self-confidence, and consistent energy. The only constant in life is change, and Cinnabar works with the Sacral Chakra to help you to embrace these beautiful transformations.


Garnet links the Sacral and Heart Chakras to draw out your true passions. With this crystal, you are able to feel truly comfortable in your own skin, which in turn promotes open, loving relationships. Garnet gives you the courage to follow your dreams, and it aligns you with universal energies to effortlessly attract what you desire.

Orange Calcite

Orange Calcite is a stone of celebration. This crystal connects to the spontaneity and playfulness of the Sacral Chakra. If you feel like your work-life balance is off, Orange Calcite will show you how to make more space for fun and joy!

Peach Moonstone

Peach Moonstone harnesses Moonstone’s divine feminine energy to heal the Sacral Chakra. If you are struggling to activate your Sacral Chakra, or if it is blocked or out of alignment, Peach Moonstone’s nurturing vibrations will gently open and balance it.

Take some time this month to give extra attention to your Sacral Chakra, and you’ll discover your most creative, confident self!

Quiz: What Crystal Do You Need Right Now?

If you don’t know where to begin your crystal journey, let this crystal quiz be your guide!

Question 1: How do you feel right now?

  • A. Confused
  • B. Introspective
  • C. Depressed
  • D. Anxious
  • E. Hopeful

Question 2: What matters most to you?

  • A. Spirituality
  • B. Self-expression
  • C. Relationships
  • D. Security
  • E .Career

Question 3: If you could go on a vacation right now, which destination would you choose?

  • A. A spa
  • B. A secluded beach
  • C. An Italian villa
  • D. A cabin in the woods
  • E. A yoga retreat

Question 4: Which job is closest to your dream career?

  • A. Tarot reader
  • B. Writer
  • C. Beautician
  • D. Teacher
  • E. Entrepreneur

Question 5: Which animal resonates with you the most?

  • A. Cat
  • B. Owl
  • C. Cow
  • D. Whale
  • E. Snake

Question 6: How would your friends describe you?

  • A. Decisive
  • B. Intuitive
  • C. Loving
  • D. Stable
  • E. Adaptable

Question 7: Which number stands out to you?

  • A. 1
  • B. 7
  • C. 9
  • D. 4
  • E. 5 

Question 8: What long-term goal are you working toward?

  • A. Making better decisions
  • B. Communicating more clearly
  • C. Cultivating stronger self-love
  • D. Becoming more grounded
  • E. Embracing change

Question 9: What could you use more of in your life?

  • A. Clarity
  • B. Confidence
  • C. Nurturing
  • D. Balance
  • E. Inspiration

Question 10: Which color is calling to you?

  • A. White
  • B. Blue
  • C. Pink
  • D. Brown
  • E. Green

Answer Key:

Mostly A: Clear Quartz

If you selected mostly A, you are looking for more clarity and spiritual connection, so Clear Quartz is perfect for you! This master healer crystal channels divine wisdom to help you make strong decisions.

Mostly B: Sodalite

If you answered mostly B, it’s time for you to speak up with Sodalite! This introspective crystal helps you identify your deepest needs and then express them clearly and kindly, allowing you to claim the life you want.

Mostly C: Rose Quartz

If you answered mostly C, you need the ultimate self-care crystal: Rose Quartz. This crystal’s gentle vibrations draw out your most loving energy so that you can approach everyone with compassion—including yourself.

Mostly D: Bronzite

If you answered mostly D, you’re looking for some stability in your life. Bronzite resonates strongly with the Earth, and it harnesses the planet’s grounding frequencies to grant you a profound feeling of balance and security.

Mostly E: Malachite

If you answered mostly E, you’re ready to change the world with Malachite. Malachite is a stone of transformation. It helps you create the world of your dreams by embracing change. Take that leap of faith!

Did your answers come up inconclusive? Don’t worry! My Dream Crystals’ knowledgeable and friendly staff is always here to help. Reach out, and we’ll intuitively select the perfect crystal for you.