Best Crystals to Use When Traveling

Best Crystals to Use When Traveling

Posted by Heather McConnell on 18th Dec 2020

Travel can be thrilling, from exploring new places to reuniting with faraway loved ones. However, it is also anxiety-inducing. A trip can be one long list of worries: Did you pack everything? Will you miss your flight? What happens if you get lost in a foreign country? Will you be able to find someone who speaks your language? Crystals have amazing properties that can keep you safe and calm during travel. No matter what you encounter, they will protect you! Whether you’re just driving to a friend’s house for dinner or backpacking through Europe, leave a stone in your car’s glove compartment, slip it into your carry-on, or simply keep one in your pocket.


Aquamarine has protected water travelers for centuries. Ancient Greek fisherman relied upon it, and this crystal is considered sacred to St. Thomas the Apostle, who frequently traversed the ocean. If you experience seasickness, keep an Aquamarine stone in your pocket and rub it when you feel queasy. This crystal also makes a great worry stone to relieve travel anxiety. Aquamarine imparts a calm inner strength to get you through long travel days.


Iolite’s purple energy provides you with both physical and psychic protection. If you find yourself in a high-stress, toxic situation, such as your flight getting consistently delayed or a noisy passenger in the next seat, Iolite will keep your aura strong. Use this crystal to prevent your energy from being drained.


Jade provides you with an extra boost of luck on the road. It can help you make that train, avoid that pothole, or throw that unexpectedly useful item into your luggage last minute. Whatever curveball might come your way, Jade will protect you.


Kunzite emits strong calming vibrations that can relieve travel anxiety. It is the perfect tool for anyone who experiences fear of flying. This crystal blocks out both external and internal noise, allowing you to relax. Kunzite also works to repel negativity. With this stone in your pocket, you can sit back and trust that everything will be all right.

Mahogany Obsidian

This crystal links your Root and Sacral Chakras, allowing you to move forward from a place of grounding and confidence. For travelers, Mahogany Obsidian provides protection on the road and encourages an open mindset. This transformative stone is perfect for international travel, allowing you to experience everything that other cultures have to offer you.


Malachite’s powerful protective energy makes it an essential travel item, especially for highway and air journeys. It balances and calms you to relieve motion sickness, seasickness, and fear of flying. As a stone of change, Malachite can also ease the effects of jet lag, allowing you to adapt to your new time zone more quickly. Malachite offers special patronage and protection to airline workers.


This gentle stone guards you in subtle ways along your travels. Moonstone ensures that your luggage won’t be lost. Its connection to the moon adds light and protection to nighttime driving, especially in its Rainbow variety, and also helps support travel over water, because the moon controls the ocean’s tides. Moonstone’s soothing vibrations will you keep calm and open during your journey.

Moss Agate

Moss Agate resonates strongly with the Earth’s nurturing energies and allows you to fully experience everything you encounter. This crystal promotes new beginnings inspired by the fresh perspectives you gain on journey. Moss Agate also protects your immune system to counteract the close conditions and exhaustion that may cause you to catch a bug while traveling.

Tigers Eye

Tigers Eye carries protective properties that shield you from unforeseen accidents and calamities. This stone ensures a smooth, uneventful journey. It also imbues you with extra energy to push through exhaustion on red eye flights and long travel days.


A stone of perfect calm and security, Turquoise guards you, your companions, and your belongings on your journey. This crystal also resonates very well with pets. If your animal friend hates riding in the car or has to travel on a plane, attach a Turquoise stone to their collar to keep them calm.

Yellow Jasper

Jasper is a revitalizing and defensive stone, and its yellow variety is especially useful for travelers. This crystal keeps you safe while also giving you a boost of energy. Yellow Jasper helps you find your sense of adventure and fun, keeping the travel experience interesting and exciting!

Wherever you venture in this big, beautiful world, crystals can support your journey. What stones are your travel must-haves? Let us know in the comments below, or tag us in your photos on Instagram @mydreamcrystals!