Clearing and Charging Your Crystals

Clearing and Charging Your Crystals

Posted by Karen Bolt on 18th Feb 2015

Clearing and Charging your Crystals by Karen Bolt

We all love to search out the perfect crystal, the one that speaks to us promising the very energy that we are in search of in that moment. When we find our special stone we bring it home and want to start playing with it immediately.

What a lot of people are not aware of is that most crystals need to be cleared and recharged regularly. Crystals vibrate energy and this energy can become dull. Think about your computer, and how it starts to get slower and slower over time. So you clean off old files and defragment it and lo and behold it starts working at full speed again. Crystals absorb and transmute the dense energy from you, your clients and the environment. The more you work with them, the more frequently you need to clear them. If you are a healer and work on your clients with your stones, they should be cleared between each client. If you wear a crystal, and this includes jewelry, clear it daily. The rest can be cleared once a month.

So how do we clear crystals? There are a multitude of methods to cleanse your crystals. The ones listed below can be used on most all crystals.

There are several crystals that are self clearing, these include Selenite, Kyanite, Citrine and Carnelian. If you place a few pieces of Carnelian in a bag of tumbled stones they will clear the crystals in the bag. If you happen to have one of those crystals that is large enough you can place your smaller crystals on it to clear them.

One of my favorite ways to clear my crystals is with our Room Clearing Spray, it is quick, easy and convenient,

You can also smudge your crystals with sage, incense, sweet grass etc. This method has been used for centuries by Native Americans and North African tribal cultures and is extremely effective. It is very simple. Place some loose sage in a fireproof bowl and light it. Once the flames subside you will have plenty of smoke to smudge your crystals. You can use a turkey feather or a fan to direct the smoke over the crystals. Alternately you can purchase a smudge stick which is dried sage leaves bound into a stick. Don't confuse this with the seasoning you cook with. You can purchase dried sage at any Metaphysical store.

Another option is to place your crystals in the moonlight or sunlight. They love this method. Preferably on a full moon. You can leave them out all night. Be careful of exposing colorful crystals to the sun for long periods of time as they can fade.

One of my personal favorites is placing your crystals or jewelry in a baggie filled with brown rice (uncooked) overnight. The rice is very effective at clearing and recharging the crystals. You can reuse this rice several times.

If you have no tools on hand and need to clear your crystals in the moment, you can use your intention to surround the crystal with a visualized white, golden or violet light intending that any present negativity be transformed into positive light energy.

Another quick and simple method is to chime Tibetan prayer bells over the crystals, clearing and charging them with the sound vibration.

Some other methods are to bury the crystals in salt or soil over night or to use sea water, salt water or plain running water but caution must be taken as some of these methods may mar the surface of the crystals and some crystals are not meant to be cleared by water due to their delicate or plain running water but caution must be taken as some of these methods may mar the surface of the crystals and some crystals are not meant to be cleared by water due to their delicate properties.