Crystal Grids for House Protection

Crystal Grids for House Protection

Posted by Karen Bolt on 18th Mar 2015

I can’t tell you how important it is to clear and grid your home to protect it from outside negative energy. Energetic hygiene is the cornerstone of your spiritual and emotional well-being.

There are several ways that we pick up dense energy. Have you been around someone who is all around negative about everything and when they get done with you, you feel as if you have been “slimed”? Or have you walked into a room and felt the dense energy when people have been disagreeing about something? You all know what I mean! When you feel as if you have been “slimed”, it means it is time to clear your own energy. You can do this by going outside and connecting to the earth. Another easy way to clear yourself is a quick spray with our Room Clearing Spray which works equally well for clearing your aura. I can tell you from personal experience it really does work! My 4 year old granddaughter will often be moody and irritable after a day at daycare. No surprise, as daycares are not energetically “clean”. A quick spray and she is “my little angel” again. The first time I sprayed her she was quite indignant, wanting to know what I was doing. Now she stands still for me to spray her and the instant lightening of her mood is quite miraculous. Smudging yourself with sage works well too, however, you will smell like sage until you shower and lots of people can’t handle the smoke.

When you feel the residue of dense energy in a room it is important to clear the space. You can smudge the room to clear it. This entails burning some sage and walking the perimeter of the room, paying close attention to the corners where dense energy likes to hang out, while asking Spirit to clear the space. You can repeat an affirmation of your choice such as “protect this space and all who dwell in it from lower vibrations”, you can use any affirmation you choose. It is important to open windows, especially if you have a smoke detector. I will tell you that I have set the smoke detector off so many times that my dog runs for cover when he sees the sage. That is why I love the Room Clearing Spray. No smoke, no alarms, I don’t smell like sage and I can clear a room any time I like with ease.

Now that we have the space clear it really helps to keep the energy clear by using crystal grids. You will still have to clear your space, but not as regularly. A good rule of thumb is on the full moon as the energy of the full moon supports release.

There are several grids that I use:

1.My whole house is gridded with Black Tourmaline and Selenite in all four corners inside the home both upstairs and downstairs.

2.In addition to the whole house, I have also gridded the four corners of my bedroom as well as my meditation room with the Black Tourmaline and Selenite.

3.Bury a piece of black tourmaline in all four corners of your property. Anyone with any negative intention will not be interested in your property.

4.One of my favorite uses for Apophyllite is for clearing a room. You will need five Apophyllite Pyramids. 4 in each corner of the room of choice and one in the center of the room. I have one of these grids in my meditation room in addition to the Black Tourmaline and Selenite grid. Once you have placed the crystals, use a quartz wand to connect them. You can do this by standing in the center of the home/room and using your intention to connect through any walls. You can say an affirmation such as “my home is protected by Spirit at all times”.

Selenite is a protective stone, and it also will raise the vibration of your home by creating a calm, peaceful energy. Black Tourmaline will protect the home from any negative energy. It is also grounding and shields you from electromagnetic smog (EMF) and geopathic stress.

Check out our Home Clearing and Gridding Kit. It has everything you need to clear and grid your home as well as affirmations.

Apophyllite will clear, purify and raise the vibration of the room.

My advice to you is don’t over think it, intention overrides experience every time, and most of all make it fun!