Crystal Grids - My Hubby's Creation

Crystal Grids - My Hubby's Creation

Posted by Kelly Havard on 12th Aug 2016

For years I've been building crystal grids.  I love to feel the energy of the crystals as they match up perfectly or feel their resistance to being in certain spots or next to certain stones on a grid. 

If you've never experienced building a grid you need to do it today!  My purpose for building a grid is to enhance or magnify the energy of the individual know the saying "where 2 or more are gathered". 

You can build a grid with anything from a few tumbled stones to larger pieces.  Some grids have that perfect look to them, with everything in just in the right place.  Other grids have a less than perfect look but the effect is powerful.

I call the attached grid "The Path" and my hubby did this one.  He's been stressing about a work issue so we sat down and pulled out some crystals. He concentrated on chakra colored stones.  It shows me his issues of feeling not supported at work since the root chakra stones (Red Jasper) are at the top of the grid instead of the bottom. He travels into Quartz, amplifying the energy of speaking his truth represented by the blue stones (Soldalite).  He then following is heart (Aventurine) and head to make a move at the right and perfect time (Amethyst) that brings him back to the center heart. 

Long story short he's considering a big work change and knows in his heart it needs to happen but he's still writing his business plan.  This grid told me he's on the right track - get his plan together and follow his dream!  I'm so happy for him.

Send us pictures of your grids at  We'd love to post some of our customers grids!