Crystal Skulls!  Don't Be Scared of Them

Crystal Skulls! Don't Be Scared of Them

Posted by Heather McConnell on 1st Mar 2021

Crystal Skulls

When you think of skulls, you might think of Halloween, Día de los Muertos, or even a horror movie. But skulls don’t have to be scary! Among crystal collectors, crystal skulls are enjoying a renaissance. They are visually stunning and make the perfect conversation piece for your décor, while also carrying powerful properties that can transform your life.

How To Use Crystal Skulls

Crystal skulls are highly personal, just like other stones. Many people find themselves drawn to particular skulls or crystals. If you experience this feeling, trust your intuition! You can explore different methods of use to find the right one for you. Crystal skulls come in a wide variety of sizes, stones, and even shapes. Members of the Quartz family, such as Clear Quartz, Rose Quartz, and Amethyst, are traditional for their amplifying properties, but there are so many other choices! Skulls may be made entirely of one crystal or a combination of complementary stones. Some artisans craft skulls that closely resemble human biology, while others will be more creative, designing fantasy and sci-fi skulls. Chose the skull that calls to you!

Similar to spheres, skulls emit vibrations in every direction. Therefore, their energy is particularly potent. When placed in a room, a crystal skull will affect the entire space’s energy, and it can even expand to the whole home or neighborhood. Crystal skulls also make great anchors for crystal grids, particularly those relating to spirituality, study, and protection. Set a clear intention for your crystal skull to make the most of its remarkable powers.

Crystal skulls make gorgeous statement pieces in your home, but they can be used in many other ways. The skull’s form carries a strong correlation to the mind. Place a crystal skull on your desk to encourage learning. Crystal skulls are also excellent meditation tools. They represent ancient wisdom and expand your consciousness, allowing you to access the divine knowledge that you need to reach enlightenment. When made of a protective stone, crystal skulls guard your psychic self.

Skulls for Knowledge

Skulls house your brain, and crystal skulls symbolize knowledge. They help sharpen your focus, memory, and critical thinking skills to support learning. If you are a student or an academic professional, crystal skulls are the perfect study tool! They also connect you to knowledge beyond the earthly plane, including divine and ancient wisdom. Crystal skulls expand your consciousness to access and process spiritual information. 

Skulls for Protection

The Crown and Third Eye Chakras are located on the skull, and this psychic connection make crystal skulls a powerful source of psychic protection. They repel negative energy and draw excess energy down to the Earth to ground you. Crystal skulls can be perfect for cleansing and protecting a home as well as your personal aura. 

Crystal skulls are powerful tools for any crystal collector or healer. They emit strong vibrations to align your mental self for knowledge, spirituality, and protection. Don’t be afraid to explore these amazing stones for yourself at My Dream Crystals!