​Crystal Water for Pets

​Crystal Water for Pets

Posted by Heather McConnell on 18th Dec 2020

Water is a powerful conduit for crystals’ benefits. Maybe you have used a Rose Quartz elixir for self-love, Fluorite for calm, or Shungite for cleansing and energy. Did you know that your pets can benefit from crystal water, too? Adding crystals to your animal friends’ water bowls is the perfect way to give them extra nourishment and support.

There are a few different ways to prepare your pets’ crystal elixirs. If you have a large, non-toxic, and non-soluble stone that you know your pet won’t try to eat, you can simply leave it in their water bowl. If you are concerned about your pet accidentally consuming the crystal, prepare the water separately. You can charge it either directly (placing the crystal in the water) or indirectly (placing the crystal next to the water) for at least an hour. If you are using a soluble stone or one that contains non-ingestible minerals such as Copper, be sure to use the indirect method. If you don’t have time to make crystal water yourself, some retailers even carry pet bowls with crystals already embedded in the bottom! If you use one of these premade bowls, however, make sure to clear the crystal within it at least once a month.

Here are some crystals that resonate particularly well with our animal friends:


Amethyst vibrates at a very high frequency, and this versatile crystal is an excellent choice for your pets. Amethyst promotes total balance and wellbeing. It is very calming, so it is extremely helpful for overactive or anxious animals. Amethyst helps rescue pets transition into their new home, overcoming their past trauma and realizing that they are safe now. This stone also protects your pets on both a physical and spiritual level.

Black Onyx

This detoxifying crystal cleanses negative energy and promotes digestive health. Black Onyx resonates very well with any animals who spend long amounts of time outdoors, such as cats, chickens, and livestock. It protects them and also provides an energy boost. If your pet is particularly stressed, Black Onyx water will draw out their worries and replace them with soothing vibrations. This crystal is also a great choice for animals who are sensitive to loud sounds, such as fireworks.


Carnelian is a positive, loving stone. This crystal strengthens the bond between your and your animal friends. If you have multiple pets, Carnelian encourages harmony and deescalates conflict. Carnelian can also help an animal release negative emotions, especially anger, envy, or shyness.

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz is an effective, multipurpose crystal. This stone protects your pets, strengthening their auras and repelling negativity. It also imparts vitality. A powerful amplifier, you can use Clear Quartz to show your love for your animal friends and facilitate better communication. This crystal’s versatility means that it can be applied to any situation. If your pet has a specific problem, charge your Clear Quartz with the intention to help them before making the crystal water.


Jasper’s revitalizing, nurturing vibrations are very beneficial for animals. If your pet is nervous or jumpy, use this stone to ground them. Jasper crystal water is perfect for potentially stressful situations, such as travel or the Fourth of July. Jasper gently removes your pets’ anxieties, replacing them with a profound sense of strength.

Lapis Lazuli

Because this crystal is soluble and often contains Pyrite, you should only use Lapis Lazuli in elixirs prepared via the indirect method. Lapis Lazuli resonates extremely well with rescue animals, helping them remove energy blockages and release trauma. This crystal is also excellent for pets who are experiencing confusion from changing routines, moving, or meeting a new family member.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz emits powerful but subtle loving vibrations. This crystal will deepen your relationship with your animal friends and can draw out shy or standoffish personalities. Rose Quartz is a perfect stone to smooth a transition, such as a move or loss. It nurses your pet’s emotional body, allowing them to freely accept love. This crystal resonates especially well with rescue animals who have experienced abuse, helping them heal and feel safe in their new homes.

Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz promotes harmony within a home. If you have multiple pets, give them Smokey Quartz-infused water to help them socialize better, release hostilities, and develop deeper bonds. This crystal is also extremely cleansing and can draw out negative emotions.


This stone resonates extremely well with pets; however, because of its Copper and Aluminum content and porous properties, it should only be used in crystal water prepared via the indirect method. Turquoise transmits a very calming energy. It also surrounds your pets with a protective aura, especially during travel. If your pet hates car rides or has to fly on a plane, Turquoise crystal water will keep them relaxed and safe.

We all want the very best for our animal friends, and crystal water be a way to show your love and care. Whatever your pet may need, from tranquility to energy to sociability, try a crystal elixir! Do you use any gemstones for your pets? Show us your animal friends and their crystal companions on Instagram @mydreamcrystals!