Crystals Can Improve Your Life!

Crystals Can Improve Your Life!

Posted by Karen Bolt on 29th Mar 2015

I have been creating our Selenite healing wands for some time now and they have been a very popular item. I select crystals for each wand because of their energy. For example the creativity wand has crystals that promote creativity and stimulate the second or Sacral Chakra which is the center of manifestation and creativity.

I have a funny story to share with you regarding the creativity wand. I had been telling my friend who is an amazing hairstylist about our wands and when I mentioned the creativity wand she said she would be interested in it. About a week after she received her wand she called me and said “I was skeptical about this wand working, but I have slept with it next to my bed for 3 nights and my clients for the last few days have told me that I appear to be in a very creative mood.” That same day I ran into a client who had recently purchased a sleep wand. She told me she would like to purchase the creativity wand too. I told her my friend’s story and she laughed and said that she had felt the same skepticism about the sleep wand and was shocked that it actually worked really well.

This is no new news to me. I know that the crystals work, however it is great to hear it from a non-believer. I have seen them work miracles on all kinds of people and animals. In fact animals are the best indicator of how effective crystals and energy healing really are. They have no preconceived notions about what to expect, so any shift they display are purely due to the energy.

My beloved pet/healer/maltipoo, Rocky, has benefited from crystal healing for years now. I found out a few months ago that he is sensitive to EMF and it was causing him to become sick. I did my research and that is how the EMF protection wand was created. I have one on my desk, one next to the microwave and in each of his dog beds. We both feel so much better with lots more energy. My 11 year old dog is playing like a puppy again and everyone who sees him comments on it.

If anyone else has a testimonial about the wands we would love for you to share it with us.