Happy Birthday Aquarius

Happy Birthday Aquarius

Posted by Heather McConnell on 19th Jan 2021

Happy Birthday Aquarius!

If you were born between January 20th and February 18th, you are a representative of the Water Bearer, and your Sun Sign is Aquarius. Despite being associated with Water, Aquarius is actually an Air sign, along with Gemini and Libra. The element of Air gives Aquarius a sharp mind and the flexibility to solve any problem. Aquarians love to learn and can often be found with their nose in a book. Without mental stimulation, they can easily become bored or even feel constrained. 

Aquarians are kind, social individuals; they are always willing to lend an ear or a helping hand, and many of them fight for humanitarian causes. Their loyalty makes Aquarians amazing friends, but if they are lied to, they will not hesitate to cut someone out of their lives. Because of this deep-seated fear of betrayal, Aquarians may appear standoffish to new people, and they take a while to open up. However, once they accept someone, there is no limit to their love. 

Although Aquarians are often extroverts who thrive off social interaction, they never change themselves to fit in with the group. Aquarians are independent and original. Their innovative nature and razor-sharp intellect can lead to a stubborn streak, however. Because they’re so used to being right, Aquarians may not be willing to admit when they are wrong. Their kind nature usually prevails, however, and you can always trust an Aquarius to look after both the best interests of their friends and society at large.

There are so many crystals that resonate strongly with the Aquarians. They amplify their best qualities while also minimizing their weaknesses. All of these stones make great birthday gifts for your favorite Aquarian, and they can help anyone get in touch with their own Aquarian energies. 

Just because you don’t have Aquarius as your Sun Sign, it doesn’t mean that there aren’t lessons to learn. You may also find Aquarius in other areas of your full astrological birth chart, such as your Moon Sign, Venus Sign, or Ascendant Sign. No matter how the Water Bearer affects you, you can benefit from Aquarius crystals. Here are a few of our favorites!


This unique stone, created from fossilized tree resin, balances Aquarians’ mental and emotional selves. Amber makes the most of Aquarius’ strong intellect, but it also keeps Aquarians from becoming overconfident and obstinate. This crystal emits positive, protective vibrations, allowing Aquarians to open up to other people while shielding them from their deepest fear, betrayal. Amber’s constructive energy also supports Aquarian activism.


Amethyst is a stone of divine knowledge. This crystal marries Aquarian intelligence with deep spirituality to impart tranquility. Aquarians are strong decision makers, and Amethyst helps guide them along their life paths.


Beautiful blue Azurite resonates strongly with the Throat Chakra. This crystal supports communication, allowing Aquarians to indulge in their social nature. Azurite also promotes mental clarity, boosting Aquarius’ innate critical thinking skills.


This joyful crystal counteracts Aquarius’ stubborn tendencies. Chrysanthemum helps you release your ego and attunes you to the higher good. In this way, Chrysanthemum also supports the Aquarian love of activism. This stone promotes a growth mindset, which helps the high-achieving Aquarian reach their goals without becoming too self-critical or careless.

Desert Jasper

Jasper is sometimes called the “supreme nurturer,” and Desert Jasper calls out to Aquarius’ humanitarian impulses. This stone provides Aquarians with the energy to drive social change while also protecting them from toxic influences. With Desert Jasper, you can openly engage with your community, trusting that those you encounter will support you and your goals.


Garnet is the ultimate loyalty crystal. Aquarians fear lies and betrayal, but Garnet will shield them from toxic relationships. This stone also emits revitalizing vibrations, allowing altruistic Aquarians to keep helping others. You cannot pour from an empty jug, but Garnet keeps you nourished, confident, and protected.


Fuchsite’s gentle vibrations open up to guarded Aquarians to nourishing relationships. A stone of love, Fuchsite promotes deep connections based on emotional compatibility. Fuchsite conveys a profound wisdom, helping Aquarians find the right people to trust and supporting their natural decision-making capabilities.


For centuries, Hematite has been recognized as the “stone of the mind.” This crystal works with Aquarian’s innate intellectual abilities to improve memory, promote mental clarity, and sharpen critical thinking skills.


Larimar keys in to Aquarius’ flexibility as an Air sign. This adaptable stone promotes strong interpersonal connections and serenity, allowing you to adjust to any situation. Larimar also encourages a sense of spiritual awareness that imbues Aquarians’ decisions with divine insight.


Zoisite supports spiritual learning. This crystal raises Aquarius’ intelligence to higher planes, allowing Aquarians to make even better decisions. Humanitarian Aquarians always work toward the highest good, and Zoisite gives them the divine wisdom to support that goal. This crystal also gently opens a guarded soul, helping overly cautious Aquarians better trust both other people and the universe.