Happy Birthday Aries - The Leader of the Pack!

Happy Birthday Aries - The Leader of the Pack!

Posted by Heather McConnell on 9th Mar 2022

If you were born between March 21st and April 22nd, you are under the Sun sign of Aries, the Ram. This constellation is named for the Greek myth of the ram’s Golden Fleece, which Jason and his crew of Argonauts fetched for King Pelias of Iolcus to cement his legitimacy and power as a ruler. Given this legend, it is not surprising that Aries are strong leaders. 

A fire sign, along with Leo and Sagittarius, Aries has the drive, independence, and confidence to manage effectively, combined with a natural knack for organization. In both their personal and professional lives, Aries are extremely passionate and follow their dreams. However, their strong sense of internal motivation can sometimes turn into impatience or aggression, reflecting the influence of the warlike planet Mars. 

In social settings, Aries are rays of sunshine, infusing the room with an extremely optimistic and enthusiastic energy. Aries approach their friends and family from a place of affection and openness; they are not afraid to show their loved ones how important they are. 

Aries are very impulsive, which can lead to both positive spontaneity and negative, poorly thought-out decisions. Because of their highly emotional nature, Aries can be quick to lash out with anger or sadness, but their honesty about their feelings makes it easier for them to nurture strong relationships.

The Ram can teach something to everyone, regardless of their Sun sign. Check your birth chart to see where Aries might be located. Does Aries’ passion rule your love life through Venus, or lend ambition and self-discipline to your career in Saturn? However you connect with Aries, you can use crystals to welcome this constellation’s power into your life.


The traditional birthstone for March, Aquamarine balances Aries’ firey nature with soothing Water energy. This crystal calms Aries’ turbulent emotions and harmonizes relationships, ensuring that Aries do not accidentally steamroll over or lash out at their loved ones. Aquamarine is also a stone of empowerment, supporting the Aries ambition and courage.

Auralite 23

Auralite 23 combines twenty-three different minerals in one uniquely powerful crystal. This stone boosts Aries’ self-confidence and vitality while tempering this sign’s impulsive tendencies. Auralite 23 encourages Aries to think before they speak. It imparts ancient wisdom and spiritual enlightenment to allow Aries leaders to make truly balanced decisions. This stone resonates strongly with the Earth, bringing grounding vibrations to guide Aries’ blazing passions.


Aventurine, especially in its red and yellow varieties, makes an excellent companion for Aries. It promotes communication to support Aries’ social and leadership skills while also providing a stabilizing influence. Yellow Aventurine harmonizes with Aries’ confidence, and Red Aventurine provides Aries with a boost of creativity.


Bloodstone’s grounding energy supports Aries as leaders. This crystal promotes strong decision-making from a basis of mental clarity and ingenuity. It allows Aries to release all negativity, including fear, self-doubt, and anger. Bloodstone also encourages Aries to recenter to the present instead of focusing too much on the past or future.

Brown Tourmaline

Because Aries often pursue careers in leadership positions and frequently engage in social activities, Brown Tourmaline is an invaluable crystal. This stone cleanses the aura, allowing Aries to release any negativity that they may have unknowingly absorbed from their coworkers, friends, or family. Brown Tourmaline also emits grounding vibrations to stabilize Aries’ energy and promote harmonious interpersonal relationships.


Citrine radiates joy and prosperity. This attractive crystal supports Aries’ ambition, allowing them to achieve both professional and personal success. It also feeds into Aries’ natural energy. For social butterfly Aries, Citrine promotes communication while also providing protection.

Crazy Lace Agate

Crazy Lace Agate allows Aries to take a step back and look objectively at the larger picture. This crystal’s circular energy evokes the constantly turning Wheel of Fortune; sometimes you are up, and sometimes you are down. Crazy Lace Agate helps Aries overcome the darker times and their less constructive emotions by highlighting their innate vitality and happiness.


This crystal’s green energy opens the Heart Chakra, allowing Aries to access and nurture their passions while also balancing their emotions. Dioptase also emits positive vibrations to support Aries’ optimistic nature.


Dolomite is the stone of universal love. It reveals the highest good for all, which is very useful for Aries in leadership positions. This crystal also attracts abundance to help ambitious Aries manifest success. Dolomite replenishes Aries’ energy and drive while promoting emotional stability as well.


A stone of love and passion, Emerald supports Aries in both their professional and personal lives. This crystal helps Aries chase their dreams, providing a boost of creativity whenever they get stuck. Emerald also encourages harmonious interpersonal relationships, especially in the romantic realm, and reflects Aries’ affectionate nature.


Eudialyte carries the Earth’s energy, grounding Aries’ blazing vitality by drawing out their nurturing side. If an Aries feels emotionally drained, Eudialyte can revitalize them. This crystal also releases negativity, including anger, sadness, and fear. A stone of abundance, Eudialyte supports Aries’ ambition by instilling them with confidence and unlocking their hidden gifts.

Green and Yellow Opal

Both of these stones vibrate with a bright, golden energy that feeds into Aries natural optimism, confidence, and enthusiasm. Green and Yellow Opal encourage forward motion, propelling Aries to the next step of their life path. If an Aries is ever struggling with a major decision or feels lost, these crystals will provide them with the clarity to resolve the situation.


A stone of intelligence and confidence, Hematite boosts Aries’ leadership qualities. This grounding crystal nurtures strength and endurance to help emotional Aries get through difficult situations. It also promotes perfect balance between the mind, body, and spirit to curb Aries’ most turbulent tendencies.


While Aries are on their journeys, this lucky crystal provides the extra boost to ensure their success, especially in love, career, and finances. A cleansing stone, Jade promotes calm and helps Aries let go of toxic emotions, such as guilt and shame. Jade guards Aries’ natural vitality and optimism by nurturing their Inner Child. This crystal also cultivates both aspects of Aries’ interpersonal nature, promoting both independence and meaningful friendships.


For motivated and ambitious Aries, Kyanite is the perfect stone to guide them along their life paths. Kyanite allows Aries to remain open, listening to all opinions rather than steamrolling through a conversation, while also speaking their truth. This crystal also promotes confidence based on deep introspection and positivity.

Moqui Marbles

Moqui Marbles are very often used in pairs to promote total balance, the perfect tool for Aries’ passionate personality. These intuitive stones encourage mental clarity to support personal growth and strong decision-making. Because Moqui Marbles usually appear as a duo, they also build strong relationships.


Obsidian’s positive energy harmonizes with Aries’ confident, motivated personality while also providing a strong sense of grounding. This crystal is particularly effective to promote harmony and initiative in the workplace, supporting Aries’ career goals. It also discourages obsession, which tempers the darker sides of Aries’ passionate, driven personality.


Zoisite emits joyful, creative vibrations that reveal and support Aries’ deepest passions. It helps ambitious Aries find new career opportunities, and this crystal also makes them better managers by releasing any need to control. Zoisite’s compassionate energy promotes strong interpersonal relationships based on trust and kindness.