Happy Birthday Scorpio!

Happy Birthday Scorpio!

Posted by Heather McConnell on 18th Oct 2021

Are you a soft-hearted person hiding behind a fierce, spiky exterior? If so, you may have been born between October 23rd and November 21st. These dates correspond to the Scorpio Sun Sign. This constellation’s name is Latin for “creature with the burning sting,” and it is represented by a scorpion. In Greek mythology, Artemis sent a scorpion to kill Orion, the famous hunter, after he vowed to slay every animal on Earth. Then, Zeus placed both the scorpion and Orion among the stars as a warning to other mortals. 

Despite a prickly exterior, Scorpio is a Water Sign. This element represents emotion, and Scorpios are very introspective and caring. Because Scorpios are so sensitive, they might try to protect themselves by putting up emotional walls. However, when they cut off their vulnerability, Scorpios are actually shutting off one of their superpowers. Pluto rules over this zodiac sign, giving Scorpios some of its transformative possibility. When they align with their highest selves, Scorpios have the drive and ingenuity to make a positive impact on their environment, and many pursue leadership positions. 

Scorpios are extremely dedicated, resourceful, and innovative. They care about honesty above all else, and they don’t care if they come off as brusque. Their blunt nature can take a while to get used to, but, with a Scorpio, what you see is what you get. They shun falsehood and disloyalty, even if it means engaging in conflict. Although initially intimidating, Scorpios are excellent partners in both their professional and personal lives. Scorpio lovers are exciting; they are sensual and spontaneous, although they sometimes have jealous tendencies. Above all, Scorpios are truly independent and unique!

Each of us has a little Scorpio in our nature—an independent, loving soul just waiting to burst out! Maybe the Moon in Scorpio gives you a rich emotional intelligence, or maybe it spices up your sex life through Mars. Wherever this constellation appears in our natal charts, we all have something to learn from the scorpion.


Astrophyllite radiates divine love. This crystal reaches through Scorpio’s prickly exterior to touch their sensitive souls and realign them with the divine plan. It is an energizing, boosting stone that amplifies Scorpio’s natural drive and is especially helpful for developing the honest, faithful relationships that Scorpios crave.


This crystal’s water energy calls out to Scorpio’s emotional nature. It allows Scorpios to release their anxiety and stress, promoting relaxation, joy, and balance. Aquamarine boosts Scorpio’s innate empathy and finetunes their communication skills so that they can build healthy interpersonal connections. This crystal also resonates with Scorpio ambition, promoting knowledge, courage, and perseverance.

Botswana Agate

Also known as the “Sunset Stone,” Botswana Agate is an extremely nurturing crystal. When Scorpios feel lonely and disconnected, Botswana Agate is the perfect tool to help them persevere through the dark times. It comforts Scorpios while also helping them find nourishing friendships and romantic relationships.

Black Opal

Black Opal brings powerful Earth energy to Scorpio’s ambition. By linking the Root and Crown Chakras, this crystal gives Scorpios the practical skills to make their wildest dreams a reality. Black Opal offers support and protection for all of Scorpio’s endeavors, drawing out their bravest, most resourceful self.


Scorpios have the self-discipline to get almost anything done, and Charoite provides them with the extra strength to endure. This crystal also sharpens analytical skills, allowing Scorpios to better evaluate situations before rushing into conflict. Charoite encourages Scorpios to connect with their emotional selves, releasing negativity and accepting unconditional love. Only when they do this difficult work can Scorpios reach their full potential.


This crystal works with Scorpio’s Inner Child to restore joy. Dioptase is perfect for the Scorpio who has closed off their hearts. It helps them find emotional balance by forgiving both themselves and others. With this newfound vulnerability, Scorpios are able to find the devoted, trustworthy partners that they are seeking.

Kambaba Jasper

Kambaba Jasper’s quiet inner strength gives Scorpios the clarity they need to achieve their goals. This crystal emits calming vibrations, allowing Scorpios to release any negativity and find balance. Once Scorpios are centered, their talents truly shine, attracting love and abundance.


Kunzite activates the Heart Chakra through profound wisdom. This crystal helps blunt Scorpios communicate in the kindest, most loving way possible. It also imbues them with a deep sense of peace. Scorpios are go-getters, and they may initially oppose this gentle approach to success, but with a little bit of trust and a Kunzite crystal, they will see their obstacles melt away.


Labradorite encourages Scorpios to transform into their highest selves, unlocking their infinite potential. By linking the Throat and Crown Chakras, this crystal helps Scorpios find ways to express themselves honestly without being hurtful. It also provides Scorpios with vitality, self-discipline, and some extra luck to achieve all of their goals.


This crystal helps Scorpios tune into their naturally strong intuition. Once they learn to trust their instincts, Malachite helps Scorpios manifest their dream lives. A balancing stone, it also generates emotional and mental clarity.


Moldavite helps Scorpios make a positive impact on their world. By promoting deep introspection, this crystal shows Scorpios the confidence that was always inside them. Moldavite also resonates very well with Scorpio’s authentic nature, revealing their true life purpose.


The moon rules the tides, and Moonstone has a special connection to Water signs like Scorpio. This crystal empowers Scorpios by allowing them to access divine wisdom. This enlightenment allows Scorpios to move forward as their most authentic, intuitive selves. It also helps sensitive Scorpios work through negative emotions, particularly grief.


For Scorpios who are always moving forward, Obsidian is the perfect ally. This crystal balances Scorpio ambition with serenity. You cannot pour from an empty cup, and without emotional balance, it will be difficult for Scorpios to achieve their goals. Obsidian also helps Scorpios identify, process, and release toxicity to achieve clarity.


Rhodochrosite’s loving vibrations harmonize with Scorpio’s emotional nature. This crystal keeps Scorpios from closing themselves off; it is a reminder that we cannot receive love unless we accept our own vulnerability. Rhodochrosite helps Scorpios find their most constructive mindsets and superpowers their innate leadership qualities with empathy.


This crystal is the physical embodiment of Scorpio sensuality. It inspires the passion and confidence that drives Scorpio’s romantic relationships, while also providing a dose of positivity to combat Scorpio’s jealous tendencies. Ruby extends this motivation beyond the bedroom, supporting all of Scorpio’s ambitions.


Turquoise carries a calming, harmonizing energy. It helps Scorpios draw on their emotional intelligence to communicate more gently in their interpersonal relationships. This crystal also promotes understanding based on divine knowledge. Turquoise helps Scorpios achieve their goals, giving them the courage and protection to pursue new opportunities.


Unakite helps Scorpios attract the faithful love they crave. It cleanses the Heart Chakra, helping Scorpios release negativity and work through suppressed emotions. This crystal also resonates with the Throat Chakra, helping Scorpios communicate. Unakite activates Scorpio intuition to help them find their life path.