Happy Birthday to our Capricorn Friends!

Happy Birthday to our Capricorn Friends!

Posted by Heather McConnell on 13th Dec 2021


If you were born between December 22nd and January 19th, you are a Capricorn! This constellation depicts a mountain goat, but in Greek mythology, it is associated with Pan, the God of Nature. A half-goat, half-man, Pan is known for his sensuality and free spirit, and he connects strongly to this Earth sign. Capricorns are as stable as the planet’s oldest, most majestic trees, and Saturn’s ruling influence makes them very hard-working and practical. However, this strength sometimes translates to stubbornness and rigidity. 

Capricorns are extremely ambitious and focused, with a tendency to prioritize work above all else. They work so hard, though, so that they can party even harder. Very few signs appreciate the finer things in life as well as Capricorn, guided by Pan’s sensuality. They are loyal friends who deeply value the bonds they have forged, but think twice before crossing a Capricorn; they are unforgiving. 

Capricorns are often pessimistic, losing themselves in past hurts instead of moving forward into the future. They struggle with understanding different perspectives, especially opinions that challenge their strict mindsets. However, Capricorn honesty and perseverance see them through even the stickiest situations. Because of their organizational prowess and dedication, many Capricorns pursue careers in management and business.

Even if your Sun isn’t in Capricorn, everyone can use a little bit of this sign’s stability and determination. See if Pan appears in your natal chart somewhere else. Maybe Capricorn gives you an intellectual edge through Mercury or the energy to transform into your most focused self through Pluto. No matter how this constellation affects you, crystals can help you explore your unique Capricorn energy!


Amethyst radiates divine calm. It is the perfect tool for ambitious Capricorns, helping them slow down and reconnect with the universal plan. Amethyst boosts intuition to promote clarity. Capricorns should use this crystal to expand their consciousness and understand other perspectives.


Aragonite’s grounding energy resonates strongly with this Earth sign. Aragonite supports Capricorns as they achieve their goals while also keeping them from toxic cycles. This crystal encourages Capricorns to release their need for control, finding flexibility as well as a release for pent-up negativity.


This powerful crystal channels divine energy to create unlimited possibilities. Astrophyllite brings out the very best of Capricorn’s personality by promoting hard work based in the highest good for all. It encourages forgiveness, acceptance, and loyalty, helping tireless Capricorn understand that sometimes, less is more.


Azurite addresses Capricorn’s fatal flaw—stubbornness—by encouraging new perspectives. It broadens Capricorn’s horizons, dispelling illusions to make them more self-aware and open to others. Azurite encourages effective communication, especially with spiritual beings, and helps Capricorns release negativity.


Chalcopyrite’s responsibility and discipline harmonize well with the Capricorn personality. This crystal encourages transformation based on spiritual wisdom. It aligns the entire Chakra system, removing energy blockages to provide Capricorns with greater flexibility.


Chiastolite frees Capricorn from negativity. Capricorns hate forgiving and forgetting, but this crystal protects them from the ongoing effects of both past and present trauma. Chiastolite promotes trust, allowing Capricorns to release their need for control. With faith in the divine plan and this crystal’s protection, Capricorns can feel free to chase their dreams.


Garnet draws out Capricorn’s most loving side. This crystal emits positive vibrations, encouraging Capricorn to approach life with courage, loyalty, and self-love. Garnet also creates the strong, faithful communities that Capricorns crave. It resonates with the Root Chakra, amplifying this sign’s grounding energy, as well tying together the Sacral and Heart Chakras to promote self-love. With Garnet, Capricorns can achieve all of their personal and professional goals.


A stone of vitality and courage, Jasper is the perfect tool to support Capricorn ambition. It provides protection and promotes endurance. Also known as the “Supreme Nurturer,” this crystal helps Capricorns slow down and conserve their energy by picking their battles. Jasper imbues Capricorn with balance, peace and wholeness.


Jet is actually fossilized wood. As part of the Earth, it harmonizes with Capricorn’s elemental energy. Jet is a stabilizing stone, providing grounding, protection, and purification. This crystal also imparts the planet’s ancient wisdom, allowing Capricorns to access their spirituality. Jet supports the accumulation of wealth, and it absorbs negative energy, transforming it for positivity.


Malachite promotes manifestation through transformation. It encourages rigid Capricorns to open themselves to new opportunities and accept change with grace. Malachite expands the Capricorn consciousness to boost intuition, and it also provides perfect clarity. For Capricorns, who sometimes struggle with empathy, Malachite strengthens emotional intelligence as well.


Obsidian channels the planet’s energy to promote infinite positivity. It helps Capricorns acknowledge and release negativity, instead of letting it fester. This crystal provides protection and balance. When Capricorns achieve this relaxed mindset, they are able to enhance their psychic abilities.

Purple Fluorite

This gentle yet powerful crystal draws out and absorbs negativity, freeing Capricorns from the less constructive elements of their personality. Purple Fluorite also supports Capricorn ambition by providing mental clarity. It encourages analysis, organization, and focus. While this crystal has worldly benefits, Purple Fluorite also connects Capricorns to their higher selves through the Third Eye and Crown Chakras.


Scolecite emits calming vibrations. It appeals to Capricorns’ gentlest side, increasing empathy and sympathy to build enriching interpersonal relationships. Scolecite channels divine love, and it provides great comfort during periods of grief and stress.

Shiva Lingam

A crystal that originates from the sacred Narmada River, Shiva Lingam embodies the divine. It imparts creative energy to help Capricorns chase their dreams while remaining balanced. For Capricorns, who sometimes struggle to understand others’ needs, this stone reminds them that they are part of greater humanity. Shiva Lingam also charges your entire Chakra system, leaving Capricorns ready to take on any challenge.

Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s Eye is a stone of empowerment. It promotes focus, self-discipline, and clarity, allowing Capricorns to make strong decisions. This crystal also channels divine energy to provide protection. Tiger’s Eye harmonizes with Capricorn confidence, giving them all the self-esteem that they need to achieve their goals.


This grounding crystal allows Capricorns to remain true to their strong values while also finding the compassion and tolerance to avoid becoming rigid. Tourmaline encourages vitality by removing energy blockages, promoting self-love, and inviting extra luck. All of these qualities draw out Capricorn’s best self.