Happy Birthday to our Libra Friends

Posted by Heather McConnell on 13th Sep 2021

Themis, the Greek Goddess of Justice, represents people born between September 23rd and October 22nd. Her symbol, the scales, forms the Libra constellation. Libra is an Air sign, which imparts knowledge and grace. Influence from their ruling planet, Venus, adds a love of luxury to Libra’s mental acuity. Libras work hard so that they can afford to nurture their souls by surrounding themselves with beauty. Venus’ loving energy and Themis’ tradition of fairness contribute to Libra’s social nature. They enjoy working in groups, and they have the interpersonal skills to smooth over almost any disagreement. Because of their drive for justice and harmony, many Libras pursue careers in law and politics. Libra’s desire for peace may occasionally lead them to suppress emotions in order to avoid conflict, which only breeds resentment down the line. Libras crave social interaction, but they prefer a small group of close friends to throngs of people who don’t really know them. A lonely Libra may have a tendency to slip into depression. Libras are gentle and loyal; however, when they are betrayed, they are not likely to forgive or forget. In love, Libras are loyal partners who seek out long-term relationships; many people see this sign as the symbol of successful marriage. While they are quick and effective at helping others with their problems, Libras may struggle with their own decision-making.

Everyone could use a bit of Libra balance in their lives, whether through their Sun sign or somewhere else in their natal chart. A Libra Moon can offer warmth and harmony in home life, or having Neptune in Libra may led you to a career in social justice. No matter how Libra affects your Natal Chart, working with crystals will draw out your inner Themis!


This powerful combination of Amethyst and Citrine helps Libras find their balance within the context of the divine plan. Ametrine promotes spiritual enlightenment by revealing each situation with clarity. For Libras who avoid conflict, this crystal allows them to correctly identify which battles need to be fought. It also strengthens interpersonal relationships and provides the drive, concentration, and positive outlook that allows Libras to achieve their goals. When Libras work with Ametrine, they have everything they need for both their emotional health and more material concerns.


Apatite’s harmonious vibrations correspond to Libra’s love of harmony. This crystal helps Libras draw out and remove negativity, both in themselves and others, by encouraging acceptance, communication, and love. Apatite also allows Libras to balance their mental, physical, and emotional selves. When they struggle with decision-making, Apatite shows Libras how to move forward.


Libras enjoy structure, and Apophyllite creates the positive framework that allows them to thrive. This crystal is a conduit for universal love, letting Libras nurture their need for connection on a spiritual level. Apophyllite reveals the divine plan so that Libra can relax and trust. When they reach this balance, Libras are free to shine.


Bloodstone is the perfect tool for Libras who need an energy boost. This crystal provides the mental clarity, protection, and courage to help Libras successfully navigate conflict. Bloodstone encourages total balance and spiritual awareness. It also draws out Libra’s most sensitive side, nurturing creativity and intuition. A powerful grounding crystal, Bloodstone helps Libras remain present and grateful.

Blue Tourmaline

Blue Tourmaline is the emotional equivalent of Libra’s scales. This gentle stone promotes profound calm by balancing your feelings. Its introspective nature allows Libras to take a step back and analyze their heart’s needs. With this clarity, Libras can release the toxic people, habits, and situations that hold them back from emotional healing. Blue Tourmaline also ties together the Heart and Throat Chakras, giving Libras the vocabulary to effectively express their feelings.


This crystal embodies divine love. Celestite works with Libras to draw out their diplomatic natures without losing their authenticity. For cautious Libras, Celestite gives them the courage and clarity to pursue new opportunities. This crystal allows Libras to nurture their highest selves so that they can be agents of the divine plan. Its healing energy also relieves anxiety and repairs the aura.


Libras have a tendency to suppress their emotions, making this crystal the perfect ally. Chiastolite removes emotional blocks, even those relating to old, pent-up trauma, to promote rational thought and free expression. It attunes Libras to the divine plan, allowing them to release control. Once Libras let go, Chiastolite aligns their entire Chakra system.


This crystal activates the Heart Chakra to achieve prosperity. Chrysoprase helps Libras indulge their love of luxury in a healthy way, finding the material goods that contribute to their wellbeing—as Marie Kondo would say, “Does it bring you joy?” Chrysoprase’s emotional nature harmonizes well with sensitive Libras, drawing out joy and creativity. It nurtures a non-judgmental atmosphere and helps codependent Libras find their sense of independence. By working from the inside out, Chrysoprase encourages full-body balance.


For Libras who have a tendency to lose themselves in their interpersonal relationships, Citrine is the perfect crystal! This stone radiates abundance and happiness. It allows Libras to develop confidence, individuality, and creativity while also boosting their natural communication skills. Citrine’s attractive qualities also make it a great stone for achieving the prosperity that makes Libras feel safe and supported.


Fuchsite nurtures strong relationships by creating strong individuals. This crystal reveals Libra’s self-worth and emotional independence. It also helps Libras identify and release toxicity and stress. With this security, Libras can approach all of their platonic and romantic relationships with positivity and understanding.


Hemimorphite’s Water energy lends maturity to Libra’s airy qualities. This crystal promotes emotional health by encouraging empathy, introspection, and the release of the ego. Hemimorphite has strong spiritual vibrations that help Libras achieve enlightenment. It also allows Libras to open themselves up to the relationships that they crave. This positive vulnerability, while initially frightening, is freeing and uplifting. When they cultivate this mindset, Hemimorphite allows Libras to forge strong, harmonious communities.


Iolite channels Libra’s introspective, balanced energy in an empowering way. It encourages slow but steady growth based on learning and self-discipline. This crystal also resonates with a Libra’s most spiritual self by putting them in tune with their intuition. In relationships, Iolite helps Libras avoid codependency. Whenever Libras might suppress their truest selves to avoid conflict, Iolite gives them the courage to be fearlessly authentic.


Kyanite emits soothing vibrations that help Libras find their emotional balance. This crystal promotes release, allowing Libras to let go of any need for control and trust in the universe. If Libras have been repressing emotions, Kyanite helps them release that toxicity and express themselves. It also appeals to Libra spirituality by facilitating divine connections.

Lapis Lazuli

Communication is both Libra’s greatest strength and greatest weakness, and Lapis Lazuli is the ultimate expression tool. This crystal imbues reticent Libras with the confidence and self-awareness to speak their thoughts. Libras can trust in Lapis Lazuli’s protective qualities; this crystal will shield them, no matter what. Lapis Lazuli also helps Libras listen to their intuition so that they can reach their full potential.


A stone of profound emotional healing, Lepidolite links the Heart and Crown Chakras. For sensitive, spiritual Libras, this connection the key to maintaining their balance. This crystal aligns Libras with the highest good through total awareness. It also calms and refocuses Libras if they become lost in spirals of anxiety and depression.

Mahogany Obsidian

Mahogany Obsidian promotes transformation. Libras can use this potent crystal to ground themselves in their own power. With this authenticity, it is easier to grow. Mahogany Obsidian provides the emotional support and protection that Libras need to develop into their highest selves and welcome abundance.


This crystal helps Libras view situations with perfect clarity. Malachite cuts through clouded feelings and murky facts to find reality. From this vantage point, Libras are able to have truly open minds and experience healthy emotional vulnerability. Malachite links the Heart and Solar Plexus Chakras, allowing Libras to step into their power. This crystal also identifies and releases unconstructive habits and people.


Morganite’s gentle vibrations nurture Libra’s sensitive heart. This calming stone is a conduit of divine energy, opening Libras up to trust, compassion, and, most importantly, self-love. Morganite helps Libras view situations with the innocence of their Inner Child and keeps them open to new experiences. For often empathetic Libras, Morganite also cleanses the aura. Libras can use Morganite both to recover from heartbreak and attract new, enriching relationships. With the emotional healing that this crystal makes possible, Libras can use their communication skills and creativity to fully welcome joy.

Moqui Marbles

Libras love to form paired bonds, so they harmonize well with Moqui Marbles’ duality. Moqui Marbles amplify Libra’s balance through clarity and grounding. These stones also call out to Libra’s spiritual side to promote divine calm. Moqui Marbles teach Libras to listen to their strong intuition for effective decision-making, empowering them to release their fears and move forward.


Opal’s nurturing nature provides Libras with the support that they need to succeed. This crystal invites love and luck while releasing stress and anxiety. Opal’s gentle optimism allows Libras to focus so that their natural ingenuity can shine through. This crystal also discourages Libras from any stubborn tendencies by opening them to new possibilities. Opal resonates with Water’s elemental wisdom to promote the deep, emotional bonds that Libras crave.

Pink Tourmaline

Pink Tourmaline radiates heart healing energy. This stone encourages Libra introspection, allowing them to cultivate their sense of self-love. It helps Libras find platonic and romantic partners to support them through all of life’s peaks and valleys. Pink Tourmaline also gently opens closed-off Libras to explore new experiences.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is the ultimate self-love crystal. For Libras who have a tendency to define themselves in terms of others, this stone will teach them to love their authentic selves. Rose Quartz channels divine love to promote calm, harmony, and emotional healing. It also helps Libras attract and maintain deep, nurturing relationships.


This crystal’s infectious positivity uplifts everyone, especially Libras! Sunstone resonates with Libra’s natural creativity and originality to forge independent, confident leaders. A stone of vitality, it gives Libras the energy they need to drive change. Sunstone also has powerful manifestation properties to let Libras enjoy the finer things in life. For Libras with careers in law and politics, this crystal keeps them focused on truth and justice.