Happy Birthday to our Sagittarian Friends!

Happy Birthday to our Sagittarian Friends!

Posted by Heather McConnell on 16th Nov 2021

If you were born between November 22nd and December 21st, you’re a fearless Sagittarian archer! The Sagittarius constellation displays the centaur Chiron, who was the son of the Titan Cronos in Greek mythology. Chiron possessed amazing hunting prowess, but he also had a gentler side, excelling in music, healing, and divination. Sagittarius is a fire sign, embodying all of the element’s boundless energy. Ruled by the planet Jupiter, Sagittarians are truth-seekers. This planet encourages them to venture far and wide to accumulate knowledge, and it imbues them with a strong sense of optimism. 

Sagittarius approaches the world from a broad, open-minded, and curious perspective. When they combine this attitude with their innate vitality, Sagittarians can achieve anything they put their minds to. Sagittarius’ ultimate goal is to uncover the meaning of life. They crave freedom and independence, and they chafe whenever someone tries to control or confine them. 

Sagittarians are warm and generous friends; however, because they value authenticity, they can come off as blunt or even rude. Impatience is Sagittarius’ fatal flaw. In their rush to do everything, Sagittarians can quickly become irritable and anxious. Because of their originality and thirst for knowledge, Sagittarians often pursue careers in the fields of philosophy, religion, travel, or the arts.

The archer’s search for wisdom and joy is something that we all can emulate, regardless of whether or not Sagittarius is your Sun Sign. See where else this constellation may lie on your Natal Chart. Maybe Sagittarius strengthens your intellect through Mercury, or gives you the drive to achieve your goals through Mars. No matter how Sagittarius affects you, you can use crystals to draw out your inner truth-seeker!


This crystal’s Earth energy grounds the fiery Sagittarius nature. Amber is a fossil, and it resonates strongly with Sagittarian positivity and independence. This crystal amplifies Sagittarius’ drive to manifest their goals, while also providing protection and releasing stress.


Azurite appeals to the Sagittarian quest for truth. It activates the Third Eye and Crown Chakras, allowing Sagittarius to gain wisdom through divine connection and self-awareness. This crystal provides Sagittarians with new perspectives and clarity so that they can experience everything that the world has to offer.

Black Opal

Black Opal connects the Root and Crown Chakras, providing Sagittarius with the balance and grounding that this energetic sign needs. This crystal amplifies all of Sagittarius’ best qualities—independence, generosity, optimism, and courage—while encouraging them to break toxic cycles. Black Opal also gives Sagittarians an extra bit of luck so that they can manifest their desires.


Ruled by Fire, Charoite harmonizes with Sagittarian vitality, spirituality, and love of learning, but it also encourages them to channel their wild energy into clear-minded analysis. For impatient Sagittarius, this crystal is the perfect tool to release their anxiety and frustration. Charoite tempers Sagittarian drive, protecting them from burnout. It also draws out Sagittarius’ kindest side, aligning them with divine love.


This extraordinary metal can be used on its own, but when it is combined with other Sagittarius stones in jewelry, Copper amplifies all of the other crystals’ properties. Copper is a very grounding mineral, allowing Sagittarians to thrive as their most positive, original selves. It also supports manifestation and is a useful tool for ambitious Sagittarius.


Dioptase draws of the gentlest aspects of the Sagittarian personality. This crystal transforms negativity into positivity, and it aligns Sagittarius with unconditional love. Dioptase promotes forgiveness, trust, and patience, providing fiery Sagittarians with emotional balance. When they achieve this mindset, Sagittarius finds a new sense of creativity and joy.


This crystal harmonizes well with Sagittarian ambition. Goldstone is an amazing abundance tool, and it helps Sagittarius focus their energies. It promotes strong decision-making and positivity based on acknowledging the reality of every situation.


Also known as “Water Sapphire,” Iolite inspires creativity, opening Sagittarians to the new perspectives that they crave. This curious crystal promotes learning through intense study, authenticity, and spiritual awakening. It empowers Sagittarians to take charge of their lives so that they can reach their full potential.


K2 is an extremely spiritual stone. This crystal imparts wisdom and peace to Sagittarians, allowing them to understand their life’s purpose and trust in the divine plan. K2 also helps Sagittarius communicate in kinder, more effective ways.


Labradorite harmonizes with Sagittarian optimism, using this positivity to transform into their best selves. This crystal encourages perseverance and promotes manifestation through hard work and courage. It also emits calming vibrations, helping Sagittarius to release negativity.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli gentle addresses one of Sagittarius’ weaknesses: communication. It lends self-awareness to Sagittarians so that they can express themselves in the most constructive manner. This crystal’s divine connection inspires creativity and confidence. It also encourages Sagittarians to listen to their intuition.


This versatile crystal helps Sagittarians in all of its varieties, but Gold Sheen Obsidian’s manifestation and empowering properties resonate particularly well with this sign. A stone of truth, Obsidian supports Sagittarius’ quest for knowledge and clarity. It also provides balance and bolsters Sagittarius’ innate positivity.


Rhodonite embodies the gentle compassion of divine love. It draws out Sagittarius’ generosity to create powerful interpersonal relationships and cultivate self-love. Rhodonite smooths over conflict whenever a Sagittarius gets too blunt. This crystal also opens Sagittarius to the new experiences that they crave.


This passionate red crystal carries all of Sagittarius’ vitality and drive. Ruby attracts abundance, supporting Sagittarians as they work to achieve their goals. It also provides protection for all of this sign’s journeys.


Sodalite’s water energy balances out Sagittarian fire. It helps Sagittarius achieve enlightenment by promoting calm and self-awareness. This crystal encourages Sagittarius to release their need for control and express themselves clearly. Sodalite also strengthens Sagittarius’ intuition so that they can trust in the divine plan.


This empowering crystal supports Sagittarius on all of their adventures while also providing protection, harmony, and emotional balance. Turquoise allows Sagittarians to explore their spiritual sides while still remaining grounded. It connects the Heart and Throat Chakras to help tactless Sagittarius communicate more effectively. A stone of knowledge, Turquoise supports Sagittarius on their quest for truth while also opening them to new beginnings. It also promotes strong intention setting, helping ambitions Sagittarians achieve their goals.