Happy Birthday to the Bulls - Taurus Birthdays

Happy Birthday to the Bulls - Taurus Birthdays

Posted by Heather McConnell on 20th Apr 2021

Taurus the Bull represents people born between April 20th and May 20th. This constellation is associated with the Greek myth of the princess Io, who became god Zeus’ lover, only to be turned into a bull by his jealous wife, Hera. An Earth sign like Virgo and Capricorn, Taurus combines the nurturing, grounding energy of the planet with its ruling planet, Venus’, sensuality. A Taurus is extremely reliable and practical, both in life and in love. They are pillars of strength who understand that success requires hard work and commitment. Taurus dedication can go too far, giving way to stubbornness, but appealing to their warm, affectionate nature can help them overcome this weakness. A Taurus’ ambition can also lead them to become fixated on the past or future, making it difficult to live in the present moment. Although they may take a while to open up, Taurus is a loyal friend. Taurus are true aesthetics. They love the tactile experience of creating something, such as cooking, gardening, or painting. They surround themselves with art and beauty, and they are willing to work for the money to get it. When they combine this desire for material gain with their driven natures, Taurus proves excellent with their finances, but they can sometimes slip into avarice. In their love lives, Taurus combines true romance and physical passion. Because of their loyalty and single-minded drive, Taurus often struggle with change; however, their natural creativity helps them get through periods of transformation.

Taurus is a powerful zodiac sign, showing the path to success in life and love. It has a strong effect wherever it shows up in a birth chart, even if it isn’t your sun sign. Maybe Taurus rules your emotions through the Moon, or maybe its stability works with your rational side through Mercury. No matter how Taurus affects you, working with crystals can help bring out your inner bull.


This crystal activates Taurus’ introspective nature. It promotes mental clarity and self-awareness, while also helping this sensitive sign release negativity. Azurite combats Taurus stubbornness, opening them up to new perspectives.

Bumble Bee Jasper

Bumble Bee Jasper’s positive energy supports Taurus in all of their endeavors. It gives them the confidence to achieve their dreams, and it helps Taurus filter out unconstructive criticism. Bumble Bee Jasper also sharpens Taurus’ mental acuity to increase their critical thinking skills.


Carnelian’s fiery red energy supercharges Taurus’ ambitions. This creative crystal provides inspiration and courage by combining spiritual and earthly energy. It also encourages a closed-off Taurus to trust other people and listen to their opinions.

Chrysanthemum Stone

A crystal of transformation, Chrysanthemum Stone helps Taurus blossom into their best selves and guides them during periods of change. This stone channels universal energies, allowing Taurus to grow based on divine love. Whenever a Taurus feels lost, Chrysanthemum Stone will place them on the correct path and help them trust in both the universe’s plan and other people. This crystal infuses Taurus’ environment with joy and creativity. Chrysanthemum Stone also invites the fruits of Taurus’ work ethic, attracting abundance and facilitating manifestation.


Chrysocolla is the perfect antidote to Taurus stubbornness. It helps them let go of control by encouraging spiritual awareness and introspection. This gentle crystal also promotes harmony and acceptance to resonates with Taurus’ affectionate nature.


This balancing crystal activates the Heart Chakra for total wellbeing, promoting kindness and love from a non-judgmental perspective. It helps stubborn Taurus keep their egos in check by overcoming anger and releasing toxic habits. Chrysoprase reawakens the Inner Child, allowing Taurus to temper their seriousness and self-discipline with optimism, vitality, and joy.


Dioptase is a stone of deep interpersonal connection, feeding Taurus’ affectionate nature. It opens your heart to accept love from others and nurture love for yourself. This cleansing crystal balances Taurus’ emotional body, promoting calm and easing stress. Dioptase keeps Taurus living in the present by allowing them to release past trauma and forgive both others and themselves.


This gorgeous green crystal perfectly symbolizes Taurus’ aesthetic side. It radiates love and creativity and is associated with the goddess of Taurus’ ruling planet, Venus. A stone of abundance, Emerald helps Taurus manifest the money necessary to provide security in their luxurious lifestyles. Like Taurus, Emerald resonates strongly with the Earth’s nurturing energy, channeling ancient, stabilizing wisdom.


Iolite emits motivating vibrations to bolster Taurus’ natural dedication. It provides the creativity, self-confidence, and organization for Taurus to reach their goals. This crystal also resonates strongly with Taurus’ intellectual side, promoting learning and authenticity. As a conduit for Water energy, Iolite helps rigid Taurus find more flexibility and emotional balance. It also promotes interpersonal harmony to allow Taurus to release their aggression and listen to others.


Kunzite deepens affectionate Taurus’ emotional intelligence, allowing them to communicate effectively and form deep interpersonal relationships. This crystal links the Heart and Throat Chakra to help Taurus voice their most profound emotions. Kunzite’s gentle energy nurtures Taurus’ sensitivity, welcoming happiness, confidence, and calm.


Kyanite’s cleansing energy provides the clarity necessary for Taurus to achieve their goals. It dissipates negativity to remove mental and chakra blockages and promote calm. This stabilization also allows Taurus to release their desire for control. Kyanite reveals Taurus’ true needs to guide them on their life path. In its blue variety, this stone allows Taurus to express themselves while also listening to others.

Lapis Lazuli

This deep blue crystal gives earthy Taurus all the flexibility and depth of the ocean. It helps unyielding Taurus better adapt to change by sharpening their intuition and self-awareness. Lapis Lazuli resonates with Taurus’ creativity and reveals the emotions that they need to express.


A stone of compassion, Rhodonite works with the Heart Chakra to allow Taurus to grow. It balances the emotions and draws out inner beauty. This crystal removes Taurus’ blinders, helping them understand everyone’s perspective to smooth conflict and problem solve. Taurus are often afraid of new situations, but Rhodonite encourages them to dive into new experiences and relationships.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is the ultimate nurturing crystal, and it calls out to Taurus’ caring nature. This crystal promotes love and emotional healing, allowing Taurus to remain open and trusting. Rose Quartz supports Taurus on their journey by gently encouraging transformation. It dissipates anxiety and helps attune you to your deepest wants and needs. A patient stone, Rose Quartz works on a subtle, gentle level that resonates strongly with Taurus’ self-discipline.


Selenite activates the Crown Chakra to reveal the universal plan. For Taurus, who often get so wrapped up in their own work that they lose sight of the bigger picture, this crystal is an invaluable tool. Its non-judgmental energy allows Taurus to achieve balance and clarity, finding peace within periods of change.


Septarian’s Earth energy grounds Taurus in the present. Its stabilizing vibrations promote emotional balance, patience, and tolerance. Rooted in Septarian’s strength, a Taurus will feel the confidence and strength to go after their goals. This crystal also promotes communication and harmony. It helps Taurus release their toxic habits and replace them with more constructive ones, resulting in a positive transformation.