Happy Birthday to the Crabs - All our Cancer Friends

Posted by Heather McConnell on 15th Jul 2021

If you were born between June 21st and July 22nd, your Sun sign is Cancer. This constellation’s name is Latin for “crab,” and it is represented by the finicky crustacean. Cancer is a Water sign ruled by the Moon. Both of these influences are closely related to the emotions, so Cancers are very sensitive and intuitive. They are extremely in touch with their feelings, but sometimes this hyper-awareness can lead to moodiness and melancholy. Because of their emotional natures, Cancers form strong interpersonal bonds; they are loyal friends who are always willing to lend a sympathetic ear and a shoulder to cry on. However, a Cancer may be guarded and take a while to open themselves up to new relationships. Cancer’s intuition also inspires creativity and spirituality. Many Cancers pursue careers in the arts, religion, or nurturing professions like medicine and teaching. Cancers are highly spiritual, and they rarely have their feet on the ground. They struggle with objectivity, which can sometimes lead to paranoia and insecurity. At their most extreme, Cancers can become extremely pessimistic. They have to develop strong coping techniques in order to find emotional balance and confidence. When they cultivate these traits, Cancers thrive!

Cancer draws out our most inspired and empathetic selves. Even if the crab isn’t your Sun sign, consult your natal chart to see how else this constellation might influence you. Cancer could boost your spirituality with Jupiter or work with Venus to enrich your relationships. Working with crystals can help you explore this constellation’s lessons.


Astrophyllite brings out the best of Cancer’s emotional nature. Also known as the “Marriage Stone,” this crystal cultivates the qualities necessary for long-term partnerships: honesty, fidelity, and self-assurance. Astrophyllite vibrates in harmony with the Crown Chakra to nurture Cancer intuition. If a Cancer loses themselves in depression and pessimism, Astrophyllite will pull them back out. This stone radiates light, pushing out the darkness.


This passionate crystal resonates with Cancer creativity and compassion. Carnelian infuses Cancers with happiness, motivation, and energy to achieve their goals. This stone serves as a conduit for divine love, promoting calm and spiritual awareness. Carnelian’s connection to the Root Chakra also helps ground Cancers while still supporting their intuitive side.


Iolite stimulates inspiration and emotional clarity. It encourages Cancers’ creative natures while providing the rational skills, such as motivation and organization, to help them chase their dreams. Also known as “Water Sapphire,” Iolite resonates with Cancer’s aquatic energy. It uses water’s balancing nature to promote the mental and emotional stability that Cancers require and support healthy relationships.


Jasper lends vitality and joy to Cancer sensitivity. By lending Earth energy, this stone tempers Cancer’s tendency to irritability by encouraging patience, wholeness, and emotional balance. Jasper also boosts Cancer’s compassionate nature. If a Cancer closes themselves off, Jasper opens them up to new opportunities and relationships.


Since Cancer is ruled by the Moon, this celestial crystal is the perfect tool. Moonstone draws on Cancer spirituality, heightening intuition and connection to the divine feminine. Moonstone also encourages self-awareness and authenticity, allowing Cancers to achieve personal and professional fulfillment. This nurturing crystal helps Cancers release their fears and open themselves up to new beginnings.


Opal contains water, so it calls out to Cancer’s elemental energy. This connection to the life-giving element supports Cancer with vitality and emotional balance. Opal also works with the Crown Chakra to boost Cancer’s natural intuition. A manifestation stone, Opal helps Cancers organize their talents in order to achieve their goals.


This positive crystal is the perfect antidote to Cancer’s tendency to negativity. Opalite often contains small imperfections, and it helps us see that our flaws are actually beautiful. They are what make us unique! This calming stone takes this work one step further by relieving anxiety and encouraging Cancers to release any toxicity in their lives. Opalite also promotes effective communication, especially in romantic relationships, and facilitates smooth transitions.

Rainbow Obsidian

Rainbow Obsidian’s vibrant color energy supports Cancer intuition. It promotes psychic health by cleansing your aura, providing spiritual protection, and releasing negativity. Rainbow Obsidian also emits grounding vibrations to keep spiritual Cancers connected to the Earth.


Ruby’s loving energy harmonizes with Cancer empathy while also providing the confidence and drive that this sensitive sign requires. An abundance stone, Ruby welcomes happiness and prosperity. It also promotes stability, and it is especially effective for keeping emotional Cancers from getting overwhelmed. When Cancers fall into depressive episodes, Ruby can help them find the root of their problems so that they can heal and move forward.


Selenite is named after the Roman goddess of the Moon, Selene. This divine crystal aligns Cancers with the universal plan and is a conduit of unconditional love. Cancers are sometimes resistant to change, but Selenite promotes gentle transformation. It allows Cancers to develop by promoting mental clarity and self-awareness.

Shiva Lingam

This highly spiritual crystal comes from India’s sacred Narmada River. It combines grounding and divine energy to help Cancers balance their mental, emotional, and spiritual selves. Shiva Lingam also encourages vitality and helps Cancers deepen their interpersonal relationships.


A stone of purification, Shungite counteracts all of Cancers’ unconstructive tendencies. It relieves anxiety by promoting calm and mental clarity. This crystal also provides a paranoid Cancer with protection. Shungite carries a strong Earth energy, allowing Cancers to ground and balance themselves. When Cancers fall into a spiral of negativity, Shungite counteracts their negative self-talk and toxic habits.