Happy Birthday to the Lions - All our Leo Friends

Happy Birthday to the Lions - All our Leo Friends

Posted by Heather McConnell on 15th Jul 2021

If you were born between July 23rd and August 22nd, you are a fierce Leo lion! In Greek mythology, the Leo constellation is associated with the invincible Nemean Lion. The Sun rules this zodiac sign, taking the lion’s natural courage to the maximum level. Leos are also infused with the Sun’s happiness and humor. Just like Aries and Sagittarius, Leo is a Fire sign. This element draws out emotional warmth, and being friends with a Leo is like being wrapped in a cozy blanket. Leos are a very self-aware sign. They are willing to spend the time to discover themselves and their desires, and they will use their overflowing energy to pursue their goals relentlessly. Leos love the limelight. Their ambition causes them to seek fame and success, sometimes to the detriment of those around them. Leos know their worth; while this quality keeps them from being taken advantage of, it can also lead Leos to become arrogant and stubborn. Because they are creative and passionate, Leos make excellent leaders, just like their “King of the Jungle” namesake. These strong leadership skills, however, mean that they tend to bristle when they are not in control, and many Leos chose to pursue careers in management or self-employment. An appeal to Leo’s generous, loyal nature always wins out. Deep in their hearts, Leos seek to rule to achieve the highest good for their community.

Everyone can benefit from the lion’s courage, positivity, and confidence. Leo may be your Sun Sign, or it may be affecting you somewhere else in your natal chart. Maybe Leo boosts your career through Jupiter or lends fidelity to your love life through Venus. No matter how Leo affects you, working with crystals can unlock your inner lion!


This crystal, which is actually fossilized tree resin, counters Leo’s fiery nature with Earth energy. Amber emits stabilizing, cleansing vibrations, helping Leos release their egos and any toxic habits. It allows for a complete union of Leo’s spiritual, emotional, and mental selves, resulting in the clarity that they crave. Amber also harmonizes with Leo creativity, joy, and drive to help them manifest their goals.

Auralite 23

Leos love to be surrounded by people, and Auralite 23’s many layers make it the crystal equivalent of a packed party. This stone inspires deep introspection and compassion, keeping Leos focused on their goals from the perspective of the highest good. Auralite 23 also has a powerful spiritual connection. It is a conduit for divine wisdom, providing Leos with profound calm and enlightenment. This crystal also draws out Leo’s Inner Child and all of their joy and confidence.


This creative crystal calls to Leo’s artistic side. Aventurine supports prosperity and growth, in both personal and professional lives. Leos are also strong leaders, and Aventurine helps them develop these skills. It encourages decision-making, emotional balance, mental acuity, and compassion to bring people together to achieve a common goal.

Bumble Bee Jasper

This crystal has all of the joy and fertility of its namesake insect. For happy Leos, Bumble Bee Jasper is the perfect tool! It encourages Leo’s natural confidence while providing them with clarity and helping them release their anxiety. Bumble Bee Jasper also promotes originality, letting Leos be their unique selves without worrying about others’ opinions.


Carnelian’s vibrant orange and red hues harmonize perfectly with Leo’s fire energy. This crystal encourages Leo’s extroverted side, promoting warm, enriching relationships and group harmony. It imbues Leo with the vitality and courage to achieve their goals while also grounding them. When Leos becomes too arrogant or stubborn, Carnelian encourages them to trust the divine plan and their close partners, letting them release their need for control.


Cinnabar’s unbridled energy and power work well with Leo lions. This crystal allows Leos to step into their power. It promotes transformation through mental strength, emotional balance, and the release of toxicity. Once they undergo this change, Cinnabar allows Leos to manifest success and prosperity.


Gentle Danburite calls out to Leo’s generous nature. This crystal is a conduit of universal love, helping Leos to stabilize their turbulent emotions and achieve mental clarity. Danburite guides the impatient Leo through difficult times by infusing them with perseverance and happiness. Gold Danburite’s bright vibrations resonate particularly well with Leo, because this stone channels the Sun’s energy.


A fiery crystal, Garnet amplifies Leo’s elemental energy. This attractive stone helps Leos achieve their goals. It supports all of Leo’s most positive personality traits- joy, warmth, creativity, confidence, and vitality- to transform them into their very best selves.


Kunzite’s loving vibrations soothe Leos when their energy gets the best of them. This crystal promotes profound inner peace, based on a connection between the mind and the heart. Whenever a Leo loses themselves in their ego, Kunzite brings them back to their generous selves. It also imparts spiritual wisdom and joy. With all of these calming vibrations, Kunzite may seem like an antidote to Leo ambition; however, this crystal helps Leo achieve their dreams by removing both external and internal obstacles to prosperity.


This inspirational stone supports Leo self-awareness. Based on deep introspection, Labradorite helps ambitious Leos find their life’s path and purpose. Once they identify their goals, this crystal gives Leo the perseverance, energy, and luck to achieve them. Labradorite is a powerful but subtle manifestation stone for all of Leo’s ambitions.


Leo’s fiery energy aligns with the divine masculine, and it is perfectly balanced by Larimar’s connection to the divine feminine. This crystal tempers Leo’s ego and stubbornness to realign them with universal good. It also encourages Leo to release toxic emotions, particularly resentment. Larimar lends Leo a deep spirituality, allowing them to find tranquility and enlightenment.


A stone of constructure energy, Onyx is one of Leo’s strongest crystal allies. It magnifies Leo’s inner strength while also encouraging stability and calm. Onyx supports ambitious Leos with protection, self-discipline, and resilience. This crystal is the embodiment of the leadership and mastery of the King of the Jungle.


Pyrite is associated with the elements of both Earth and Fire, supporting Leo’s goals while grounding their emotions. This crystal attracts abundance by providing all of Leo’s ventures with extra energy, protection, and clarity. Whenever Leo’s drive causes them to lose sight of those around them, Pyrite reveals the reality of the situation.


Rhodochrosite nurtures Leo’s warm heart. If extroverted Leo feels isolated, this crystal will give them the love and emotional healing to see them through this period of loneliness. Rhodochrosite encourages compassion, making the best of Leo’s friendliness and generosity. It also supports the self-confidence and joy that allows Leo to shine.


This gentle crystal protects Leo’s loving heart from hurt. Leos often focus on material success, but Rhodonite helps them recognize their inner beauty. It also opens them to new opportunities should Leo become too hyper-focused.


Both Leo and this crystal are ruled by the Sun, and they are natural friends. Sunstone is one of nature’s best leadership tools. It encourages independence, empowerment, and originality while also supporting knowledge and clarity. For ambitious Leos, Sunstone manifests abundance. It also removes negativity, replacing it with radiant optimism.