Happy Birthday to Us!  Happy April & Happy Aries Season!

Happy Birthday to Us! Happy April & Happy Aries Season!

Posted by Jena Coray on 6th Apr 2018

Happy Birthday to Karen & Kelly!  There's lots of "fire" involved when 2 Aries go into business together!

This month we are celebrating CARNELIAN!!  Aries has been bringing the fire back into our bellies! Its energy is taking action, finding your inner power and being recognized for the things you create and bring into this beautiful world. A stone that aligns with that energy perfectly is carnelian

Carnelian in its fiery red and orange tones aligns with our root and sacral chakras, grounding us into our feelings of security and worth, while igniting our powerful creative fires.

Carnelian is a stone of energy and endurance to help you take action on your desires and go the long haul, which will be especially helpful right now with Mercury retrograde tugging on the reigns of that Aries energy a bit. Carnelian helps keep your creative fires stoked and courage strong as you move swiftly around whatever hurdles come your way.

There are many beautiful carnelian specimens in the shop right now, looking for the right home! Place a sphere on your desk to stoke the flames of a new endeavor, or carry a polished pebble in your pocket to keep your motivation up and connect with your inner flame.

Let carnelian help you spring forward into action to bring your desires into reality!


On the heels of the spring equinox, the time is now to nurture the seedlings of your ideas and desires so they can flourish and grow. Helps clear away the energies that aren’t serving you so you can start fresh.
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Grab some hematite to keep close during Mercury retrograde to help absorb some of that stressful or negative energy when technology and communication errors ensue. Helps bring you back down to earth and into the present.
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