Happy Mother's Day to All the Nurturing Souls Out there

Happy Mother's Day to All the Nurturing Souls Out there

Posted by Heather McConnell on 9th May 2021

Mother’s Day conjures up images of flowers, fun, and family. However, there is more to this holiday than meets the eye. This Mother’s Day, My Dream Crystals is celebrating the encouraging energy of the divine feminine. We want to explore ways to channel this nurturing spirit to ourselves, so that we can take care of our Inner Child and be a supportive presence in our family and friends’ lives.


Moonstone opens you up to new beginnings, allowing you to truly make the most of life’s myriad of opportunities. This crystal embodies the divine feminine; it represents both the Moon’s stability and water’s life-giving energy. Moonstone soothes and balances your emotional being, which frees you to explore your innate creativity and intuition. No matter your past, Moonstone gently empowers you to create the future of your dreams.


Unakite is a potent combination of multiple nurturing crystals, including Clear Quartz, Red Jasper, Green Epidote, Pink Orthoclase, and Granite. Unakite resonates strongly with your heart, gently cleansing it. Once you are free from these emotional blockages and past trauma, you are prepared to welcome supportive relationships with both friends and lovers. Unakite also connects your Heart and Throat Chakras, allowing you to express yourself in loving but clear ways.

If Mother’s Day is a tough time of the year for you due to loss or negative family relationships, Unakite’s kind, soothing energy will support you. It is a great tool for working through difficult emotions and past trauma.


Rhodochrosite is a stone of supreme emotional balance. Its nurturing energy stimulates self-love, and it is associated with divine mothers across multiple religions, including the Virgin Mary, Isis, and Aphrodite. Rhodochrosite’s infinite positivity enhances everything in your life, and it supports you in all of your endeavors. If you feel isolated, don’t worry. Rhodochrosite will attract enriching interpersonal relationships.

Although it is a very joyful stone, Rhodochrosite promotes emotional health by acknowledging and working through negative feelings such as grief, anger, and anxiety. It encourages awareness, allowing you to view emotionally-charged situations with clarity. This crystal soothes your Inner Child. It allows you to make peace with your childhood and create the healthiest relationship possible with your parents as an adult. Rhodochrosite transforms you into your best self, both for yourself and for others.


Also known as the “Supreme Nurturer,” Jasper is the perfect tool for motivation and balance. If you feel scared or stressed, Jasper will channel the planet’s energies to promote tranquility. This crystal has been associated with multiple Earth mothers across various cultures, including Gaia and Chirakan-Ixmucane. Jasper’s approach to nurturing is practical and effective. It encourages deep introspection while providing support, so that you can truly achieve wholeness. Just like a Mama Bear, Jasper protects you from harm, and it encourages you to take care of your loved ones in the same way. This crystal draws out your strengths, but it also encourages you to acknowledge and try to minimize your weaknesses. When you work with Jasper, you can relax and trust in the Earth’s infinite love and support.

Mother’s Day can be joyous, but it can also shine a light on negative memories and strained relationships. To make the most of this holiday, use it as an opportunity to take stock of the ways you may not be taking care of yourself. With crystals, you will be ready to nurture both yourself and your loved ones!