Help those Plants Grow - Crystals to Use in Your Garden

Help those Plants Grow - Crystals to Use in Your Garden

Posted by Heather McConnell on 18th Dec 2020

Whether you have a lush, full garden or a single fern in your bedroom, your plants can benefit from crystals as much as you do! Like precious stones, plants come from the Earth, and these two natural beings vibrate in harmony. You can leave a crystal in your garden or flowerpot for an attractive and functional addition to your landscaping or decor, or simply place your indoor plants next to the crystals you have in your home. If you don’t have a green thumb already, these stones will give you a little help so your plants can thrive!


This baby blue crystal resonates strongly with water energy. Angelite helps your plants absorb the water they need to survive, and it can revive dehydrated plants. Because this stone also represents resilience, it can help your plants survive less than ideal environments. Use Angelite if you live in a particularly harsh climate or to help boost outdoor plants that have to come inside for the winter.

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz is a master healer, and its potency extends to plants as well. This crystal’s powerful vibrations stimulate plant growth and cleanse your garden of negative energy. If a plant has been attacked by an animal, Clear Quartz can nurse it back to health, and it shields your garden from pests. Clear Quartz’s glassy surface reflects the sun’s nurturing rays, creating a beautiful visual while also encouraging photosynthesis. According to horticultural folklore, Clear Quartz is particularly effective for tomato plants.

Green Calcite

Green Calcite’s detoxifying vibrations purge plants of malaise. If you have a wilting plant that just won’t perk up, no matter what you do, let this crystal revitalize it. Green Calcite’s high energy will give your garden the extra boost it needs to be its most beautiful self.


Jade’s gorgeous green energy resonates strongly with the Earth and nature, so this crystal harmonizes perfectly with your plants. It will nurture them, helping them grow big and strong, while also protecting and cleansing them. If you struggle with taking care of plants, Jade’s lucky properties will help you develop a green thumb.


Malachite’s connection to horticulture dates all the way back to Ancient Egypt. This stone promotes abundance; not only will your plants grow, but they will become bigger than you ever imagined! As a protective stone, Malachite shields your garden from electromagnetic frequencies. If you have a flowerpot near your modem, TV, or any other electrical device, be sure to leave a Malachite stone in the soil.

Moss Agate

As its natural name implies, Moss Agate is the ultimate gardener’s stone. It supports your plants’ overall wellbeing. Moss Agate symbolizes revitalization and renewal; this crystal imparts energy to wilting plants and ensures that perennials come back in the spring. Moss Agate embodies the link between humanity and nature, and it strengthens your personal connection with your plant friends.

Tiger’s Eye

This crystal’s deep brown color echoes your plants’ roots and the soil that nurtures them, so it’s no surprise that Tiger’s Eye promotes root growth and health. Tiger’s Eye is also a stone of success, and it can give novice gardeners the extra energy to make their plants thrive! This crystal also casts a protective shield around your garden, balancing its energies and guarding it from interlopers.


Unakite’s profound connection to the Earth makes it a natural ally for plants and gardeners. A stone of fertility, it taps into the planet’s loving energies to gently encourage growth. Unakite also directs these vibrations to create a strong defense against electromagnetic frequencies. This crystal activates the Heart Chakra, allowing you to show your garden how much you care. When Unakite opens this channel, your plants will thrive.

Crystals and plants are both gifts from the Earth, so it makes sense that they would work together to create vibrant, nourishing spaces. Have you incorporated any crystals into your gardening? Let us know in the comments below, or tag us in your photos on Instagram @mydreamcrystals!