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How To Choose a Crystal

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It is my truth that we don’t choose crystals, they choose us.

All crystals vibrate to their own specific frequency. This is true to all things living or not, including us humans. In addition to this, colors vibrate at their own frequency. So now you are getting how each crystal has a signature frequency.

As our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual state fluctuates, thus our signature frequency is frequently changing. You know what I mean by this. Some days you will be full of energy and focus, other days you may feel sluggish and distracted. Therefore your resonance with crystals fluctuates and picking a crystal to carry for the day that will interact with your current energy state can be quite helpful.

Each crystal resonates with a specific frequency and thus can change your frequency when you interact with it. For example if you are feeling scattered, carrying a grounding crystal such as Carnelian or Hematite can help to balance you out. Or if you are having trouble meditating, holding a piece of a high vibrational crystal such as Amethyst or Celestite can help you to reach the higher vibrational state you are striving for.

Because your vibrational frequency fluctuates, your resonance with crystals changes too. It really doesn’t make any difference how you choose your crystal; whether you pick it for the color (remember colors have their own vibrational frequency) or for the shape or texture. You are attracted to whatever signature frequency that crystal has because it is lacking in you.

There is no right way to pick a crystal and everyone is different. So first and foremost, trust yourself! Go with your intuition and whatever you pick will be perfect for you. Some people are attracted to the color, shape of feel of a crystal. Others can feel a shift in energy when they hold a crystal and others will be drawn to a specific crystal. Some people will read about a crystal and its qualities and decide that they would like to work with that crystal. Another great way to pick a crystal is using a pendulum or dowsing.

And remember that when you are overworked and stressed, you get run down…so do your crystals. They work very hard to help you and in return, you must clear and charge them regularly. 

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