It's Your Birthday Time Pisces!

It's Your Birthday Time Pisces!

Posted by Heather McConnell on 22nd Feb 2021

If you were born between February 19th and March 20th, your astrological sun sign is Pisces! Represented by a fish-shaped constellation, Pisces is a water sign, along with Scorpio and Cancer. Water is the element of emotion, and all of these signs are emotionally intelligent and empathetic. Pisces have particularly gentle and compassionate natures. They are selfless friends; however, their trust and empathy can sometimes attract toxic people who will try to take advantage of them. If a Pisces has encountered this problem too many times, they may close themselves off from others to avoid getting hurt. Pisces are ruled by the planets Neptune and Jupiter. Neptune particularly shapes Pisces’ personality, fostering intuition and creativity. Because of these gifts, Pisces often pursue careers as musicians and artists. There is something otherworldly about Pisces; they have a deep spirituality and may seem to live in a dream. Pisces develop a profound wisdom through introspection and divine connections. Pisces’ emotional natures make them extremely sensitive. This trait can be positive, allowing Pisces to better connect with and help others, but it also has a negative side. Pisces can easily become melancholy or paranoid, and they often struggle with criticism. If they are not careful, Pisces are likely to develop a victim complex. However, Pisces’ emotional intelligence, profound empathy, and divine inspiration usually prevail over these faults.

The Pisces astrological sign has a lot of lessons that we can all learn from. Even if Pisces is not your sun sign, check your natal chart to see if Pisces is present in any of the other planets or houses. No matter how you are connected to it, you can use crystals to maximize Pisces’ strengths and minimize weaknesses. Here are some of stones that resonate particularly well with this subtle, gentle constellation.


Amethyst offers powerful physical and psychic protection. This crystal keeps empathetic Pisces’ aura from being drained by the negativity that they may absorb. It combats the Pisces tendency toward depression and fear with a boost of happiness and courage. Amethyst also resonates strongly with Pisces’ spiritual side, working with the Crown and Third Eye Chakras to grant Pisces access to higher wisdom. If a Pisces feels alone, Amethyst will channel divine love to nurture them.


This stone’s name means “water of the sea,” and it a conduit for Pisces’ water energy. Aquamarine is a powerful tool for emotional balancing, helping Pisces manage their sensitive natures. It imbues a Pisces with the bravery and calm to persevere through hard times and toxic relationships without closing in on themselves. For social Pisces, Aquamarine also facilitates communication.

Blue Lace Agate

Like fine needlework, Blue Lace Agate appeals to the gentlest aspect of Pisces’ personality. It promotes peace and wellbeing. This stone’s blue color resonates with the Throat Chakra to allow a Pisces to express their true feelings.


Bloodstone draws out Pisces’ creativity. It provides inspiration, energy, and protection in all endeavors. This crystal silences negative self-talk. It also helps sensitive Pisces accept constructive criticism while also filtering out unhelpful feedback. With Bloodstone, Pisces can release their fears and chase their dreams. This stone balances the emotional body as well, allowing Pisces to stabilize their feelings and make the most of their natural emotional intelligence.


Diopside’s soothing green energy resonates works the Heart Chakra to provide the emotional healing that Pisces crave. This uplifting crystal fights melancholy and negativity. It allows Pisces to find the joy in life and move forward from breakups and loss. Diopside fosters meaningful, nurturing relationships, and it also helps make spiritual connections. This stone allows intuitive Pisces to deepen their wisdom by communicating with angels, deities, and spirit guides.


Fluorite’s name comes from the Latin verb, “fluere,” which means “to flow.” This crystal calls out to the tides of Pisces’ water energy. It absorbs negativity and allows Pisces to recognize and release toxic relationships and habits. Fluorite protects empathetic Pisces’ aura, keeping it strong and healthy. When Pisces’ creative, mystical nature goes too far and they disconnect from reality, Fluorite dispels their illusions to bring them back to the present. This crystal is also a conduit for divine wisdom, allowing Pisces to access their spirituality and make better decisions based on universal truth.


Jade’s friendly vibrations harmonize with social Pisces. It fosters enriching friendships while nurturing the emotional body. This crystal helps Pisces release their fears, guilt, and shame, replacing them with positivity. Jade also encourages charity, calling out to Pisces’ humanitarian impulses. If a Pisces feels overwhelmed and lost, Jade can help them find their life path by imparting ancient wisdom.

Polychrome Jasper

Polychrome Jasper’s Earth energy balances out Pisces’ Water energy; this crystal brings a grounding influence to Pisces’ emotional sensitivity. Polychrome Jasper promotes vitality by absorbing negativity. It also develops Pisces’ natural intuition through divine insight. This stone is the perfect tool for when a Pisces feels stuck in melancholy or unconstructive self-talk.


Stromatolite resonates with Pisces’ wisdom. This crystal is actually a fossil, and each layer stores knowledge from Earth’s very first days. Stromatolite is a stone of support, motivating Pisces to achieve their goals and escape toxic relationships or cycles. It also cleanses the aura to free Pisces from the negativity that their empathetic natures might unknowingly absorb. Stromatolite promotes deep introspection, strengthening Pisces’ emotional intelligence and setting this already spiritual sign on the path to enlightenment.


Turquoise is the ultimate stone of emotional protection. It heals Pisces’ past trauma, particularly that associated with negative past relationships, to allow them to open themselves up again. Turquoise resonates very strongly with empaths to protect and balance Pisces’ sensitive feelings. With this crystal, Pisces can indulge freely in their social nature, knowing that Turquoise will draw them to only positive people. A stone of truth, Turquoise also cultivates Pisces’ wisdom and sharpens their decision-making skills.