May's Full Moon - Flower Moon

May's Full Moon - Flower Moon

Posted by Heather McConnell on 9th May 2022

Flower Moon

Spring is in full bloom, and summer is just around the corner. It’s a enchanted time of the year! May’s full moon, known as the Flower Moon, will bring some extra magic to the world at 12:14am EST on May 16th.

This year’s Flower Moon is very special: not only is it a full moon, but it is also a super blood moon with a total lunar eclipse.

Let’s explore how you can make the most of the Flower Moon’s unique and powerful energy to change your life this May.

What is the Flower Moon?

May’s full moon being called the “Flower Moon” is probably no surprise! All of spring’s flowers are looking their absolute best, from the wildflowers in the field to the blossoms in our gardens. The specific name “Flower Moon” has its roots in Algonquin culture.

Other Native American names for the Flower Moon include the Frog Moon (Cree), Planting Moon (Lakota/Dakota), Dancing Moon (Tunica), Leaf Budding Moon (Cree), and Moon of the Shedding Ponies (Oglala). In the British Isles, Celtic and Anglo-Saxon people gave the May full moon the sobriquets Milk Moon, Bright Moon, Hare Moon, Grass Moon, and Mothers’ Moon, which is particularly appropriate for us, because this year’s Flower Moon comes only a week after Mother’s Day.

The 2022 Flower Moon is situated at the nexus of different celestial events. Solar and lunar eclipses come in pairs, and after April’s partial solar eclipse, May is bringing us a total lunar eclipse. During a lunar eclipse, the Earth’s orbit brings it directly in between the Moon and the Sun. The Earth refracts and absorbs the Sun’s light. When the Earth’s shadow falls on the Moon, the Moon takes on a reddish color and becomes a “blood moon.”

Lunar eclipses happen in phases, so here is your guideline for watching the Flower Moon in the Northern Hemisphere (New York Time Zone). Starting at 9:30pm on May 15th, the moon will enter the edge of the Earth’s shadow (the penumbra) and take on a yellow-brown hue. The partial eclipse begins an hour later, at 10:27pm, and the eclipse will peak at 12:11am, right before the Flower Moon hits peak illumination. The total eclipse will be visible until 12:53am, and a partial eclipse will continue to be visible until 1:54am.

If this eclipse wasn’t enough, this year’s Flower Moon is also a supermoon. Supermoons occur when the moon’s orbit reaches its closest point to the Earth (the perigee) during a full moon. This proximity increases the effect of the Moon’s energy on the Earth.

What is the Spiritual Meaning of the Flower Moon?

The Flower Moon symbolizes abundance, joy, visualization, and transformation. Since this month’s Flower Moon is both a supermoon and a lunar eclipse, its energy will be particularly potent. Supermoons bring the moon as close to the Earth as possible, so its vibrations will be extra palpable—especially when combined with the lunar eclipse.

This year’s Flower Moon occurs in the constellation of Scorpio, and this passionate zodiac sign’s influence will draw out your emotions. If you have been trying to repress a feeling, it is going to come out into the open—whether you want it to or not.

The Flower Moon acknowledges that the only way you can really experience abundance and joy is to allow yourself to be emotionally vulnerable. It can be scary to put yourself out there, but we can’t receive if we aren’t ready to accept the universe’s gifts. Take the time for some deep introspection to understand what might be blocking you from achieving your potential.

In order to prepare for abundance, the Flower Moon also encourages visualization and transformation. Now is the time for goal-setting, journaling, vision boarding, and abundance planning. The air is crackling with creative, fertile energy, and anything is possible. Once you know where you want to go, the Flower Moon will help you evolve into your best self and bloom like a flower.

All of this positive energy invites celebration! The Flower Moon is a time for dancing, singing, and just having fun. As Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “The Earth laughs in flowers,” so it’s time for you to laugh, too!

What Crystals Should I Use During the Flower Moon?

The Flower Moon’s message starts with introspection and visualization. Stilbite promotes emotional vulnerability and balance, and its uplifting vibrations reveal your higher purpose. Peach Moonstone’s gentle, nurturing energy will support you as you do the delicate emotional work of recognizing and removing limitations, all while opening you to new opportunities.

When you’re ready to chase your goals, Unakite provides the inspiration and emotional intelligence that you need. Labradorite draws on the magical vibrations all around you to align you with the universe, setting the stage for a smooth, effective transformation. If you need an extra dose of motivation, confidence, or creativity along your journey, reach for Carnelian.

Garnierite and Amber help you manifest by channeling the Earth’s abundant energy, which is particularly powerful during May. Citrine continues to attract prosperity to you while infusing your life with the pure, radiant joy that the Flower Moon emits.

Finally, it wouldn’t be the Flower Moon without Flower Agate. This beautiful, delicate crystal embodies all the Flower Moon’s lessons. It reminds you to bloom into your best self, just like the gorgeous flower you are.

The Flower Moon is calling on us all to build a more beautiful, joyful life based on honesty, openness, and visualization. Will you listen?