My Dream Crystals – April 2021 Edition

My Dream Crystals – April 2021 Edition

Posted by Heather McConnell on 28th Mar 2021

Crystals to Celebrate the Mother Earth Day

Every April 22nd, the entire world comes together to celebrate Earth Day. This holiday, first conceived by US Senator Gaylord Nelson in wake of the Santa Barbara oil spill, has been reminding us to protect our planet since 1970.

If you love crystals, you already enjoy a unique connection to Mother Earth. These stones are truly a gift and a manifestation of our planet’s power. This Earth Day, you can use your crystals to give back to nature. Here are some of our favorites for connecting with and healing the planet.


As fossilized tree resin, Amber is a unique part of Earth’s history. This crystal stores the creative energy that produces all of the planet’s life forms, from plants to animals to humans. It is a source of both physical and mental fertility. Amber is also a stone of infinite positivity. This crystal cleanses your aura and supercharges your Sacral, Solar Plexus, and Throat Chakras, infusing you with the confidence, joy, and drive to make anything possible.

Apache Tear Obsidian

Apache Tear Obsidian develops a deep connection with nature spirits. This gentle stone channels ancient Earth wisdom to comfort and heal you during times of profound grief. It also encourages balance and helps you release negativity. You can make the most of Apache Teacher Obsidian’s protective energies this Earth Day by placing a piece in your garden or on your lawn.


Aragonite resonates with the Earth Star Chakra, a powerful energy center that lies even lower than your Root Chakra. This crystal pushes past your superficial wants to identify your deepest needs. It is a no-nonsense stone that grounds you, removes blockages, and clears past trauma. Channel Aragonite’s vibrations into Earth healing practices.


Chrysoprase combines spirituality and Earth energy, allowing you to communicate with fairies and the Devic realm. This crystal promotes compassion and forgiveness while also increasing vitality; it awakens your inner activist to serve both humanity and the planet. When you work with Chrysoprase, you will discover a whole new world of joyful possibilities.


If you feel disconnected from the planet, Garnierite is the stone for you! It aligns you with Earth’s subtlest energies, unlocking infinite happiness and manifestation abilities. This crystal also links your Heart and Solar Plexus Chakras, creating a strong sense of self-worth. Garnierite is considered sacred to the Ancient Greek Earth Mother, Gaia; it embodies her nurturing energy. Use this stone to develop enriching relationships, support activism, or boost a meditation practice.

Green Apophyllite

This crystal channels the Earth’s grounding energy. Green Apophyllite helps you gently release the habits and people that no longer serve you so that you can move forward. It also activates your Heart Chakra, opening you to nature’s restorative powers. This crystal encourages you to return its vibrant energies to the planet through Earth communication and healing.

Green Tourmaline

If you’re an experienced crystal collector, you already know about the benefits of Black Tourmaline, but have you considered its green cousin? Green Tourmaline radiates compassion and serenity. It also removes energy blockages. When this property combines with a profound connection to the planet, Green Tourmaline helps plants grow. Place some in your garden this Earth Day to see its effects!


Jade’s lovely green color looks like grass in a lush summer meadow, and it invites you to fully appreciate nature’s beauty. This crystal heals your Heart Chakra to open you to friendship with humans, animals, and plants. Jade also activates your Inner Child. When you view the Earth with this sense of wonder and innocence, you will experience a whole new world of calm, positivity, and abundance.


Jet is actually fossilized wood, and it protects you, just like the branches of the tree it originated from. This crystal is an especially useful tool for spiritual work, keeping you grounded and connected. Jet absorbs negativity, transforming it into positive energy, and promotes mental clarity for strong decision-making. When you work with this stone, it reveals your true priorities.


Morganite radiates loving vibrations. It promotes trust, compassion, and tranquility, and it brings communities together. This crystal purifies your emotional body, allowing you to find peace and balance. Morganite also channels this energy to the Earth, nourishing the planet that nurtures us.

Moqui Marbles

Moqui Marbles link the earthly and spiritual planes. They boost your intuition and psychic abilities while also keeping you grounded. These crystals tune you into the Earth’s natural cycles, aligning you with the planet’s energy to foster clarity and balance. Because of this strong connection, Moqui Marbles are also great tools for Earth healing.

Moss Agate

As its name implies, Moss Agate connects profoundly to the planet. This crystal symbolizes rebirth; it reminds you that, just like seasonal plants, we all wilt and grow again. Moss Agate works with your Heart Chakra to give you the emotional state to explore new possibilities and receive abundance. Like Green Tourmaline, Moss Agate nurturing energies can be channeled to help plants grow.

Petrified Wood

Petrified Wood is a fossil created through a unique process known as permineralization, where Quartz slowly replaces wood over a series of centuries. This crystal embodies the ancient Earth wisdom of its original tree. Petrified Wood links your Root and Third Eye Chakras, allowing you to access divine knowledge while remaining connected to the planet. It is also a great tool for Earth healing.

Polychrome Jasper

Polychrome Jasper’s red-brown color evokes the planet’s soil, and this crystal inspires joy by showcasing the Earth’s radiant beauty. Polychrome Jasper also heightens your intuition, providing protection as well as courage. This crystal imbues you with the planet’s resilience, helping you persevere through all of life’s challenges.


Serpentine’s soothing green hues inspire calm as soon as you look at a piece. This crystal radiates tranquility, and it is an excellent tool for Heart Chakra, Crown Chakra, and Earth meditation. When you achieve this emotional balance, Serpentine opens you to vitality, happiness, and abundance.


There’s a good reason why so many Earth-based healers have this crystal in their toolboxes! Septarian reveals the root of a problem, allowing you to work through anxiety and deep-seated trauma. It keeps you grounded in the present and your authentic self.


Stromatolite embodies prehistoric Earth wisdom. It formed as sediment-incased algae, one of the earliest forms of life, slowly transformed into Quartz. This crystal provides consistent support, motivating you to work to achieve your dreams. If you feel lost, Stromatolite also helps you find your life purpose. It reminds you of the larger picture, promoting spiritual growth and purification. With this mindset, you are truly ready to make a positive impact on the planet.

How are you using your crystals this Earth Day? 

National Decorating Month - The Best and Most Visually Striking Crystals

April is National Decorating Month! We all know that crystals are beautiful, but do you use them in your home décor? You can display smaller tumbled or raw stones on shelves or side tables, but for a true conversation piece, consider these unique and visually striking crystal forms:


They’re not just for Halloween! Crystal skulls resonate strongly with the mind, and they are the perfect addition to a desk or living room. Check out our full article on crystal skulls to learn more!


“Gaze into the crystal ball…” Spheres are great scrying tools, but they are also stunning and functional décor. Crystal spheres broadcasts a stone’s vibrations 360 degrees, effortlessly filling a space. You can use Black Obsidian to ground your office’s energy, Amethyst in the bedroom to encourage restful sleep, or Fluorite in the living room to promote calm and positivity.


Crystal pyramids are not only visually attractive, but they also store extraordinary power. In sacred geometry, pyramids marry three different shapes: the spiral, the triangle, and the square. Pyramids represent enlightenment, linking the Earth (the base) and the divine (the point). When a crystal pyramid is created, it supercharges the stone’s properties. Crystal pyramids are an excellent addition to any room, but because of their spiritual connection, they are especially effective in your meditation space.


Many crystals welcome spiritual light into your life, but with crystal lamps, that light can be literal! Crystal lamps take the cleansing properties of Himalayan salt lamps to the next level. You can find crystal lamps in many different stones and shapes, but our favorite are Selenite towers. A must-have stone, Selenite’s high vibrations raise any space’s energy. If you use a white Selenite tower, you can change your lamp’s hue with different-colored light bulbs.


Crystal grids are the perfect way to combine crystals for maximum power. You can purchase pre-made grids, like our Congo Citrine abundance grid, or create your own. Set specific intentions for your grids and place them in relevant parts of your home. Crystal grids make great centerpieces in the dining room and also raise the vibration of a meditation altar.

How do you use crystals to decorate your space? Comment below or tag us @mydreamcrystals!

Gemstones - Only for the Queen or a Natural Right?

Precious stones have long been associated with royalty. Their visual beauty, combined with their high value, create stunning displays of power and privilege. Reporters raved about the tiara, a Spencer family heirloom, that Princess Diana wore on her wedding day, and fashionistas pay close attention to Kate Middleton’s pricey Cartier purchases. Even Meghan Markle, though no longer a senior member of the Windsor family, wore her mother-in-law’s diamond tennis bracelet for her recent interview with Oprah.

Royal jewels may seem like a fantasy—fairy tale accessories with an impossible price tag. However, My Dream Crystals offers beautiful and beneficial royal gemstones that fit any budget! Let’s explore the affordable and accessible crystals behind some of the most iconic pieces of royal jewelry.

The Delhi Durbar Parure


Queen Mary of Teck, the wife of King George V, ordered a full parure (a set of jewelry intended to be worn together), including a necklace, tiara, earrings, and stomacher, to honor her husband’s proclamation as Emperor of India in 1911. The extravagant celebrations of the Delhi Durbar lasted a week and were captured in one of history’s earliest films. Queen Mary used emeralds that originally belonged to her grandmother, Princess Augusta of Hesse-Kassel. Queen Elizabeth II frequently wears pieces from this parure, and it made a splash when Princess Diana wore the emerald choker as a headdress on her Australian tour.

This parure exists to highlight the beauty of Emerald. Not only is this stone visually stunning, but it also promotes abundance, love, and patience. Diamonds, omnipresent throughout the royal collection, lend creativity, spiritual enlightenment, and perseverance to the ensemble. As an energy amplifier, Diamond is the perfect accent choice for jewelry. The Delhi Durbar parure has not been recently appraised, but it is one of the royal family’s most beloved sets of jewelry.

You don’t have to pay a lofty price to get your own Emerald, however! My Dream Crystals has lovely tumbled Emerald stones for $3. These pocket-sized crystals let you bring Emerald’s lucky energy with you anywhere!

The Duchess of Cornwall’s Amethyst Heart Necklace

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Camilla’s may not be a royal fashion icon, but her Amethyst heart necklace made her seem like a movie star at the Skyfall premiere in 2012. This stunning piece was originally a wedding gift from the Dowager Queen Alexandra to the Queen Mother when she married George VI, then the Duke of York, in 1923, and Queen Elizabeth II eventually presented this necklace to her daughter-in-law. It has been valued at £50,000 (about $69,000). On a metaphysical level, Amethyst is an invaluable crystal. It is a conduit of divine wisdom, promoting calm and strengthening the intuition.

Want to capture this look for yourself? Try My Dream Crystals’ Amethyst necklace pendants, which range from $5-$15, or a heart-shaped Amethyst palm stone for $8.

The Burmese Ruby Tiara

Photo Credit: Terry O’Neill

When she married Prince Phillip in 1947, Burma (now Myanmar) gifted the Queen ninety-six rubies. She combined them with another wedding gift, diamonds from the Nizam of Hyderabad, to create this stunning tiara, which has remained one of the Queen’s favorite pieces of jewelry throughout her reign. Ruby’s vibrant red color and durability have made it one of the world’s most highly-prized gemstones, and this tiara is valued at 7 million pounds (over 9 million USD).

Ruby is a stone of passion, promoting vitality, creativity, and love. My Dream Crystals offers a truly special Ruby crystal, a large Ruby in Kyanite egg, to heal and balance your Heart Chakra for $135.

St. Edward’s Crown

Photo Credit: Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II/Prudence Cuming Associates

Without a doubt, this historically significant piece is the literal crown jewel of the British royal collection. Used only at the moment of coronation, St. Edward’s Crown was created for Charles II in 1661 to replace the original medieval version, which had been destroyed during the English Civil War. The distinct crosses, arches, and fleurs-de-lis pay tribute to the monarchy’s traditional symbols.

Until the early twentieth century, the monarchy rented the ornate gemstones which covered the crown, but George V had it permanently set with Amethyst, Garnet, Ruby, Sapphire, Topaz, and Tourmaline for his coronation in 1911. All of these stunning crystals carry powerful metaphysical properties: Amethyst for divine connection, Garnet for loyalty, Ruby for passion, Sapphire for wisdom, Topaz for generosity, and Tourmaline for balance.

For the British monarchy, this crown is priceless, but appraisers have given it a value: over $39 million. If that price is too steep for you, consider other options for welcoming these stones’ benefits, such as My Dream Crystals’ Amethyst pyramid ($38), Tourmaline sphere ($69), or polished Garnet point ($75).

Our name couldn’t make it any clearer: My Dream Crystals is here to make your dreams come true! Explore all of our products to live your royal fantasy on any budget.

Crystals and Creativity

Artists have been using crystals for centuries. They feature heavily in pottery, have been ground up to make paint, and are part of many musicians’ favorite concert attire. Whether you are a creative professional, an amateur artist, or just someone looking for innovative solutions to daily problems, crystals provide the inspiration you need!


Bloodstone draws on profound spiritual awareness to encourage creativity and spontaneity. It promotes balance and mental clarity while also boosting your intuition. When you achieve this mindset, you are better prepared to receive sparks of inspiration.

Bumble Bee Jasper

Bees help flowers grow, and Bumble Bee Jasper carries the same fertile energy. This crystal is the perfect tool for sensitive creators. It encourages self-confidence by easing anxiety and deflecting jealousy. When you work with Bumble Bee Jasper, you can stop worrying about others’ criticism and release your authentic artist.


Chalcopyrite is sometimes called the “Stone of the Mystic,” and this crystal connects you with spiritual inspiration. It is a stone of new beginnings, encouraging you to accept change. Like a caterpillar morphing into a butterfly, Chalcopyrite shows you how to transform into your best self.


A favorite of medieval Chinese and Italian Renaissance artists, Cinnabar gets your creative juices flowing. This crystal gives you the energy to chase your dreams, and it attracts abundance to make sure that you achieve your goals. Use Cinnabar if you are embarking on an artistic career or tackling a major project at work.


Creatives lay their emotions bare to the world. This vulnerability is scary, but it is what makes the greatest, most touching pieces of art. Hemimorphite encourages openness in a gentle manner. This crystal promotes emotional balance and calm while also attracting a strong community who will support you in all of your endeavors.


Actors talk a lot about “the method,” a technique created by legendary actor Konstantin Stanislavski. Many major film stars of the 1950s, such as Marilyn Monroe and James Dean, espoused Stanislavski’s method, which encourages actors to totally empathize with and become their characters. While this technique is revolutionary, it is difficult to access your emotions in such an intense way while remaining balanced. Howlite can help! This stone promotes harmony, patience, and trust, allowing creatives to tap into their most powerful feelings in a healthy way.


Iolite’s vibrant violet hue channels the purple color energy that has long been helpful for artists. This take-charge crystal motivates you to reach your full potential. It boosts your self-confidence, builds healthy relationships, and promotes introspection. Iolite carries Water’s creative energy, making it a consistent source of nourishment and inspiration.

Peach Selenite

This sensitive crystal channels divine love to spark creativity. Peach Selenite aligns you with your deepest passions, helping you find your true purpose and encouraging new ways of thinking. It also helps you release toxicity, both past and present, to move forward in your artistic journey with confidence and freedom.

Red Tourmaline

When inspiration hits, do you forget everything and create for hours on end? If you regularly miss meals, appointments, or sleep because of your artistic endeavors, Red Tourmaline is the stone for you. It channels your natural energy constructively, allowing you to create confidently without losing yourself.


Rhodochrosite channels divine love, and this crystal reveals your hidden talents. It is the perfect tool for creatives starting a new project or struggling with artistic blocks. Rhodochrosite also promotes new beginnings, compassion, and happiness.


Ruby is a stone of passion, and with this crystal’s fiery red energy, your desires cannot be denied. If you are pursuing a career in the arts, Ruby is a must-have stone. By combining motivation, manifestation, and ambition, it allows you to make money doing what love.


Sunstone channels all of its namesake’s warmth and energy. This crystal shines its light on both its user and their surroundings, allowing you to discover truth and find your own natural spotlight. Sunstone’s infinite positivity leaves your refreshed and ready to take on your next creative project.

How do you use crystals in your artistic endeavors?