My Dream Crystals - April 2024 Edition

My Dream Crystals - April 2024 Edition

Posted by Heather McConnell on 1st Apr 2024

What April’s Solar Eclipse Means for You

On April 8th, we will experience a rare celestial event: a total solar eclipse that will be visible throughout North America.

Historically, solar eclipses have been feared as omens of doom, and while solar eclipses carry a wild, sometimes chaotic energy, you don’t need to be scared! This month’s solar eclipse is an opportunity to carve out the life of your dreams—if you’re ready to claim it!

What is a Solar Eclipse?A solar eclipse occurs when the Moon’s orbit comes between the Sun and the Earth, blocking the Sun from our view. Because of how the Moon’s orbit aligns with the Earth, solar eclipses always line up with the New Moon.

Most solar eclipses are partial eclipses, meaning the Sun’s light is only partly obscured; however, this month, we will experience a rare total solar eclipse. Total solar eclipses can only happen in one place on Earth at once, but April’s solar eclipse will blot out the Sun entirely for a broad swath of Mexico, the United States, and Canada.

What is the Spiritual Meaning of a Solar Eclipse?

Eclipses always carry strong vibrations because they break up the celestial routine. Solar eclipses in particular symbolize radical transformation. They encourage you to release the things that are holding you back and set new intentions, which resonates perfectly with the New Moon energy that always aligns with the solar eclipse.

A solar eclipse draws on the Sun’s masculine yang energy to move beyond simply setting an intention to actually acting on it. As we near April’s solar eclipse, reflect on the life you want for yourself, and get ready to claim it!

Solar eclipses are also profoundly spiritual times. They are a powerful, impossible-to-ignore reminder that we are part of something greater than ourselves. The perfect alignment of the Earth, Moon, and Sun reminds us of the balance that we have to find in our own lives. Because solar eclipses shake up our earthly reality and encourage fresh perspectives, they make it easier to connect with the divine.

Why is the April 2024 Solar Eclipse So Special?

The April 2024 solar eclipse is the first total solar eclipse that has been visible in the US since 2017. While total solar eclipses often last only a few seconds, we will experience a totality period of over 4 minutes in some places!

For North American viewers, this eclipse will be particularly special. Approximately 31 million people will be within the path of totality that stretches from Mexico up to Texas, Maine, and Canada. Even if you’re not within the totality belt, 99% of US citizens—even in parts of Alaska and Hawaii—will be able to witness the eclipse.

And we should enjoy it, because it’s the last time a total solar eclipse will be visible in the contiguous United States until 2044!

Note: solar eclipses are amazing events to observe, but they are dangerous to view with the naked eye. If you are planning to watch this month’s total solar eclipse, check NASA’s safety guide first!

What Does the April 2024 Solar Eclipse Mean for Me?

This April’s total solar eclipse signifies transformation for everyone. Expect the unexpected, and lean into the sun’s active energy.

If there is something you have been wanting to change or a new project that you want to start, now is the time! However, if you find that the energy during the eclipse feels too powerful and chaotic, use the time to meditate on what you want to do. A few days later, you will have a clearer perspective on the eclipse’s lessons and be able to take effective action.

April’s solar eclipse will occur in Aries, which will imbue you with the courage and creativity you need to claim this new beginning. Don’t be afraid to stand out! Since Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac, this solar eclipse is the perfect time for a fresh start.

Because this total solar eclipse has such high frequencies, the change it brings may be scary, especially if the change involves a loss instead of a gain. However, don’t be afraid! If something “eclipses” out of your life during this time period, it was not meant for you. Something better is coming, so keep an eye out for that new opportunity.

If you have an Aries birthday (like both of our co-founders, Kelly and Karen!), this solar eclipse will be especially potent. The eclipse will close a chapter in your life and start a new one. This birthday is a turning point, and you may notice extra serendipity around the eclipse as you come into alignment with the universe.

For Aries, the solar eclipse’s powerful energy may feel overwhelming. Make sure that you carve out space for calm and that you set your intentions mindfully. Trust in the divine plan, Aries, and you will see magic.

If you have Aries anywhere on your birth chart, you will notice similar new beginnings. Aries Moons will discover something about themselves, and Aries Venus may begin a new, important relationship.

However, the solar eclipse’s energy doesn’t just end with Aries. Libra is Aries’ opposing sign, so if you were born between September 23rd and October 22nd, you will also feel the eclipse’s pull especially strongly.

What Crystals Can I Use During the Solar Eclipse?

Sunstone is an obvious solar eclipse crystal. It radiates solar energy and will help you accept all of the eclipse’s lessons with a positive attitude. You can amplify Sunstone’s energies by combining it with Moonstone, showcasing the ways the Sun and the Moon come into balance during the eclipse and harnessing the New Moon energy as well.

Labradorite will help you ride the wave of solar eclipse energy to enact change in your life, and Citrine will help you seize new opportunities.

If you notice that the solar eclipse energy is getting too intense, reach for Red Jasper. This crystal resonates with the sun’s warmth and creativity, but its nurturing energy will help you channel the powerful vibrations in a less overwhelming way.

Keep these points in mind, and this month’s solar eclipse can be the catalyst to build the life of your dreams!

Chill Out: Crystals for National Stress Awareness Month

Did you know that April is National Stress Awareness Month? Many of us are all too aware of stress, all year round. While stress can make you feel out of control, there are plenty of tools to manage your stress, such as meditation, breathing, and, of course, crystals!

This month, we’re going to share some of our favorite stress management crystals and show you how to use them to keep calm, cool, and collected.

Stress Management Crystals


Amethyst is a very calming stone. It works with your Third Eye Chakra to channel divine energy, relieving anxiety and bringing clarity to complicated situations. If your stress is related to your own unconstructive habits or thoughts, Amethyst can teach you to release the things that no longer serve you. Amethyst is also a powerful sleep stone, reducing the effects of stress-induced insomnia and combatting strange anxiety dreams.


Aquamarine reminds you that the best way to resolve a stressful situation is to slow down. This soothing crystal is as refreshing as a dip in the pool on a hot day. Aquamarine helps you mentally reset so that you can view things from a new, more objective perspective. Then, it empowers you to take the action you need.

Black Tourmaline

Sometimes stress is due to a buildup of negative energy. When that is the case, reach for Black Tourmaline. This crystal cleanses your aura and acts like a shield, repelling any toxic vibrations that are headed your way. With Black Tourmaline, you can relax and trust in the crystal’s protective energy.

Blue Lace Agate

If your stress is related to a lack of communication, reach for Blue Lace Agate. This gentle crystal supports kind yet effective communication, and it can also help you process stressful situations more effectively.

Clear Quartz

If you feel overwhelmed, Clear Quartz will cut through the noise. Clear Quartz is a master healer, and it is the perfect tool to help you see the reality of a situation. This crystal’s high frequency vibrations promote calm, clarity, and wisdom.


Fluorite is known for absorbing anxious energy. This crystal brings your body and mind into balance and can be especially helpful if your stress 

The Language of Flowers

Spring has sprung, and the earth’s beauty is on all of our minds. During this time of year, many of us take extra time to appreciate flowers, either in our garden or in beautiful bouquets. But did you know that flowers have special meanings?

What is the Language of Flowers?

Flowers have long been used as a form of symbolism, but during the Victorian era, the “language of flowers” was refined and codified. Flowers weren’t just a nice gesture; they carried a nuanced message. The language of flowers was so popular that most households had a guidebook on hand to decode a bouquet.

For Victorians, flowers became a way to express emotions that were forbidden to express in polite society. Depending on the blooms you chose, you could tell someone that you loved them in secret—or that you thought they were conceited and insufferable! Small flower bouquets, known as tussie-mussies, became the go-to gift for Victorian flirting.

However, it wasn’t just the flower choice that mattered; it was also how the flowers were presented. You could answer questions directly with a bouquet; giving flowers with your right hand meant “yes,” and giving flowers with your left hand meant “no.” If you handed over the bouquet upside down, you were inverting the message. A ribbon tied to the left meant that the bouquet’s symbolism applied to the giver; however, a ribbon tied to the right referred to the recipient.

If you received the flowers and understood their meaning, you could indicate positive feelings by holding the bouquet in front of your heart, and you could show that you weren’t interested by holding the bouquet downwards.

Traditional Flower Meanings

Victorians had a meaning for just about every flower, but here are the meanings of a few flowers that remain favorites today:

Flower Meaning
Camellia (pink) Longing
Camellia (red) Love like a flame
Camellia (white) You’re adorable
Carnation (red) Painful longing
Carnation (white) Innocence
Carnation (pink) Remembrance
Carnation (yellow) Rejection
Clover Think of me
Daisy Loyalty
Gardenia Secret love
Heather (purple) Admiration
Heather (white) Protection
Hyacinth (blue) Fidelity
Hyacinth (purple) Sorrow/sympathy
Hyacinth (white) Prayers
Hyacinth (yellow) Jealousy
Iris Wisdom
Ivy Friendship
Lily (orange) Hatred
Lily (white) Purity
Lily (yellow) Joy
Marigold Grief
Orange Blossom Marriage
Pansy You’re in my thoughts
Poppy (red) Pleasure
Poppy (white) Consolation
Poppy (yellow) Success
Rose (dark red) Mourning
Rose (pink) Gentle love
Rose (red) I love you
Rose (white) You’re heavenly
Rose (yellow) Infidelity
Tulip (red) Passion
Tulip (yellow) Your smile is sunshine
Violet Modesty

How to Use Flowers and Crystals Together

Since crystals and flowers both come from the Earth, they resonate with each other very strongly!

If you have flowers growing in your garden (or inside in a pot), add crystals like Moss Agate, Green Calcite, Jade, or Unakite to the soil or near the plant to keep them healthy and happy!

If you are trying to invite something specific into your life, you can place a crystal next to a flower (or bouquet) that has a similar meaning. The crystal and the flowers will amplify each other’s energies, making it easier to manifest! Try Citrine and yellow lilies for joy or Rose Quartz and red roses for love. You can also dry these flowers and combine them with similar crystals in spell jars.

Charging a floral tea with a crystal is also a great way to bring these powerful energies together! For example, if you are working through some difficult emotions, Marigold tea and Onyx are a great combo.

What will you say with flowers (and crystals) this spring?

A Guide to Glamour Magic

When you think about glamour, what do you think of: Hollywood red carpets, fabulous trips, and luxury brands?

These things may seem unattainable, but true glamour isn’t. Glamour isn’t just something for celebrities or the ultra-wealthy; it’s actually a magical skill that you can use to change the way people perceive you.

What is Glamour Magic?

Glamour is essentially magical makeup. It involves imbuing a specific object—such as clothing, jewelry, perfume, or even literal makeup—with a certain intention.

Many of us use glamour magic in our day-to-day lives without even noticing it. Do you have that one outfit that makes you feel super confident, or the perfectly colored lipstick that you always wear for a first date? That’s a glamour!

Glamour magic uses intention-charged wearables to influence how other people perceive you. It doesn’t literally change your appearance, but it does change how people react to you.

The most obvious application for glamour spells—and the one that most of us have probably used at one time or another—is to be more romantically attractive. However, glamours can also help you appear more confident, capable, or approachable, or they can make you less visible if you don’t want to attract negative attention.

How to Use Glamour Magic

Glamour magic is extremely accessible. It doesn’t require any fancy equipment, and you can easily cast a glamour on the go. All you need is your intention and the clothing item, accessory, or makeup that you want to enchant.

While you can do glamour magic at any time, it resonates especially well with the New Moon, as that is the perfect time for new beginnings and intention-setting.

When you are ready to cast a glamour, take some time to clarify your intention. Once you have a short, specific intention, you are ready to charge your item with that intent. You can accomplish this goal in a few different ways:

  • Holding the item and repeating your intention (out loud or in your head).
  • Writing the intention on a piece of paper and placing it under the item.
  • Charging the item with a crystal that matches your intent (like Carnelian for confidence). You can get bonus power by enchanting a piece of crystal jewelry that already matches your intent!

Once your item is charged, simply put it on and head out into the world! Your glamour is cast.

Glamour Magic Crystals

The crystals you choose for glamour magic depend on your intent, but here are a few suggestions:

Crystal Intention
Clear Quartz Amplifying energies
Rose Quartz Beauty and attraction
Citrine Confidence and manifestation
Labradorite Transformation and power
Obsidian Protection
Fluorite Persuasion

If you are unsure which crystal is the best one for your intent, reach out to the My Dream Crystals staff. We’re always here to show you how to get the most out of your crystal practice, and we can help you unlock your inner glamour!

Pay It Forward: Crystals for Community Service

Giving back to your community is always important. It’s an essential way to uplift everyone, forge strong bonds, and make a positive impact on the world. From organizing large-scale community cleanups to simply tipping your barista a little extra, there are literally thousands of way to serve your community.

Whether you are a regular volunteer or just starting to get interested in community service, we have the perfect stone for you. Here are our top 5 community service crystals:

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is the physical embodiment of compassion, making it a great crystal for community service. This stone helps you spread love and positivity wherever you go, ensuring that everything you do makes an impact.

Lapis Lazuli

Communication is an essential component of community service; it is necessary both for identifying what needs to be done and for coordinating people to actually do it. Lapis Lazuli promotes clear, kind communication with divine insight. This crystal also helps you better understand your role in the universe, adding extra meaning to your efforts.


Citrine emits infinite positivity, energy, and optimism. This crystal gives you the energy you need to not just think about making a difference but actually get out there and do it! If a problem seems too large to tackle, Citrine will remind you that even the most daunting tasks can be achieved.

Green Aventurine

Green Aventurine is a stone of opportunity. This crystal promotes leadership and balance, strengthening your community bonds and encouraging people to be assertive about the projects that need to be completed. With Green Aventurine, you have the chance to truly build a better tomorrow.


Danburite is the ultimate community service crystal; it emanates unconditional love and altruism. Danburite helps you discover your most compassionate, divinely inspired self by revealing your life path. With this crystal, you will see the ways that you are meant to make a difference.

So, grab a community service crystal and pay that energy forward!