My Dream Crystals - August 2022 Edition

My Dream Crystals - August 2022 Edition

Posted by Heather McConnell on 1st Aug 2022

Highly Debated: Golden Healer

Crystals take centuries to form, and they have been used by humans for millennia. With all of this [HM1] , when a new crystal hits the scene, it always creates a splash—and sparks debate.

Golden Healer Quartz was discovered in an Arkansas mine in 2012. Having been known to modern collectors for only a decade, it really is the new kid on the block in the crystal world. That means that we’re still discovering its properties and uses, and some people may still be hesitant to adopt it.

At My Dream Crystals, Golden Healer Quartz is one of our favorite crystals, and we are here to tell you why!

Why Is Golden Healer Quartz Debated?

The simple answer is: Golden Healer is new. Compared to a stone like Amber, which has been found in prehistoric archeological sites, human use of Golden Healer is only ten years old.

While newness can be exciting, it also carries a layer of trepidation. Change is always scary!

Especially since crystals have become so popular in recent years, some seasoned collectors worry that “Golden Healer” could just be some clever marketing jargon to disguise a fake stone, and the crystal has actually garnered a lot of nicknames, including Hematoid Quartz (because of the Iron Oxide conclusions that give it its rich yellow hue), Harlequin Quartz, and Protector Quartz. But don’t worry: Golden Healer Quartz is real!

Golden Healer Quartz has also drawn some confusion in terms of its source. Originally discovered in Arkansas and dubbed “Solaris Golden Healer Quartz,” there is a similar yellow crystal in Brazil that has recently been welcomed into the Golden Healer Quartz family.

Finally, some collectors worry that Golden Healer Quartz’s color range from light, lemony yellows to deep, yellow-brown hues might indicate heat treatment, [HM2] . Heat treatment is another topic of debate in the crystal community, but Golden Healer Quartz is not heat-treated.

What Are the Properties of Golden Healer Quartz?

Holding a Golden Healer Quartz is like having your own personal ray of sunshine. It radiates warmth, positivity, and energy, and it helps you make the life of your dreams a reality. Like the Sun in the sky, Golden Healer Quartz is a light bringing you closer to the divine.

Golden Healer is a master healer like its cousin, Clear Quartz, and it supercharges Quartz’s purification properties to cleanse and align your entire Chakra system. If you feel stuck in negative habits, Golden Healer will pull you out of the cycle.

Once you find this body balance, Golden Healer Quartz’s vibrations raise your own, unlocking your highest spiritual self. Golden Healer makes it easier to connect with the divine realm and is especially helpful for deciphering messages from angels and spirit guides. This property occurs because Golden Healer provides a link between your Solar Plexus and Crown Chakras, allowing you to act confidently, informed by spiritual wisdom.

With this spiritual growth, you will notice that things become easier on the earthly realm, too. Working with Golden Healer correlates to increased joy as well as mental clarity, with a boost in critical thinking skills and memory.

Golden Healer Quartz gives you everything you need to manifest your dreams and build a life of happiness and prosperity, and if you have been hesitant about embracing this new crystal, now is the time to get your own!

A Self-Love Morning with Crystals

There’s no moment of the day more crucial—or more often overlooked—than the morning. How you wake up can set the tone for whole day, so why not take advantage of the time to establish a strong, clear intention?

We’ve designed a short, customizable morning routine that incorporates crystals to cultivate an intent that we all could use a little more of: self-love. All of the crystals mentioned below are strongly associated with self-love, and they can be used as part of a morning routine to strengthen your relationship with yourself in different ways.

Step One: Stretch

Before you’ve even gotten out of bed, it’s a good idea to stretch. Stretching gently transitions your body (and mind) from sleeping to waking hours, and it undoes any knots from a lumpy mattress or awkward sleeping position.

While you’re stretching, either hold or place a crystal nearby. Our favorites for your morning stretch are:

  • Pink Calcite: to cleanse your Heart Chakra and remove any self-imposed limits
  • Pink Opal: to imbue your day with hope
  • Pink Tourmaline: to give you a fresh perspective
  • Green Aventurine: to encourage physical, mental, and emotional balance

Step Two: Charge Your Skincare/Makeup Products

When you head to the bathroom for your beauty routine, leave a crystal next to your skincare or makeup products. The stone will charge your products with lots of loving energy, allowing your light to shine all day long!

You have plenty of beauty crystal options, including:

  • Jade: to calm both irritated skin and an anxious mind
  • Clear Quartz: to amplify your products’ effectiveness
  • Rhodochrosite: to encourage confidence and compassion
  • Rose Quartz: to enhance your self-love and attract positive people

You can even try using a skincare tool that already includes a crystal, such as a facial roller!

Step Three: Do a Quick Meditation

Even if you can only spare 5 minutes for a meditation, it will make a huge difference! You can try using a meditation app, searching for guided meditations on YouTube, or even doing a quick body scan on your own.

Holding a crystal will supercharge your meditation and help you get into the spiritual mindset:

  • Auralite-23: to connect you to spiritual and earthly wisdom
  • Pink Kunzite: to release fear and promote inner peace
  • Rhodonite: to expand your spiritual awareness
  • Fuchsite: to channel enlightened ideas to your Heart Chakra

Step Four: Charge Your Morning Cup

You’re almost ready to go! Before you hit the road, use a crystal to charge your beverage of choice.

Whether you prefer coffee, tea, or juice, let a crystal sit next to your glass while you are preparing and/or drinking to send its healing energies into the liquid:

  • Morganite: to reveal your passions and inspire creativity
  • Prehnite: to give you the courage and perseverance to overcome any challenges
  • Astrophyllite: to energize you to achieve your goals

With this simple routine, you will be ready to face anything the day has to through at you, all while confident in your inherent worth and capabilities.

Unwind and Visualize

If you’ve ever made a vision board or simply daydreamed about an event, then, believe it or not, you’re already familiar with visualization.

Visualization is a great technique for releasing stress and manifesting your goals, and when you combine it with crystals, the possibilities are endless!

What is Visualization?

A combination of mindfulness and daydreaming, visualization is the process of imagining your goals being achieved.

Visualization is all about intent. It is the process of imagining your desired outcome in extremely specific detail. What exactly will happen? How will you feel? Who will you be with? What will your success look like? Engage all five of your senses to make your vision come to life!

This detailed approach doesn’t just help you in the future; it also helps you stay grounded in the present. Visualization uses mindfulness and meditation techniques to center and focus you, without any distractions.

To boost your visualization practice, don’t just imagine the final result (outcome visualization); imagine the steps that it will take to get there, too (process visualization).

When you lay this specific groundwork, you create a true path to success, and your mind and heart will be ready to welcome abundance when it arrives. Think of it as a mental rehearsal!

Visualization is important as a manifestation technique, but it can also help manage stress, relieve anxiety, build self-confidence, and increase relaxation. Just like meditation, visualization’s full benefits are best achieved with consistent work.

How Do You Visualize?

There are a lot of visualization techniques out there, and many of them can be used together to create a larger visualization practice. Play around and see what works for you!

Popular visualization techniques include:

  • Meditation: Take some quiet time to meditate on your desired outcome. If you’re struggling to focus, try a guided visualization meditation.
  • Writing: Write out your goals and how you will achieve them, using as many descriptors as possible.
  • Creating a Vision Board: Collect images and words that represent your future. You can create a physical board, or try it virtually with an app!
  • Make Flash Cards: The portable version of a vision board, flash cards are great if you are working toward multiple goals, or if you have a lot of steps to execute in order to achieve them.
  • Expose Yourself to Your Goals: It’s hard to visualize if you have never experienced your desired outcome. For example, if your goal is to travel more, research places that you are interested in. What does the location look like? What are some popular local foods? How is the weather? All of those details will strengthen your visualization practice.
  • Establish Visual Triggers: Give yourself something to look at during your visualization practice. Whenever you see it, the object will remind you of your goals, keeping your visualization practice engaged, even when you’re just going about your daily life. Here is where crystals really come in handy…

Crystals are the perfect addition to visualization. Their unique energies support your goals, and they can be easily incorporated into your practice.

You can hold them during a visualization meditation, or place them nearby as a visual trigger when writing or vision boarding. You can even create a crystal grid associated with your goals!

Which Crystals Should You Use For Visualization?

Here are some of our favorite visualization crystals! These crystals are effective for any type of visualization, but you may consider choosing other stones that relate to your specific goals, such as Rose Quartz for love or Pyrite for career success.


Aquamarine is a stone of courage and empowerment. It will help you visualize boldly, removing any self-imposed limits to claiming what you deserve. Aquamarine’s soothing energy also helps you overcome any anxiety surrounding the future.

Clear Quartz

A master amplifier, Clear Quartz is the perfect crystal to transmit your intentions to the universe. This stone can also help you set those clear, specific goals to guide your visualization practice.


If you are struggling to focus your energies, Fluorite is the perfect addition to your visualization practice. This crystal keeps you calm, cool, and collected, minimizing distractions so that you can achieve your goals.


Jade is a stone of prosperity, and it will help you approach your visualization practice from an abundance mindset. Like a manifestation magnet, Jade will attract anything you need to achieve your goals.


Iolite is a stone of creativity and learning. Take advantage of its energy for innovative problem solving during your visualization journey. Iolite is particularly effective for process visualization and exposing yourself to your goals, as it is a research tool that can show you the small, tangible steps that you need to take for your desired outcome.


A high vibration crystal, Labradorite is a powerful transformation stone. As you start changing your life through visualization, this crystal is your best ally. It attunes you to your deepest needs and encourages a positive mindset built on curiosity and self-confidence.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli links your Third Eye and Crown Chakras, giving you access to psychic abilities and divine wisdom. If you feel stuck during your visualization journey, Lapis Lazuli’s spiritual energy will show you the way.

With visualization techniques and crystals, the future of your dreams is yours for the taking! Get started today!

Sunshine and Crystals: Which Ones Should Stay in the Shade

As we enter the last month of summer, the Sun’s powerful is keenly felt, and we’re doing our best to soak up the last rays before the days start getting noticeably shorter.

Sunlight is a great way to cleanse and charge crystals, but the same power that energizes our crystal can be too much for certain stones. The same way that not all crystals are water-safe, not all crystals are sun-safe.

Why Can’t Crystals Can’t Be Left in the Sun?

The sun’s rays are very powerful. They burn your skin, and they can affect your crystals. Some stones, like Onyx, are strong enough to withstand prolonged, direct sunlight, but others are not.

We are going to discuss some specific crystals that don’t interact well with sunlight, but a good way to approximate whether your crystal will be sun safe is to look at it.

Transparent and semi-transparent crystals tend to fare worse in sunlight, often losing their color or cracking. If your crystal is opaque, there is a much higher chance that it can handle direct sunlight. However, as with all rules, there are exceptions.

Crystals That Will Fade in Sunlight

The most obvious side effect for sun-exposed crystals is a faded color. If you’ve ever seen a sofa in a sunny room get progressively lighter over time, then you already have experience with the Sun’s color-zapping properties. However, sunlight acts on crystals much more quickly than upholstery, sometimes within hours.

Crystals that will lose color in sunlight include:

  • Members of the Quartz family, including Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Ametrine, Aventurine, Tiger’s Eye, and Citrine (only safe in the sun for 4 hours)
  • Aquamarine
  • Kunzite
  • Turquoise
  • Unakite

Note that Turquoise and Unakite are exceptions to the transparency rule!

If you accidentally leave a crystal in the sunlight and its color fades, don’t panic! While the crystal’s physical appearance may have changed, its inherent properties remain the same.

Crystals That Will Get Brittle and Break in Sunlight

A more serious consequence of over-exposure to the Sun is a loss of water content, which makes crystals brittle and can cause them to break, as well as also losing their color.

Just like over-baking a chicken in the oven can dry up all the juices, the sun can prove dangerous to certain crystals, especially those with a high water content like Opal.

Other crystals that can break due to too much sunlight include:

  • Apophyllite
  • Calcite
  • Emerald
  • Celestite

A brittle or broken crystal usually retains its properties, but it can be much harder to handle and is likely to continue deteriorating, so it is often best to replace broken crystals.

Crystals That Overheat in Sunlight

In extreme cases, some crystals can get extremely hot or even ignite with too much sunlight. Because of its calcium fluoride content, Fluroite can only handle a maximum of 15 minutes of sunlight; it will get very hot, very quickly.

Spirit Quartz will fade in color and become brittle in sunlight, but its clusters can actually catch on fire with too much exposure!

How Can I Cleanse Crystals That Can’t Be Left in the Sun?

You have a wide variety of crystal cleansing options—including soil, herbs, and Reiki—but if you are looking to replace the Sun’s energy, there are two methods that hold some similarities.

If you want to channel the Sun’s celestial vibrations and the purifying power of light into a non-Sun safe crystal, simply swap sunlight for moonlight.

To access the Sun’s vitality, creativity, and fire energy, go straight to the element itself: fire. Light a candle, incense, or a cleansing stick, and pass the crystal over the flame. (But be careful not to accidentally burn yourself!)

Crystal use is all about working with the natural energies around us, and knowing which crystals are safe to use with the Sun—and which are not—is a vital part of that process. Now you have the knowledge you need to take better care of your crystals and keep them with you for longer!

Shimmer Shades of Goldstone

There’s something special about Goldstone. While it can come in a wide range of colors, from its signature reddish brown to blues, purples, and even greens, the irresistable shimmer of Goldstone’s inclusions set it apart. This month, we’re taking a deep dive into this unique crystal and how it resonates with August’s energy.

Goldstone is a synthetic crystal made of glass. While your gut instinct may be to view a man-made stone with a little bit of suspicion, don’t worry! Goldstone is created in a lab, but it is formed with organic materials in a way that mimics how crystals are naturally formed.

To make Goldstone, molten rocks are warmed and oxidized copper (or in some cases, manganese) is added to the melted rock. Then, the mixture is cooled slowly, giving the ions enough time to develop into octahedrons—the shimmery inclusions for which Goldstone is so renowned!

Goldstone is sometimes called the “stone and ambition,” and, first and foremost, it is a source of abundance and success. Goldstone is the perfect tool to assist you in your career, boosting your energy and confidence so that you can achieve your goals.

For our ancient ancestors, whose lives revolved around the Earth’s cycles, August was the first harvest. Saxon traditions recognized early August with “Lammas” (literally, loaf mass), a festival celebrated by baking bread with the newly harvested wheat, and further north, the Celts held a similar harvest festival in early August to honor the sun god, Lugh, known as “Lughandash” (pronounced LOO-nah-sah). It was the time when our ancestors could truly enjoy the fruits of their labor and start building up their winter food stores.

As a stone of abundance, Goldstone resonates with August’s energy perfectly. Whatever you have been working toward, Goldstone will help you harvest it. If you still need some motivation to achieve your goals, Goldstone is with the positivity and drive to get you through.

Goldstone encourages you to release anything that is keeping you from achieving your dreams, like stress, anxiety, toxic relationships, or negative self-talk. It calls you to focus on what you can do, not what you can’t. Goldstone promotes positivity by helping you accept and move on from negativity, which in turn places you on the path to success.

This month, let Goldstone’s attractive energies show you the way to a future as bright as its shimmering inclusions!