​My Dream Crystals – February 2021 Edition

​My Dream Crystals – February 2021 Edition

Posted by Heather McConnell on 11th Feb 2021

The Power of Heart-Shaped Stones

Especially around Valentine’s Day, hearts are everywhere. But what does this anatomically incorrect symbol mean when it comes to crystals?

First and foremost, heart-shaped crystals are conduits of divine love. They connect you with your deities and universal energies. This link activates your sense of compassion, allowing you to work toward the highest good for all. Crystal hearts brings out your kindest self. This nurturing energy isn’t reserved just for others, however. Heart-shaped crystals help you turn this compassion inward, fostering a profound sense of self-love.

On a physical level, the heart is a vital organ; it keeps your body going. Heart-shaped crystals channel this creative energy. They give you the extra boost you need to achieve your goals. Crystal hearts also provide inspiration, drawing out your artistic side and the ingenuity to solve any problems you might face.

Finally, heart-shaped crystals symbolize relationships. Use them to attract a supportive, trustworthy partner in romance, friendship, or business. If you are already in a relationship, crystal hearts strengthen your bond. They encourage loving communication, spiritual connection, and emotional support. When it is time for romance, they also use their creative energy to promote passion.

No matter how you want to express love this Valentine’s Day, My Dream Crystals’ Heart Mystery Boxes have got you covered. Each box contains a variety of heart-shaped crystals. It is just as surprising and exciting as falling in love!

A Pallete of Pink Crystals

As Lily Pulitzer observed, “Anything is possible with sunshine and a little pink.” From Eloise to Elle Woods, this bright, feminine hue has an undeniable charm. Let’s discover how you can use pink crystals to welcome this gorgeous color’s energy into your life.


This gentle stone promotes inner peace. It emits soothing vibrations, allowing you to release your fears, particularly anxiety about the future and your life path. Kunzite helps you find joy in the present. This crystal also connects your Heart and Throat Chakras so that you can express yourself in the most loving way.


Morganite’s nurturing energy promotes strong interpersonal relationships. It supports both romantic and platonic bonds, forging lifelong friendships as well as thriving communities. This crystal will help you work through past trauma, relieving stress and soothing your entire aura. Morganite also reveals your passions; it will place you on your true life path and provide extra creativity to ensure your success.

Pink Calcite

This crystal is extremely introspective. Pink Calcite imbues you with joy and peace so that you can cultivate self-love. It promotes emotional healing by teaching you the power of forgiveness, both of yourself and others. Once you do this internal work, you become the best version of yourself.

Pink Opal

Made up of water, Pink Opal carries this element’s nurturing energy. It cleanses your heart, freeing you from both present and past negativity. Pink Opal is a stone of hope, supporting you through your darkest hours.

Pink Tourmaline

Pink Tourmaline opens you up to new possibilities. This crystal cultivates the self-love you need to shine. It builds trust in yourself, the universe, and others so that you can pursue enriching opportunities, both professionally and personally


This crystal’s name means “rose-colored,” and it symbolizes everything this flower stands for: love and growth. Rhodochrosite attracts supportive partners in love, business, and friendship. It also encourages empathy and is an excellent stone for caregivers. This stone embodies the divine feminine, channeling compassion, confidence, and balance.


Rhodonite is a crystal of acceptance. It promotes clarity and balance. This stone also expands your spiritual awareness, allowing you to view the world in a whole new light. With this perspective, you will find it easier to cultivate both self-love and romantic love.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is the ultimate love crystal. It encompasses all forms of love—romance, friendship, compassion, and self-love—and can be used in manifestation. When you work with Rose Quartz, you will experience a profound sense of peace and happiness. It also carries a strong constructive energy to support creativity and artistic endeavors.

Use these crystals and see how your life changes when you think pink!

10 Fascinating Facts about Opals

You may think you already know Opal. This beautiful, versatile crystal is extremely popular for collecting, healing, and jewelry; however, just like Opal reveals a whole new side of itself in the light, this stone has a few secrets. Let’s explore some of our favorite little-known facts about this amazing crystal:

  • 1.Medieval healers believed that Opal could improve your vision, both in a physical and spiritual sense.
  • 2.The term “opalescent,” which Merriam Webster Dictionary defines as “reflecting an iridescent light,” is named for Opal’s unique physical qualities.
  • 3.Opal stones are made up of between 3 and 21% water. Because of their elemental makeup, Opals carry water’s revitalizing, nourishing energy.
  • 4.Feel exhausted and out of whack? Are any of your Chakras blocked? Use Yellow Opal! Its golden energy is an amazing cleanser.
  • 5.Pink Opal’s nurturing vibrations make it a great stone for emotional support. It is very helpful for working through grief and loss.
  • 6.To reach your career goals, you need Black Opal! This crystal gives you the confidence and drive to chase your dreams.
  • 7.Echoing the lush hues of nature, Green Opal is perfect for developing a constructive mindset. Use this crystal to open your heart and banish negative self-talk.
  • 8.Black Opal connects your Root and Crown Chakras, creating a perfect balance between your physical and spiritual selves.
  • 9.Because of its nurturing energy, Opal is a traditional gift for mothers. Give Pink or Green Opal at baby showers and on Mother’s Day.
  • 10.Native American mythology associates Opals with creator goddesses. Pink Opal is sacred to the Incan Earth Mother, Pachamama, and the Mayans honored two goddesses, Chirakan-Ixmucane and Ixchel, with Opal.

Explore our full collection of Opals and see your life in a whole new light!

Azurite for Our Aquarian Friends

This beautiful blue crystal has a long history of spirituality. Mayans revered Azurite as a conduit of divine wisdom, and, in other parts of the Americas, many different cultures used this stone to facilitate communication with deities and spirit guides.

Azurite embodies fresh possibilities. It cultivates open-mindedness and self-awareness. When you work with this crystal, you see everything in the clearest light possible, from yourself to your friends and family to your job and beyond. With this new outlook, you can finally be open to every opportunity. Azurite lets you say “yes” to life! If you ever feel afraid or anxious, rub a piece of Azurite. It acts as a worry stone and will reorient you to the reality of your situation.

Azurite resonates very strongly with the Aquarius zodiac sign. For Aquarians, this crystal’s most important quality is its connection to the Throat Chakra. Azurite boosts Aquarius’ innate sociability, allowing them to communicate clearly with everyone. It also uses the Crown Chakra to satisfy the Aquarian thirst for knowledge.

Interested in learning more about Azurite? Check out our full collection and detailed description!