My Dream Crystals - July 2022 Edition

My Dream Crystals - July 2022 Edition

Posted by Heather McConnell on 1st Jul 2022

Shungite Water: How to Make It

Did you know that there is a natural crystal alternative to water filters, allowing you to purify your water while also imbuing it with powerful energy?

Shungite is an amazing crystal that contains almost all of the minerals in the periodic table. In addition to being a great source of grounding and spiritual purification, Shungite is also a natural water filter!

Let’s explore this fascinating, unique stone and learn how to make your own Shungite water.

What is Shungite?

Shungite is a non-crystalline mineral that has a high carbon content while also containing dozens of other minerals. Shungite is typically divided into two categories, depending on how much carbon is present: Elite Shungite and Black Shungite.

Elite Shungite, sometimes called Noble Shungite, is 80% carbon, and it has a shiny, silvery color. Elite Shungite is very rare and usually carries a high price tag.

Black Shungite accounts for most of the Shungite on the market. It is 30% carbon and has a matte black color, although it may be polished to bring out a shine.

Both forms of Shungite carry the same properties, but Elite Shungite works much more quickly because of its higher carbon content. Shungite is a stabilizing stone that channels the Earth’s ancient wisdom to help you feel safe and secure. It is also a great source of protection, fighting against negative energy and electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs).

What is Shungite Water?

There are many large Shungite deposits in Russia, and this crystal has been used as a commercial water purifier since the 1990s.

How does Shungite filter water? The answer is fullerenes. These hollow molecular carbon cages are unique to Shungite, and they attract and neutralize waterborne contaminants.

In addition to being a natural purification system, research has indicated that Shungite has direct physical benefits. Shungite water is widely recognized as an antioxidant, and it has also been shown to decrease histamine levels in the bloodstream, which in turn decreases allergy symptoms.

How to Make Shungite Water

Making your own Shungite water is easy! Simply add a Shungite stone to a ½ gallon of water and wait. The length of time will depend on which type of Shungite you use.

  • Leave Elite Shungite in the water for 30 minutes
  • Leave Black Shungite in the water for 3 days

Then, remove the Shungite, and your water is ready to drink. This powerful combination of crystal water and scientifically proven health effects is sure to make a splash!

Are You A Natural Crystal Practitioner?

Crystals are for everyone and anyone, but for some of us, crystals have been with us for our entire lives. If you have childhood memories of searching for rocks in the river or being drawn to geodes, you might be a natural crystal practitioner.

Natural crystal practitioners have a finely-tuned, innate sense for crystals. Without doing much (or any) research, these people are able to find and effectively use the exact stone they need in that moment. Here are a few signs that you might be a natural crystal practitioner:

You have always had a natural affinity for stones and crystals.

Did you spend your childhood combing the backyard for interesting rocks? Or maybe all you wanted for your birthday was one of those stone tumbling toys?

For natural crystal practitioners, an attraction to crystals is exactly that: natural. It’s something that has been with them since childhood and has only gotten stronger with time. If you were always coming home with pockets full of cool rocks when you were a kid, you may be a natural crystal practitioner.

When you enter a crystal shop, you often feel stones calling out to you.

Part of this innate affinity for crystals is an ease in connecting with them. Natural crystal practitioners will often notice that specific stones call out to them, and they can start building a relationship with a crystal almost instantaneously.

You intuitively know which crystals to use.

In addition to intuitively choosing crystals, natural crystal practitioners often know when and how to use their crystals without doing any research. They always reach for the right stone, sometimes without even making a conscious decision.

For example, a natural crystal practitioner will intuitively reach for Lepidolite when they’re down in the dumps or Carnelian when they need some creative energy.

Are you a natural crystal practitioner?

Maybe these situations resonate with you. Maybe they don’t. Either way, crystals are here to help!

Whether you are a natural crystal practitioner or not, connecting with crystals is a skill that you develop over time. For more information, check out our article, How to Connect with a Crystal.

The Lowdown on Sending Your Energy Up

Crystals have a lot of amazing uses, from calming anxious thoughts to nurturing positive relationships to healing the planet. Many people are drawn to crystals because of their high vibrational energy, which connects them to their spirituality.

But what does that really mean? We all know that crystals are spiritual tools, and we may already know that certain crystals resonate more strongly with the ethereal realm. But how do we send our energy up to access this profoundly loving energy, and how do we connect with our higher selves?

What is the Higher Self?

Your higher self is the best, most enlightened version of your consciousness. Your higher self is inspired by the divine and accessed through prayer and meditation. To connect with your higher self, your Third Eye and Crown Chakras need to be activated. The Third Eye acts as the psychic door to the wisdom contained in your Crown. When you unlock your higher self, you are able to lead a life informed by divine love rather than earthly wants.

Your higher self shines through whenever you act selflessly or whenever you are filled with inspiration or wonder. Your higher self is the driving force that helps you explore the universe’s largest philosophical questions and draws you closer to divine energy and wisdom. Whenever you notice signs, patterns, or angel numbers, that’s your higher self reaching out to you.

Your view of your higher self may shift depending on your personal spiritual beliefs. For some people, the higher self is synonymous with the immortal soul, whereas for others, the higher self is the essence of the universe’s creative energy.

No matter how you personally experience it, when you connect with your higher self, you access and express the highest, best, and most loving spiritual energies in the earthly realm.

What Crystals Can I Use To Connect with My Higher Self?

Since your higher self is connected to the Third and Crown, crystals that resonate with these Chakras are great choices. You are looking for a spiritual stone that facilitates divine communication, such as Amethyst, Angelite, Celestite, Lapis Lazuli, or Selenite.

If you’ve never worked with your highest self in a formal way, use Apophyllite, Iolite, or Purple Fluorite to open your Third Eye and Clear Quartz to activate your Crown Chakra. Sodalite and Labradorite will help you channel the new knowledge that you are receiving.

There are a few crystal shapes that are particularly effective for sending your energy up and accessing your higher self. Points are powerful tools for directing energy, and you can utilize their focused, powerful vibrations to connect with your higher self. Similarly, pyramids use their points to exchange energy between the divine and earthly realms.

How Can I Send My Energy Up and Connect with My Higher Self?

While you can make spiritual discoveries at any time, meditation is the best way to nurture your relationship with your highest self. Try this simple, customizable practice:

  • 1.Find a quiet place where you will be undisturbed for the meditation period.
  • 2.Gather your crystal(s). You may want to create a meditation altar or crystal grid with multiple stones, or you may just want one to serve as a beacon.
  • 3.Close your eyes and take 3 deep, cleansing breaths.
  • 4.Clear your mind. If you struggle with “not thinking of anything,” replace this idea with mindfulness. Take careful note of your surroundings and the crystals you’ve chosen. Focus on your observations of the now, and all other thoughts will dissipate.
  • 5.Once you have achieved a calm, clear mindset, close your eyes again and speak to your higher self. You can ask questions or try a mantra such as, “I am one with the divine.” If you work with any angels, spirit guides, or deities, you may wish to invite them to communicate with you. You can speak out loud or in your head; just do whatever feels right.
  • 6.Now that you have sent your energy up, wait and listen. See what divine messages you receive.
  • 7.Stay in this meditative space as long as you like. When you are ready to close the practice, thank your higher self and any spirit guides that you called on, and slowly open your eyes.
  • 8.You may want to journal about your experiences and any messages you received.

Sending your energy up and accessing your higher self is a powerful practice, but it is just that—a practice. If you find it difficult at first, just keep trying. Follow your intuition, and, over time, you will experience the benefits of connecting with the spiritual realm.

Five Places to Use Crystals in Your Home

You already store your crystals at home. Why not place them in thoughtful places to raise your space’s frequency and add visual interest to your décor? Here are our favorite crystals for specific places in your home!

Front Door

Your front door is the perfect opportunity to make sure that only positive energy enters your personal space. You can leave a crystal on the console table or even hang it on your door.

Whether you’ve had a rough day or your friend has unconsciously picked up some toxicity from a coworker, you want to energetically cleanse anyone who enters your home.

Black Tourmaline is our number one front door crystal. Black Tourmaline is like a psychic power washer, cleansing the aura of all negativity.

Living Room

Your living room is where you relax, and it is also a gathering place for your family and friends. Choose crystals that promote calm and harmony and place them in a prominent, central area, such as the coffee table, so that they can raise the entire room’s vibrations.

One of our favorite living room crystals is Amazonite. This soothing blue stone puts you at ease immediately, promoting emotional wellness through uplifting, calming vibrations. It also encourages honest, loving communication to deepen family bonds.

Take this radically loving energy to the next level with Pink Calcite. Sometimes called Mangano Calcite, this crystal works on a deep emotional level to ensure harmony and happiness. Pink Calcite also helps you set and maintain boundaries between your work and home lives, as well as with the people you might invite into your living room.


Your bedroom is the most private, personal space in your home, and it requires crystals that are as unique as you! Leave crystals under your pillow or on your bedside table to get their nurturing effects all night long.

If you struggle with insomnia, reach for Amethyst. This spiritual stone calms you into a restful sleep, and it also deepens your connection to the ethereal realm, helping you understand dreams and communicate with your spirit guides.

Because your bedroom is so personal, Rose Quartz also makes a great addition. This crystal encourages profound self-love and reduces stress so that you can approach everyone and everything in your life with divinely inspired compassion. If you have a romantic partner, Rose Quartz will also strengthen your relationship.

Selenite resonates strongly with lunar energy, making it a no-brainer for the bedroom. Selenite’s soothing vibrations gently cleanse you of all of the day’s worries and stressors, and it helps you wake up the next morning rejuvenated and ready to go. If you are struggling with a problem, “sleep on it” with Selenite, and the crystal will impart some clarity.

Home Office

With more of us working from home than ever, we have created our own home offices. Whether you are making do with the kitchen table or have the luxury of a dedicated room, placing a crystal in your workspace will boost productivity.

Citrine’s infinite positivity infuses your work with abundant energy. This crystal is sometimes called the Merchant’s Stone, and it is a great tool for supercharging your business and attracting wealth. When work gets difficult, Citrine helps you find the joy in what you do.

Tiger’s Eye is a stone of motivation and logic. It helps you set clear, achievable goals and keeps you on track throughout the entire journey. Tiger’s Eye also helps you quickly and effectively solve work problems.

Struggling to stay focused? Try Fluorite. This crystal promotes concentration while also helping you open your mind to new perspectives and innovative solutions. Fluorite is a must-have if you don’t have a dedicated work space and experience distractions from family members or roommates.


The kitchen is the heart of your home. Whether you love cooking or find it a chore, crystals can connect with food’s role as nourishment and energy. Place crystals near certain ingredients to charge them, or simply leave a crystal on your counter to radiate nurturing energy throughout the space.

Red Calcite imbues your kitchen with a warm, welcoming energy. This crystal invites your family to gather around a meal and make memories.

If you are not the best chef, Carnelian can be a great ally. This crystal boosts confidence and creativity so that you can enjoy creating a dish.

A well-placed crystal can make uplift your home’s entire energy! What are your favorite crystals to use in your home? Comment below or tag us @mydreamcrystals on Instagram.

How to Connect with a Crystal

You’ve just bought a new crystal. Congratulations! It’s always exciting to get to know a new crystal, but, just like making new friends, it can also be scary and confusing.

Your relationship with your crystal will build naturally over time, but kickstarting that connection can help you and your crystal get to work more quickly and effectively!

We’ve created this simple practice to help you connect with your crystals from day one:

Step One: Cleanse Your Crystal

Before you start the connection process, you will want to clear and cleanse your crystal. This step ensures that the stone is free from any energies it picked up on its journey to you, and it also ensures that the crystal’s vibrations are as high as possible.

There are a variety of clearing methods that you can use, from Reiki to sunlight. You can use any cleansing technique that resonates with you. If you already know some information about your chosen crystal, you may want to use a clearing technique that is particularly effective for that specific stone, such as soil for Earth stones like Shungite or Petrified Wood or moonlight for lunar crystals like Moonstone and Selenite.

You may also want to take a few minutes to cleanse yourself, too. Take a few deep breaths so that you feel calm, centered, and ready to explore. If you’ve done some research into your crystal already, that’s great, but try to keep an open mind. Every crystal is unique, and while certain stones share specific properties, they all work in slightly different ways.

Step Two: Look at Your Crystal

Begin your journey by simply looking at your crystal. You can hold it in your hand if you’d like, but isolating your sense of sight can make this step even more effective.

Be curious and just notice things about the crystal. You may even want to record your observations in a notebook.

Ask yourself some of the follow questions: What color is it? Is it one solid shade, or does it have gradients or special effects like iridescence? What shape is it? Are there any unique visual irregularities? What do you find most intriguing about its appearance?

Step Three: Hold Your Crystal

Once you have taken in your crystal visually, reach out and hold it. Start by simply noticing how it feels in your hands. Is it smooth and tumbled? Is it rough and raw? Does it feel hot or cold?

Then, extend your awareness. Do you feel any energy coming off the crystal? You may notice a slight tingling or a change of temperature. Does holding the crystal inspire any particular emotions?

You may also want to try holding your crystal over different parts of your body. How does it affect your Third Eye? How about your Solar Plexus?

Step Four: Talk To Your Crystal

It may feel silly at first, but communication is key to any relationship! You can speak aloud to your crystal, keep the conversation in your head, or even use tarot, pendulums, or another divination tool.

Some questions you might want to ask are: What lessons do you have to teach me? How are we going to work together?

Be sure to give time after asking these questions for the crystal to answer. Communication isn’t just about talking; it’s about listening, too.

The most important part of connecting with your crystal is keeping an open mind. Let these steps help you discover your crystal’s unique personality and powers!