My Dream Crystals - March 2023 Edition

My Dream Crystals - March 2023 Edition

Posted by Heather McConnell on 27th Feb 2023

Sweet Dreams: Crystals for Dream Work

Sleep is beautiful. It’s how we recharge our systems, heal our bodies, and access the subconscious. However, it can also be a minefield. If you find it difficult to fall asleep at the end of the day, or if you have bizarre, confusing dreams or even nightmares, you might approach sleep with trepidation.

Crystals can help you get a more restful sleep, and they can also give you more control over your dreams—helping you remember, interpret, and even act in them!

Let’s get ready for some truly sweet dreams!

Insomnia Crystals

If you struggle with winding down and calming your turbulent thoughts, a bedtime routine is important. You can customize your routine however you’d like, but when you do the same things before bed every day, your brain starts to recognize it as a signal that it’s time to sleep.

Bedtime routines often include turning off screens, moisturizing, and reading. We recommend adding a crystal meditation! Take a few minutes to hold a restful sleep crystal, take deep breaths, and focus on how the crystal feels in your hand. You may even want to place the crystal over your Third Eye or Crown Chakras to soothe an overactive mind.

Our favorite insomnia crystals include:

  • Howlite to calm your mind
  • Opalite to banish negative thoughts and nightmares
  • Shungite to promote balance and peace

When you finish your nighttime crystal meditation, you can leave the stone on your nightstand or under your pillow to help you fall asleep more easily and stay asleep throughout the night.

Dream Recall Crystals

Have you ever had a crazy dream—the kind that is packed full of strange symbols and leaves you feeling a little unsettled—but you forget it when you wake up?

Dreams are tools our subconscious uses to work through difficult problems, and being able to remember your dreams can help your conscious self find the best solutions.

To boost your dream recall, you will want to keep a dream recall crystal like Hematite, Fluorite, Rose Quartz, Jasper, or Amber on your bedside table next to a dream journal. As soon as you wake up from a dream, write down everything you remember. You don’t need to try to make sense of it yet; just get as many details as possible down before you forget them. Then, you can go back to sleep and not worry about understanding the dream’s imagery.

Dream Interpretation Crystals

After you wake up, you can review the notes you made in your dream journal to try to understand what the dream is trying to tell you. Connect with your intuition and spirit guides to unravel the symbolism. Some things might be obvious, but others may be more obscure. If you need help, you can meditate with a crystal or use a crystal to assist with some clarifying divination, like tarot or pendulums.

Our favorite dream interpretation crystals include:

  • Amethyst to open your Third Eye
  • Angelite to receive divine wisdom
  • Moqui Marbles to communicate with your spirit guides
  • Lapis Lazuli to expand your consciousness

Lucid Dreaming

If you want to take your sleep to the next level, you can practice lucid dreaming. Instead of passively experiencing a dream, lucid dreaming allows you to take action. It gives you control on the astral plane so that you can work out problems more directly and expand your consciousness.

For lucid dreaming, you want some truly exceptional, high-frequency crystals like K2 and Auralite 23. Moonstone, Celestite, Selenite, and Sodalite have also been shown to help with lucid dreaming.

Lucid dreaming is a skill, so you will have to practice it. We recommend working with a lucid dreaming crystal every evening. Meditate with the stone before bed, and then place it under your pillow.

With these crystals, you sleep can be restful, rejuvenating, and even enlightening!

New Season, New Start

The temperatures are getting warmer, and you can see a few brave flowers bursting out of the ground. Spring will officially begin at the Spring Equinox on March 20th, and as the Earth wakes up to start its new seasonal cycle, it’s the perfect time to set new intentions for yourself.

Whether you are looking for a completely fresh start or simply refining your approach to your goals, this simple ritual can help you cleanse yourself of any negativity and move forward into a new, prosperous season. Think of it as metaphysical spring cleaning!

You can do this ritual at any time that is convenient for you, but there is something particularly powerful about doing it at a liminal time of day, like dawn or dusk, because of their inherent transitional energy.

For this ritual, you will only need two things:

  • A bowl of water
  • A Spring Equinox crystal (keep reading for our recommendations!)

Once you have gathered your materials, charge your water with your chosen crystal. If the crystal is water safe, you can place it directly into the bowl. If it isn’t, put the crystal next to the water, and it will still charge the water indirectly.

While your crystal water is charging, close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Focus on your intention for the ritual, and form it into a simple, direct affirmation. Some examples include:

  • “I love myself.”
  • “I spread positivity wherever I go.”
  • “I manage my time wisely.”

When you feel secure in your intention and fully focused, dip your hands into the crystal water and splash your face, saying, “I cleanse myself of everything holding me back.” Then, state your intention loudly and proudly.

If you’d like, you can repeat this exercise three times. Three is a particularly powerful number, on both a practical and spiritual level, and the repetition will further clarify your intention.

When you are finished, you can end the ritual by thanking the crystal for its help.

The exact crystal you choose for this ritual will depend on your specific intention and guidance from your intuition, but some of our favorite spring crystals include:

  • Petrified Wood to connect with Ancient Earth energy
  • Aquamarine for courage and perseverance
  • Citrine for positivity
  • Jade for luck
  • Serpentine for a fresh perspective

Once this ritual is complete, you will see how, with a little reflection and some spring cleaning, anything is possible this season!

Happy International Women’s Day

Did you know that March 8th is International Women’s Day?

Started by striking workers in the New York City in 1908, International Women’s Day has grown to an internationally recognized holiday. The 2023 campaign is #EmbraceEquity, which focuses on making sure everyone feels included and seen.

International Women’s Day celebrates and empowers women, while also reflecting on the work that still has to be done in the realms of gender equity. It’s a great day to spend with the women you love and also to connect with the divine feminine energy within each of us.

This International Women’s Day, the team at My Dream Crystals is using crystals to discover what we can learn from connecting with the divine feminine.

What is the Divine Feminine?

The divine feminine is a term used to describe a specific type of energy that is nurturing, intuitive, compassionate, and creative. Think of yin and yang—the divine feminine is yin, and the divine masculine is the yang.

The divine feminine is often associated with the moon and bodies of the water like the ocean, as well as with the concept of Mother Earth or Mother Nature. Across religious and spiritual practices, various figures have been considered the embodiment of the divine feminine, including Isis, the Virgin Mary, and Oshun.

The magic of the divine feminine lies less in action and more in reflection, stillness, and self-care. It is all about embracing ourselves as we are and approaching everyone and everything from the most compassionate lens possible. Listen to your inner voice and follow where it leads. The divine feminine is the path to inspiration and intuition!

Our fast-paced modern world values the action and ambition of the divine masculine. And that’s an important thing! But remember, like yin and yang, the divine masculine and the divine feminine have to be in balance. A lot of society over-prioritizes the #grindset at the expense of the important work of stillness. The divine feminine reminds us that, like the moon, life has cycles of waxing and waning, action and rest. It’s that time of rest that empowers you to act, and that is how you attract true, lasting abundance.

That’s why all of us, regardless of gender, could all benefit from taking the time to connect with the divine feminine. You can draw out the divine feminine within you by:

  • Getting in tune with your emotions through journaling and other self-reflective activities
  • Practicing self-love
  • Meditating
  • Relaxing and being “in the moment”
  • Creating art
  • Spending time with loved ones
  • Supporting others
  • Nurturing your spiritual practices

Crystals are an important tool for awakening the divine feminine within, especially if you are new to this type of work.

Our Favorite Divine Feminine Crystals

Moonstone is the most traditional divine feminine crystal. It is strongly connected to lunar cycles and carries the nurturing, prosperous, reflective, and creative energies that are closely associated with the divine feminine.

However, there are plenty of great options to help you connect with the specific elements of the divine feminine that you might be missing in your life:

  • Amazonite for empowerment
  • Rhodochrosite for compassion
  • Rose Quartz for self-love
  • Iolite for artistic expression
  • Selenite for divine inspiration
  • Fairy Stone to connect with nature
  • Garnet for strong relationships
  • Red Jasper for nurturing yourself and others
  • Pink Opal for peace

This month, make time for rest, gentleness, and quiet. Listen to the voice of the divine feminine within you this spring, and you will enjoy abundant harvests in the summer and fall! 

Pyrite: A Pot of Gold

If you’re hoping to find a treasure this St. Patrick’s Day, you don’t have to chase a leprechaun to the end of the rainbow! Just get some Pyrite instead. This crystal will help you cultivate your most abundant life—no mythological creatures necessary!

Even if you’re new to crystals, you may already be familiar with Pyrite. Because it shines with a golden luster, Pyrite is sometimes referred to as “Fool’s Gold.” While this sulfide mineral might not be gold, it’s power as a manifestation tool makes it just as valuable.

Pyrite attracts abundance based on profound Earth energy. It grounds you in your power and removes confusion. With Pyrite, you have the strength and energy to chase your dreams, as well as the focus and willpower to follow through. Pyrite activates your Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakras to encourages calculated risks, innovative thinking, and bold action. With this mindset, nothing can stop you!

While you’re out chasing your dreams, you don’t have to worry. Pyrite also emits strong protective vibrations, stemming from its connection to the Earth. It shields your aura, and the physical security that Pyrite gives you will also help you feel more at peace emotionally. Pyrite deflects toxic energy, especially jealousy, and keeps you aware of any potential pitfalls on the road to success.

Pyrite infuses any space with positivity. It can raise an entire room’s frequency. Try placing a Pyrite stone on your desk to encourage productive, high-quality work, or you can even boost your entire household or office’s energy by leaving Pyrite in a communal area. Pyrite will also protect you from burnout and overwork, encouraging you to budget your time and energy.

There’s nothing foolish about Pyrite. Try it yourself this month and see what happens!

Connect with the Elements: The Significance of the 5 Elements

As the planet wakes up from her winter’s sleep, I always feel more connected with nature. I keep an eye out for every budding flower, every gentle breeze, and every extra minute of daylight.

Nature is all around us, and it affects us every day. As a crystal collector, you are already attuned to one element—earth—whether you realize it or not. after all, crystals are a part of the earth.

We need every element to survive. Connecting with the elements increases your connection with the natural world around you, which makes it easier to manage your emotions and achieve your goals.

Feeling sluggish? You might need some fire energy. Trying to make a difficult decision? Appeal to the air. And crystals can help you every step of the way.

What are the Elements?

If you’ve ever watched Avatar: The Last Airbender or Frozen 2, you may already be familiar with four elements: earth, fire, water, and air. These elements are easily seen throughout our natural world.

However, Ancient Greek philosophy proposes a fifth element: spirit (also known as ether or aether). Unlike the other four, this element cannot be directly observed. It refers to the mystical and the spiritual—everything that you can sense but can’t see. Spirit is our gateway to the divine.

If you’ve been in metaphysical spaces, you may have seen the Neo-Pagan/Wiccan symbol of the pentagram. It’s a five-pointed star within a circle, and each point represents an element.

The top point represents spirit, which some metaphysical practices believe is the most important element because it connects us to the divine. Then, going clockwise, the other points represent water, fire, earth, and air.

Let’s explore each element, what it represents, and how you can work with it in your daily life.


Earth represents our planet’s nurturing energy. It is an element of stability and practicality. Earth reminds you to slow down and focus on your needs. Like a parent, earth encourages you to truly take care of yourself, even when it’s not fun. Sometimes self-care is cupcakes and bubble baths, but sometimes it’s making a budget and getting to bed early.

Because of this practical energy, earth is heavily associated with finances and abundance. It is the element to work with when you are looking to encourage prosperity and make real, lasting changes to how you live your life.

Just like our planet has seasons, earth also reminds you that everything is cyclical. Life is full of ups and downs, summers and winters. As such, earth is an element both of endings and new beginnings.

When you’re looking to connect with the earth, go outside! Talk a walk and really observe the world around you. Marvel at nature’s beauty and also pay attention to how it changes with the seasons. You can collect stones or crystals on your walks, or you can get a houseplant or even start a small garden. You can also honor earth by making lifestyle changes that promote sustainability, like using metal straws or reusable grocery bags.

Boost all of these activities by wearing or meditating with earth crystals. Petrified Wood, Stromatolite, Jet, Palm Root, and Amber are all fossils that carry ancient earth energy, so they make a great addition to any earth practice.

If you need to tap into the balance and grounding of properties of earth, reach for Hematite or Jasper.

To key into earth’s abundance energy, try earth crystals with manifestation properties, like Emerald or Jade.

Fairy Stone and Moss Agate can help you discover all of the beauty in nature and even connect you with nature spirits!


Did you know that the human body is 70% water? In some ways, we are closer to this element than we even are to earth, and it has a major effect on us. Life on earth began in the waters, and it continues to affect us.

Water represents the emotions. When we feel strong emotion, we cry. Water rules our hearts and our interpersonal relationships. It carries a strong connection to the divine feminine, promoting compassion, insight, and community.

When we are in tune with water, we are in a state of peace and harmony. We can go with the water’s flow, remaining calm and adapting to any situation. We can also follow water during periods of transition, gently travelling with the current from the stream to the river to the ocean.

Water is a powerful cleanser as well. You may not think of your shower as a magical purification ritual, but don’t you always feel refreshed in both body and mind afterward?

You can connect with the element of water without even leaving your home. You can create special drinking water by making crystal water or fruit-infused water. You can also take a shower or bath, scry using a bowl of water, or just have a good, cleansing cry.

If you’re looking to go on an adventure, you can visit your local aquarium or seek out a stream, lake, or beach. You can even dance in the rain or collect morning dew for beauty or self-empowerment rituals.

Opal has a high water content, which makes it a great crystal for water work. Moonstone, because of its connection to the moon, water, and the divine feminine, is also a great way to learn how to “go with the flow.”

Turquoise carries water’s cleansing energy, and Blue Lace Agate channels water’s ability to soothe turbulent emotions. Aquamarine resonates strongly with water’s connection to fostering love and building strong relationships, with both your loved and your greater community.


Air literally surrounds us, and we require it to breathe, but it is difficult to observe. This intangibility ties air to other highly impactful yet impossible to see things: our thoughts, intellect, and philosophy.

Just like a breeze blowing through, air is all about movement and adaptability. It sparks curiosity, but it also encourages you to see things with clarity and make strong decisions. In making these choices, you will be free to take flight like a bird, soaring toward the next chapter of your life.

Air helps you own your power and move forward with courage and focus, even when you are confronted with complicated problems, conflicts, or setbacks.

In the traditional symbolism of the tarot, air is associated with the suit of swords. Swords symbolize action and mastery, and when they swing, you can hear the invisible air. It’s also through air that you can communicate with fairies, Devas, and other natural spirits.

Connecting with air can be as simple as doing some deep breathing exercises. You can also decorate with wind chimes so that you can be reminded of air whenever the wind blows through.

Head outside for some birdwatching, or simply lay down and watch the clouds roll by (which can also be a powerful form of divination known as aeromancy). Bonus points if you bring along an interesting book or podcast to connect to the intellectual side of air!

Clear Quartz helps you cut through to the truth of a situation, just like a sword swinging through the air. Fluorite and Blue Apatite appeal to air’s mental capabilities, with Fluorite helping you focus and make strong decisions and Blue Apatite expanding your love of learning.


Fire takes air’s decision-making and turns it into action. This element inspires creativity, strength, and energy in a way that can sometimes be overwhelming. Fire creates, but it can also destroy. However, even this negative can become a positive when you need to banish toxic energy from your life.

Fire encourages radical transformation. Change is scary, but no situation can improve without it. Fire reminds you that you have the strength to conquer any situation, if you are willing to approach it with energy, hard work, and innovation. Through fire, you can achieve mastery.

Fire also connects to passion. It shows you what really “lights your fire,” and therefore this element resonates strongly with the arts, creative expression, and ambition, as well as love. While fiery romantic love may immediately come to mind, fire also relates to the gentle warmth of the hearth and home—familial and friendly relationships that nurture you and make you your best self.

Fire carries a protective energy. Fire keeps us warm in the winter, and it illuminates the darkness of night. However, you have to approach fire with mindfulness, or you will get burned. In this way, fire also represents boundaries—the care you have to take when working with fire and the boundaries you set to keep toxic influences out of your life.

One of the most nourishing ways to connect with fire energy is by cooking—using fire’s heat to create something new and then sharing those nutrients with yourself and your loved ones. You can also light candles and incense or even attend a bonfire. If you need to set boundaries or release negativity, try a burning bowl ritual—writing down your troubled feelings and burning them in a fire-safe metal bowl or cauldron.

Use Bloodstoneor Tiger’s Eye to connect with fire’s boundless motivation, energy, and strength. Citrine and Carnelian draw out the creative properties of fire. Garnet and Ruby can help you tap into fire’s warmth and passion, as well protection.


Spirit is the most difficult element to grasp. As its other name, aether, suggests, it is ethereal. Spirit is felt, not seen. Through spirit, we can transcend the physical plane that the other elements make up and experience the mystical and the divine. Spirit represents everything supernatural.

Spirit is strongly connected with intuition, the divine realm, and spiritual and religious activities. It is the bridge between the body and the soul. As such, spirit is highly personal and will symbolize different things for different people, but it is most closely tied to enlightenment and universal love.

The best way to connect with spirit is through activities that engage your intuition and spirituality like meditation, divination, and prayer.

Crystals that engage your Third Eye and Crown Chakra like Amethyst provide excellent windows to the spirit, and Aura Quartz can help expand your consciousness to sense spirit.

Celestite and Angelite help you connect with spirit by facilitating communication with spirit guides and angels. Shamanistic crystals like Moqui Marbles or stones with divine connections like Shiva Lingam are also great options.

Now that you are familiar with the five elements, practice connecting with all of them, and then tap into each element’s specific energy when you need it most. As you continue your elemental work, you can access your highest, most authentic self and feel at one with the universe around you.