My Dream Crystals - March 2024 Edition

My Dream Crystals - March 2024 Edition

Posted by Heather McConnell on 29th Feb 2024

The Luck of the Irish: Lucky Crystals for St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner! Whether you are Irish or not, we could all use a little extra luck this spring, and our top 10 lucky crystals can help!

The Top 10 Lucky Crystals


Pyrite combines Earth and Fire elemental energy for manifestation, especially within the financial realm. It grounds you in your power while providing you with the motivation you need to achieve your goals. Pyrite also emits protective vibrations, which wards off harm, danger, and plain bad luck.


Jade is a crystal of holistic abundance. It works with your Heart Chakra to help you discover your life path and reach your highest potential, pushing past your wants to discover your true needs. With this mindset, you are able to effortlessly attract the prosperity you deserve.


Citrine radiates infinite positivity. This crystal draws success to you while deflecting negativity. Citrine encourages creativity and communication, making it much easier for you to overcome any challenges that may arise.

Green Aventurine

Green Aventurine is a stone of opportunity. It encourages synchronicity, making it easier for you to be at the right place at the right time. Green Aventurine also promotes balance, calm, and compassion, allowing you to cultivate sustainable practices and support systems so that you are ready to seize your chance when it is presented to you.


Ruby’s fiery energy connects to your passions. It inspires you to chase your dreams, giving you the motivation and mindset to achieve your goals. Ruby amplifies your energies to attract whatever you need to nurture your heart, whether it be a romantic relationship or a rewarding career opportunity.


Malachite is highly transformative; it frees you from negative energies to unlock your best, most abundant life. Malachite invites luck by encouraging you to acknowledge your needs and release the things that are holding you back. With this mindset, anything is possible.


Sunstone carries all of its namesake’s radiant, positive energy, and it literally shines a light to guide you forward. Sunstone attracts good fortune by enhancing your independence, leadership skills, and confidence. It is a crystal of boundless optimism and creativity.

Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s Eye is an empowering crystal that works with your Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakras to motivate you to achieve your goals. It promotes clarity so that you can view any situation objectively and then gives you the willpower, strength, and courage to do what needs to be done.


Goldstone is sometimes called the “Stone of Ambition” because it gives you the energy and confidence to succeed in your career. Goldstone helps you reap the rewards of all of the hard work that you have put in by focusing on the things that you can control—not the things you can’t.

Green Garnet

Luck is all about being aligned with the universe, which makes Green Garnet the perfect ally. Green Garnet helps you see how you fit into the universal plan. It brings your passions and desires in harmony with the universe for quicker, more effective manifestation, while also keeping you open to new possibilities.

Just put one of these lucky crystals in your pocket, and you can find your own gold at the end of the rainbow!

Moss Agate: Our Number 1 March Crystal

March is a very special time of year. Winter is slowly giving way to spring, and we can feel and see the planet waking up from its long hibernation. March is all about renewal, inspiration, and connecting with the Earth—which makes it the perfect time to work with Moss Agate.

Moss Agate is a predominantly white or translucent crystal with beautiful, deep green dendrite inclusions. It literally looks like moss is growing on the stone, which gives Moss Agate its name.

Moss Agate resonates very strongly with the Earth. It has long been associated with gardening and agriculture, and many crystal users will bury a Moss Agate stone in soil to support plant growth. Moss Agate connects you with nature, strengthening your connection with plants and animals and giving you access to the fairy and devic realms.

Moss Agate symbolizes rebirth and renewal, making it the physical embodiment of spring’s energy. When you work with Moss Agate, you can harness the planet’s vibrations to craft a life as abundant and lush as the natural beauty around you.

Moss Agate’s attractive properties focus on manifesting holistic prosperity—not just an abundance of wealth, but also an abundance of enriching relationships, positive habits, and peace. This crystal encourages you to be grateful for what you have and discover what prosperity really means, rather than coveting more than you need.

Moss Agate links your Root and Heart Chakras to ground your feelings in your most basic needs. It channels Earth energy to remove energy blockages and balance your emotions. Moss Agate frees you from toxic cycles and helps you release everything that does not serve you, including stress, anxiety, grudges, and past trauma.

Since it is so connected to the planet, Moss Agate reminds you that everything in life ebbs and flows. Just like winter gives way to spring and night turns to day, even the darkest periods of your life will end and turn into something beautiful. Moss Agate also encourages you to distance yourself from “hustle culture” and embrace more intuitive, natural cycles of work and rest instead. This crystal attunes you to the universal plan, showing you that the highs and lows of your life ultimately align with the highest good.

Moss Agate isn’t just the perfect crystal for March or spring; it is the ideal stone for whenever you need a fresh start. See what beautiful things you can grow!

Find Your Inner Goddess

March 8th is International Women’s Day, and it’s a time for all of us to recognize the women in our lives. At My Dream Crystals, that means we are thinking a lot about goddess energy.

What is Goddess Energy and the Divine Feminine?

Goddess energy has become a popular colloquial term to describe the divine feminine. To understand the divine feminine and goddess energy, we need to engage with another concept: yin and yang.

Yin energy, often called feminine energy, refers to anything that is nurturing, intuitive, compassionate, and creative. Yang energy, also known as masculine energy, is energetic, confident, protective, and structured. When you start to look for these two energies in nature, you will notice them all around, like the Moon (yin) and the Sun (yang).

The universe is built on the balance between yin and yang energy. However, it’s important to note that while the terms feminine and masculine are used to describe these energies, all of us have both within us, regardless of our gender identities.

Throughout history, goddesses have embodied the divine feminine yin, and when we work with goddess energy, we access our intuitive and introspective skills to learn more about ourselves and the world around us. Goddess energy is all about listening to your inner voice!

As we explore different goddesses from around the world, you will discover different aspects of the divine feminine that you can bring into your own life. With the help of these legends and crystals, you can discover the goddess within.

Baba Yaga and Jet

For children in Eastern Europe, Baba Yaga is akin to a bogeyman: an eccentric old witch who lives in a house with chicken legs and will eat you if you are naughty! However, Baba Yaga represents justice and dedication. In Slavic mythology, she rewards people who work hard and use their wits—and punishes those who don’t! Jet is the perfect crystal to tap into Baba Yaga’s energy, encouraging you to persevere through hardship, draw on your wisdom and experience, and work hard to achieve your goals.

Brigid and Carnelian

Brigid is the Celtic goddess of creativity. She invented writing, and she watches over artists and craftspeople. Brigid also expands on this idea of creation to symbolize transformation, fertility, and healing. Carnelian is the physical embodiment of Brigid’s fiery energy. This crystal inspires you, and then it gives you the motivation to channel that inspiration into creation.

Cerridwen and Labradorite

The Welsh goddess Cerridwen tends a cauldron that contains all of the world’s wisdom, brewing magic tonics that provide her supplicants with inspiration, protection, and knowledge. Just like she uses her cauldron to transform disparate ingredients into a powerful potion, Cerridwen teaches us to look at things from an innovative perspective and accept change as necessary to achieving our dreams. Use magical, inspirational Labradorite to connect with Cerridwen’s lessons. With this crystal, you can take a creative approach to all of your goals.

Estsanatlehi and Turquoise

Estsanatlehi is an Apache and Navajo aspect of the Great Goddess alternately known as the Changing Woman or the Turquoise Woman—which explains her connection to the crystal Turquoise! Estsanatlehi represents the planet and all of its natural cycles, showcased by her own ability to regenerate. Whenever Estsanatlehi ages, she walks East until she meets her younger self; the two Estsanatlehis become one, and the goddess is young again. Turquoise embodies the planet’s profound wisdom and an acceptance of natural cycles.

Freya and Amber

Freya is a multi-faceted Norse goddess, combining love, beauty, war, and divination. According to legend, Amber crystals are actually Freya’s tears, shed upon the death of her husband, Odr. Amber calls upon the goddess’ strength, giving you the motivation, clarity, and wisdom to manifest your best, happiest life.

Hera and Malachite

The Greek Queen of the Gods, Hera is a fierce protector of women and marriage—sometimes with violent consequences. Malachite has long been considered sacred to this goddess. According to legend, the bands around Malachite represent the many eyes of Argus, a giant that Hera sent to prevent her husband, Zeus, from ever finding his mistress, Io, again. Work with Malachite to access Hera’s most protective energies. This crystal will empower you to pursue what you deserve and accept nothing less.

Ho Hsien Ku and Fuchsite

Ho Hsien Ku, also known as the Immortal Woman, is the Taoist goddess of health. According to legend, she was an ordinary woman who gained immortality and extraordinary vitality from eating mica in the mountains, eventually ascending to godhood. As a form of mica, Fuchsite carries Ho Hsien Ku’s revitalizing and nurturing energy. Fuchsite works from your Heart Chakra to ensure overall wellbeing and balance.

Isis and Lapis Lazuli

Isis is the most important goddess in Ancient Egyptian mythology, and she became so popular that her worship spread to Ancient Rome. Her role is multi-faceted, encompassing magic, wisdom, healing, and life itself. In one myth, Isis uses her powers to resurrect her husband, Osiris, from the dead, and for many, Isis is the embodiment of the divine feminine. Working with Lapis Lazuli gives you to access Isis’ divine wisdom and profound compassion.

Pachamama and Pink Opal

Pachamama is the Incan Earth Goddess, a primordial being from which all other elements in Incan folklore—the Earth, Water, Sun, and Moon—originated. The Pink Opal mined in the Andes Mountains are considered Pachamama’s gifts to the world. Just as Pachamama nurtures the planet and its people, Pink Opal channels nurturing energy to heal your heart and help you live your best, most abundant life.

Pele and Obsidian

Pele is the Hawaiian goddess of fire and volcanos. Also known as “She Who Shapes the Sacred Land,” Pele created the Hawaiian islands. Like the majestic volcanos she rules, Pele is a figure of awe, respect, and fear. She can create, but she can also destroy. Since Obsidian is created by volcanic activity, it is the perfect crystal to honor Pele, and its grounding vibrations helps you find the emotional balance that is at the center of Pele’s nature.

Selenite and Selene

Selene is the Ancient Greek goddess of the moon, and legend holds that each Selenite crystal actually contains a bit of the goddess’ essence. Selenite connects you with lunar energy, reminding you to slow down and reflect.

Vac and Purple Fluorite

Vac is the Hindu goddess of words. According to legend, she is the mother of the Vedas, the sacred texts that still inform modern approaches to yoga, meditation, and holistic healing. Purple Fluorite has long been considered sacred to Vac because this crystal promotes learning, focus, and calm.

Yemanya and Aquamarine

Yemanya, also known as Yemoja, is the Yoruba creator goddess whose worship has spread from Africa to the Caribbean and South America. A mermaid, she is closely associated with water and the Moon, and this elemental energy makes her the protector of women, especially pregnant women. Aquamarine is the perfect conduit for Yemanya’s water energy, and it shares the goddess’ empowering, protective, and calming aspects.

This March, crystals can help us all discover our inner goddess. Step into the divine realm and see what you discover!

Make Your Own Crystal Broom

Whether you’re thinking of The Wizard of Oz or Practical Magic, the image of a witch and her broom is a mainstay in American pop culture. The stereotype of witches riding broomsticks to midnight gatherings has its roots in medieval superstitions, but that doesn’t mean that the witch’s broom, also known as a besom, doesn’t have some magic.

Today, we’re going to teach you how to DIY your own crystal broom and use it for some metaphysical spring cleaning!

How To Make a DIY Crystal Broom, Part One: Making the Broom

While it is easy and fun to make your own broom from scratch, you are more than welcome to personalize an existing broom (craft stores typically have attractive, decorative brooms that you can work with). If you prefer to purchase a premade broom, feel free to skip to the next step!

However, if you’re feeling extra crafty, it is actually quite simple to you can make your own broom that is infused with your own personality and intentions.

To make your DIY broom, you will need:

  • One sturdy stick to serve as the handle
  • A selection of thinner twigs, grasses, pine needles, or other plant materials (feel free to forage for them yourself!)
  • String or ribbon to bind the besom
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue
  • Optional: additional magical herbs and flowers, like dried sage, rosemary, or lavender
  • 1.Cut your twigs and handle stick to your desired length.
  • 2.Arrange the twigs and any other components you are using around your handle, making sure that the handle goes down into the twigs by at least one inch.
  • 3.Lay your broom on the string or ribbon and bind the twigs to the handle. Be sure to wind the string around multiple times, pulling tightly, before you tie it.
  • 4.Trim the ends of the string.
  • 5.Secure the twigs, handle, and string with a little bit of hot glue as needed.

Part Two: Adding Your Crystal

Once you have your base broom, it’s time to add your crystal! If you have a small enough crystal, you can simply hot glue it on.

If you have a larger crystal and/or want a more intricate design, you will need some crafting wire. Wrap the wire around the crystal and then wind it around the broom’s handle. Twist to secure and trim the wire.

You can choose any crystal you want for your broom, but we recommend cleansing and purifying crystals like Clear Quartz, Black Tourmaline, Selenite, Kyanite, and Shungite.

How to Use a Crystal Broom

Crystal brooms aren’t for physical cleaning; they’re for metaphysical cleaning! Crystal brooms are great ritual tools that you can use to keep your mind and soul free from toxic energy.

We recommend using a crystal broom to:

  • Cleanse your aura
  • Clear crystals
  • Remove negative energy from a space
  • Protect your home from toxic vibrations
  • “Sweep away” negative thoughts, unconstructive self-talk, and bad habits
  • Focus your mind for meditation
  • Prevent nightmares
  • Prepare a space for magic or rituals
  • Assist with spellwork for purification, cleansing, and release

Now that you have your own crystal broom, enjoy some spiritual spring cleaning!

A Rainbow of Crystals

Everyone has a favorite color, but have you ever thought about why you might prefer one color over the rest?

Colors each have their own spiritual meanings, and color energy is a critical element of crystal work. Let us take you on a color journey!

The Meaning of the Color Red

Red is an energetic color. It resonates strongly with fire and everything that element symbolizes: passion, strength, courage, and activity, but also warmth and security. Red can take on an aggressive edge (it is the color of blood, after all), but this connection also links it to the heart, romance, and even healing. In Feng Shui, red represents fame and reputation.

In the Chakra system, red is associated with the Root Chakra: your primal needs and your connection to the Earth. Red symbolizes our deepest desires, including the ones that we struggle to control.

No matter how red affects you, it is a color that cannot be ignored. There’s a reason that stop signs are red!

Reach for a red crystal when you need some serious nurturing, creative energy, or motivation.

Red Crystals

  • Ruby
  • Garnet
  • Red Jasper
  • Red Aventurine
  • Brecciated Jasper

The Meaning of the Color Orange

Orange takes red’s fiery energy and tempers it. This colors symbolizes creativity, vitality, confidence, and abundance. Orange is a harvest color (think pumpkins, carrots, and of course, oranges) and represents the Earth’s bounty.

Orange is also the color of the Sacral Chakra, which regulates your passions and instills you with a strong sense of self-worth. In Feng Shui, orange is associated with spiritual wellbeing.

Orange often symbolizes adventure, and it tends to resonate more with extroverted individuals. For people who relate to the color less, this thrill-seeking spirit can come across as impatience and become cloyingly bright.

Orange crystals are the perfect choice for inviting happiness, prosperity, and confidence into your life, and you can also use them to inspire travel or art!

Orange Crystals

  • Amber
  • Carnelian
  • Polychrome Jasper
  • Goldstone
  • Sunstone
  • Peace Selenite
  • Orange Calcite
  • Orange Selenite

The Meaning of the Color Yellow

Yellow is the lightest of the warm colors. Symbolizing the Sun’s bright rays, yellow literally invites light into your life!

This color stimulates happiness and creativity, and it is also commonly associated with intelligence and clarity. Yellow is the color of the Sacral Chakra, which relates to confidence and willpower.

Yellow provides a mood boost, inspiring hope, self-confidence, joy, and humor. In Feng Shui, yellow joins its cousin orange in symbolizing spiritual wellbeing, and across multiple religious traditions, yellow is connected with the divine—just think of an angel’s glowing yellow halo.

A yellow crystal the perfect way to supercharge your self-confidence, uplift your spirits, or just enjoy all life’s little pleasures.

Yellow Crystals

  • Citrine
  • Libyan Desert Glass
  • Yellow Aventurine
  • Bumble Bee Jasper
  • Yellow Calcite
  • Golden Healer Quartz
  • Yellow Jasper

The Meaning of the Color Green

Green is the color of the Earth—lush grass and deep forests—and it carries all of the planet’s fertile energies. This color symbolizes new opportunities and a fresh start, just like the Earth begins anew with each green spring. In Feng Shui, green relates to the family and health area.

Green’s nurturing vibrations extend to your overall health and wellbeing. It is the color of your Heart Chakra, helping you understand and regulate your emotions. Green’s calming energies soothe turbulent feelings and bring you into balance.

Green is also a highly attractive color. It invites luck and prosperity, especially in financial and career matters.

However, green has also taken on some negative connotations, namely being “green with envy.” This interpretation stems from focusing too much on materialism and not enough on this color’s calming, balancing, and nurturing qualities.

Green crystals can be used to attract abundance, heal the heart, and invite luck for a new venture.

Green Crystals

  • Moss Agate
  • Green Aventurine
  • Malachite
  • Fuchsite
  • Atlantisite
  • Epidote
  • Prehnite
  • Green Fluorite
  • Serpentine
  • Zoisite
  • Chrysocolla
  • Green Calcite
  • Amazonite
  • Healerite
  • Green Garnet

Blue Crystals

Blue is the color of the sky, and it symbolizes the emotions, peace, and intuition. Blue can also be extremely refreshing, like a glass of cold water or a dip in the pool on a hot day.

Blue represents the Throat Chakra, allowing you to communicate clearly and be honest with both yourself and others.

Blue is also an introspective color, reminding us to look within to find calm and wisdom. However, this emotional energy can go too far and leave us mired in melancholy; hence, “feeling blue.”

In Feng Shui, blue resonate with the knowledge and wisdom bagua, especially in its dark blue and indigo forms. It encourages memory, study, and strong decision-making.

You can use blue crystals to improve your communication skills, promote calm, or boost your intellect.

Blue Crystals

  • Blue Calcite
  • Lapis Lazuli
  • Aquamarine
  • Blue Kyanite
  • Larimar
  • Turquoise
  • Blue Lace Agate
  • Aragonite
  • Angelite
  • Sodalite
  • Celestite

The Meaning of the Color Purple

Purple is a unique color that combines red’s passion and energy with blue’s intelligence and intuition. It rarely occurs in nature, and before synthetic dyes and pigments, purple was extremely difficult to produce in manmade objects, which makes it particularly special and desirable—and explains why purple is associated with the wealth and prosperity bagua in Feng Shui.

Purple is also closely associated with the divine; it has traditionally been used to represent divinely ordained power (think royal purple) and spiritual insight. Purple is the color of the Third Eye Chakra, which regulates our psychic abilities, and it is a powerful ally on the path to enlightenment.

Because purple is such a striking color, it always stands out. For some people, purple makes too much of a statement and may even come off as arrogant and snobby.

Purple crystals are a great way to connect with the spiritual realm and receive divine inspiration.

Purple Crystals

  • Amethyst
  • Iolite
  • Charoite
  • Ametrine
  • Lepidolite
  • Purple Fluorite

The Meaning of the Color Pink

Pink is red’s much gentler cousin, and it generates profound compassion and unconditional love. This gentle, delicate color calls to mind friends, innocence, and sweetness. In Feng Shui, it represents love and relationships.

Pink reminds you to approach everything and everyone from a place of love—including yourself. Metaphysically, it symbolizes the balance between the earthly and spiritual realms.

A pink crystal is perfect for healing your heart, practicing self-love, and radiating compassion everywhere you go.

Pink Crystals

  • Rose Quartz
  • Morganite
  • Rhodonite
  • Pink Calcite
  • Strawberry Quartz
  • Pink Tourmaline
  • Rhodochrosite
  • Peach Moonstone
  • Pink Opal

The Meaning of the Color White

White symbolizes purity, clarity, and wholeness—like freshly fallen snow. It is also the color of moon’s gentle, spiritual beams.

White represents enlightenment and your highest self, as symbolized by the Crown Chakra. It has the power to cleanse and charge your psychic self.

White is the color of surrender flags, which may sound negative at first, but it carries the promise of peace, humility, and forgiveness.

White is strongly associated with the element of air, and in Feng Shui, it is the color of the children and creativity bagua.

Working with white crystals helps you discover clarity of thought, spiritual wisdom, and true compassion.

White Crystals

  • Howlite
  • Moonstone
  • Opal
  • Clear Quartz
  • Selenite
  • Danburite
  • Scolecite
  • Opalite

The Meaning of the Color Brown

Brown is the color of the dirt: the rich fabric of our planet from which everything grows. It is a practical, grounded color that encourages concentration and a “down-to-earth” approach.

Brown may not be as flashy or popular as colors like red, purple, or even green, but that wholesome energy is part of its power. Brown reminds us to be content with what we have and rely on common sense. It also discourages us from trying to take shortcuts to reaching our goals, helping us enjoy the process and make sure things are done properly.

Choose a brown crystal when you really need to work hard, stay grounded, and focus on long-term goals.

Brown Crystals

  • Brown Tourmaline
  • Bronzite
  • Stromatolite
  • Tiger’s Eye
  • Brown Aragonite
  • Petrified Wood
  • Moqui Marbles
  • Tiger Iron
  • Brown Calcite

The Meaning of the Color Black

Black has an extremely powerful color energy, which makes it divisive. For some people, it represents all things dark, depressing, and scary; for others, it is a mark of individuality and a willingness to embrace the Shadow Shelf. In Feng Shui, black correlates to the career and life path bagua, showing you your true purpose.

Black is extremely protective. It keeps negative and toxic energy at bay, and it is particularly helpful for cleansing psychic fields. Because of these properties, black is a great tool for empaths.

Black is associated with darkness, but this energy often serves a productive purpose. Black helps you work through your negative feelings rather than ignoring them, and it has long been used to process grief.

Black also represents the unknown. It can show you how to get comfortable with new environments and release the need for control. This arcane symbolism also explains why black is so heavily associated with magic and witchcraft.

Reach for a black crystal for protection, magical rituals, and support through periods of grief.

Black Crystals

  • Black Tourmaline
  • Jet
  • Obsidian
  • Shungite
  • Onyx
  • Indigo Gabbro
  • Black Moonstone
  • Hematite