My Dream Crystals – May 2021 Edition

My Dream Crystals – May 2021 Edition

Posted by Heather McConnell on 30th Apr 2021

10 Ways to Ground Yourself

Are you stressed, burnt out, anxious, or overwhelmed? You need to ground yourself! Grounding is a technique where you stop and reconnect with the Earth. It leaves you refreshed, recharged, and recentered. Grounding is also extremely helpful for decision-making, because it imbues you with mental and emotional clarity. Whatever challenges you may face, grounding sets you up for success.

Crystals come from the Earth, so they connect us to the planet in a profound way. Let’s explore some of our favorite grounding methods.

1. Coffee

Start the day off right! Coffee is already strongly associated with the Earth in metaphysical circles, so place a Hematite stone next to your coffee maker while it brews. If you prefer tea, let the Hematite charge your mug while it steeps. Simply drink your morning cup, and let this crystal’s grounding energy flow through you. Hematite is an amazing stabilizer, and it also provides a boost of self-esteem. Incorporating this grounding ritual into your daily routine is easy and beneficial.

2. Meditation

Meditation is all about being in the moment, and many people incorporate grounding into their practice. To begin, assume your favorite meditation pose, and place a K2 stone at your feet. K2 connects your Root Chakra to your Third Eye and Crown Chakras to balance and stabilize your spiritual self. It is a great crystal to keep your tethered to the Earth, even as you explore higher things. Once you are ready, close your eyes and focus on your breath. Pay special attention to where your body connects with the floor. Feel the vibrations radiating from the K2 and traveling into your body. If you are new to grounding meditation, start with five minutes, and slowly lengthen your practice over time.

3. Jewelry

If you want to feel grounded all day, or even just for a specific event, jewelry is the way to go! Garnet resonates strongly with the Earth, and this gemstone has been prized for its extraordinary beauty for centuries. Gorgeous Garnet jewelry is easy to find for all price points, and it will also invite extra vitality and creativity. To make the most of Garnet’s grounding properties, opt for a piece of jewelry that directly touches your skin, such as a ring, necklace, or bracelet.

4. Visualization

Visualization uses your Third Eye to change your energy. To ground yourself using this technique, you will want an Obsidian stone. Hold it in your hand, and close your eyes. Feel the weight and texture of the Obsidian. Then, imagine the crystal’s Earth energy as a beam of green light. See it swirling within the stone, and then watch as it travels through your hands, up your arms, and into your heart. Let the green light stretch up into your head and down your torso, over your legs, and all the way into your feet. Take your time with this visualization process, until the Earth energy is flowing throughout your whole body.

5. Crystal Water

Crystal water is a great way to absorb a stone’s benefits, and Shungite is the perfect crystal to impart grounding energy. Shungite is a natural cleanser, and it is frequently used as water purifier. To make your crystal water, combine thirty grams of Shungite with a gallon of water, and let it rest. The water will be ready in three days if you’re using Black Shungite; Elite Shungite water will be ready in just half an hour.

6. Earthing

Earthing is a specific type of planet-oriented meditation. Bring a Black Tourmaline crystal to a quiet outdoor space where you can relax. Place the Tourmaline on the ground in between your feet and kick off your shoes. Feel the soles of your feet touching the ground, wiggle your toes, and explore the sensation. Let the Earth’s energy flow into you while gently observing your feelings and the environment around you.

7. Making Sound

We talk every day, but many of us don’t realize how important sound is for expressing ourselves. Singing or chanting is an amazing way to connect with our emotions, and it is also a powerful grounding technique. Hold a Bloodstone and sing along to your favorite song. If you feel comfortable, improvise your own pitched or unpitched sounds. Explore the different noises that your body is capable of without judgement! Bloodstone resonates with artists as well as the planet, and it is the perfect conduit for creativity and balance.

8. Nature Walk

Some days are just too beautiful to stay inside! Give in to this impulse, and go for a nature walk with a piece of Petrified Wood. This crystal is actually fossilized wood, created by Quartz slowly replacing a tree over centuries, and it is powerfully connected to the Earth. As you walk, try to be fully present. Notice everything you come across, from insects to flowers to trees. Engage your other senses. How does the sun feel on your face? What songs are the birds singing? Being mindful of the planet’s beauty is a fun and active way to get grounded.

9. Gardening

When you’re digging in the Earth, it’s impossible not to feel linked to the planet! Moss and Tree Agate are both excellent grounding stones that support your plants’ health. Place them outside in your garden or in your indoor flowerpots. For more information, check out our blog post, “Help Those Plants Grow – Crystals to Use in Your Garden.”

10. Worry Stone

If you feel yourself starting to spiral out of control, you need to ground quickly. When you need help fast, a worry stone is the perfect tool. Any flat crystal will do, but you can also find worry stones with divots made for your thumb. Simply rub your worry stone and let it absorb your negative energy. Our favorite grounding worry stone is Jasper, which also imbues you with the courage and energy to face any problem!

In our busy modern world, grounding is an important technique that often gets lost. Grab your favorite crystal and take a few minutes to reconnect with the Earth. You’ll be amazed by how calm and balanced you’ll feel!

Crystals and Your Health

Do you ever feel off? Does your normal routine leave you feeling fatigued? When your body and mind are off-kilter, but you can’t figure out why, crystals can help!

What Is Crystal Healing?

Crystal healing is an important part of the natural health community. Crystals correspond to different parts of the body, and they channel the planet’s vibrations to help you heal. You can use crystals to alleviate specific ailments, achieve overall wellness, or identify the root cause when you feel abnormally tired or unbalanced.

Working with crystals is NOT a replacement for traditional medicine; it is a complement. The natural energies can relieve everyday aches, pains, and fatigue, and they can also boost whatever treatments your doctor prescribes for larger issues. If your symptoms continue for more than a few days or worsen, seek medical help immediately.

Crystals and Chakras

The Chakra system is a map of your body’s energy centers that have been part of Indian medicine since 1000 BC. The word “Chakra” means “circle” in the sacred language of Sanskrit. For the most effective crystal healing, you should select a stone that resonates with the affected Chakra.

Are you unsure which Chakra has been blocked? Meditate with Obsidian or Septarian. Move the crystal slowly over your body, and pay attention to how it makes you feel. You may notice a tingling, change in temperature, or release of tension. Anywhere the Obsidian or Septarian has an effect is part of your problem.

If your scan revealed pain points all over your body, Serpentine is the crystal for you! Two varieties of Serpentine, Infinite and Healerite, are perfect for full body healing. If your problem is more localized, try using more specialized crystals.

Root Chakra

The Root Chakra is located at the base of your spine. It connects you to the planet and your basic survival needs. In crystal healing, working with the Root Chakra helps relieve arthritis, constipation, bladder issues, colon problems, and emotional insecurity.

Our favorite Root Chakra crystals are Black Tourmaline, Bloodstone, Garnet, and Red Jasper!

Sacral Chakra

Your Sacral Chakra lies just below your belly button, near the Sacrum bone. It regulates your passions, providing emotional balance and a strong sense of self-worth.

Crystals like Amber, Carnelian, Copper, and Peach Selenite resonate with your Sacral Chakra to help treat issues relating to your sexual health, urinary tract, and lower back.

Solar Plexus Chakra

The Solar Plexus Chakra, which can be found in your upper abdomen, corresponds to your confidence and willpower.

To resolve blockages in your Solar Plexus, we love Citrine, Orange Calcite, Pyrite, and Tiger’s Eyes. These crystals can ease digestive issues like heartburn or indigestion.

Heart Chakra

If you’ve ever placed your hands at “heart center” during a yoga practice, you are already familiar with your Heart Chakra. Located in the center of the chest, the Heart Charka is our emotional vortex. It is also the middle of the entire Chakra system, connecting our earthly and spiritual selves.

Heart Chakra crystals like Aventurine, Emerald, Rhodonite, and Rose Quartz can help alleviate breath-related issues such as asthma, heart problems, and emotional pain or blockages.

Throat Chakra

The Throat Chakra is the foundation for all forms of communication. It relates to the voice, as well as the teeth, gums, and tongue.

To address issues related to your throat and mouth, use Aquamarine, Blue Lace Agate, Celestite, and Turquoise. These crystals also address the emotional reasons why you might have difficulty communicating your feelings or speaking in public.

Third Eye Chakra

The Third Eye Chakra rests in the center of your forehead. It channels our intuition, giving us the wisdom and inspiration to guide our lives.

In crystal healing, working with the Third Eye Chakra can help relieve headaches, hearing, and sight, while also improving concentration. Blue Kyanite, Iolite, Lapis Lazuli, and Sodalite are the perfect tools for soothing your Third Eye.

Crown Chakra

The Crown Chakra sits on top of your head, just like its namesake piece of jewelry. This chakra is our portal to the spiritual world.

Amethyst, Astrophyllite, Clear Quartz, and Selenite are all great crystals for healing your Crown Chakra. They help ease mental health issues like anxiety and depression, as well as problems with the brain and nervous system.

How to Heal with Crystals 

Now that you have identified the source of your malady and chosen your crystal(s), where do you begin?

To start, clear your crystal. You can surround it with a circle of salt, cleanse it with soundwaves, or use Reiki healing. This step is extremely important, especially if you work with crystals often. You don’t want any unfocused, muddy, or negative energy to hinder your healing process.

Next, set a clear intention. Focus on the sources of your discomfort and pain, and determine how you want the crystal to help. Come up with a simple, clear sentence, such as, “This Amethyst will ease my anxiety.”

Once your crystal is cleansed and your intention is set, you are ready for healing meditation. Find a comfortable position, either seated or lying down, and place your crystal over the affected the Chakra. Close your eyes. Focus on your breathing. If you’d like, you can use your intention sentence as a mantra. Visualize the crystal’s vibrations as a beam of light, emanating from the crystal and travelling into your body. Stay in this meditative space for as long as possible, and gently emerge when you are ready.

Crystals are amazing tools for wellness. They channel the planet’s healing energy to identify and fix problems. For everyday issues like headaches, minor pains, and indigestion, a crystal can be your number one first aid! 

Loyalty and Love: Does Intention Really Help?

Everyone wants love, but looking for your soulmate can be frustrating. When you’re in a romantic rut, you go on date after date after date to no avail. You’re doing everything right! Why isn’t it working?

There is one thing you might be forgetting: intention.

What is intention? It is a strong, clear sense of will. When you focus your intention, you can make your dreams a reality. Crystals are natural partners for intention. These natural stones channel your energy, combining it with the Earth’s power. To charge a crystal with your intent,

simply hold it and repeat your clear purpose for it out loud three times.

To find your forever love, you will need three different crystals with three separate, clear intents: manifestation crystals, love crystals, and loyalty crystals.

Manifestation Crystals

In order to find love, you need to send a signal to the universe that you are ready to receive abundance. Manifestation crystals work like a lighthouse, guiding good things to you.

Citrine is one of our favorite manifestation crystals. This golden stone radiates positivity and vitality. Citrine’s attractive energy cannot be denied in any aspect of life, and love is no exception.

For attracting love specifically, Aventurine is another excellent choice. It promotes calm, communication, and compassion. This crystal goes beyond the fireworks of physical attraction to find you a partner who is also a mental and emotional match.

Love Crystals

Once you have selected a stone for manifestation, you will want to further clarify your intent of finding love.

Rose Quartz is probably the most famous love crystal, and for good reason! This gentle stone nurtures your heart with universal energy to draw out profound love, both for yourself and others. It also clarifies your emotions and promotes personal growth, allowing you to enter a relationship with the maturity and self-assurance necessary to build a lifelong connection.

Spiritual Amethyst brings a sacred energy to your search for romance. This crystal channels divine love and wisdom to promote happiness and peace. If you are truly looking for your soulmate, Amethyst will set you on the right path.

Loyalty Crystals

To find lasting love, you also need to attract loyalty. It’s no coincidence that both of our favorite loyalty crystals are associated with this month’s birthday sign, Taurus! This sensitive, faithful constellation has lots of lessons to teach us about love. Explore our article, Patience: Taurus Has It, But Do We?, to find more ways that you can bring out your inner bull.

Known as the “stone of successful love,” Emerald promotes the patience, balance, and fidelity necessary to create sustainable relationships. This crystal helps couples work through conflict by encouraging understanding and clarity.

Dioptase is the embodiment of long-lasting relationships. It works from the inside out, nurturing your heart so that it can learn to trust love. This mindset encourages fidelity and emotional openness.

How To Use Crystals to Find Your True Love

Once you have charged your crystals with their specific intents, place them somewhere personal, such as your bedroom or meditation space. You may even consider buying a few crystals of different sizes and arranging them into a crystal grid. To keep your crystals working their best, cleanse and re-commit them to your intent once a month.

As the old saying goes, love finds you when you least expect it, but a strong intention and crystals can give destiny a helping hand!

Riverstone: The Power of Water

Have you ever looked down to the bottom of a crystal-clear stream or lake? On a bright, sunny day, the water reveals many treasures, but one of the humblest is also one of the most powerful: stone. Known as Riverstone, these crystals are actually Limestone, which is a sedimentary rock created by a combination of Calcite and Aragonite. Although a lot of Riverstone is found in existing rivers or lakes, sometimes it is found far away from water. In these cases, the Riverstone is a historical artifact. It is like a fossil, the echo of ancient streams.

Riverstone is popular even outside of its natural habitat. These crystals are commonly used in landscaping, crafts, décor, and jewelry. If you have ever had a hot stone massage, your therapist likely used Riverstone. Although it may seem commonplace, Riverstone is actually extraordinary!

As a naturally forming water rock, Riverstone represents the union of Earth and Water and the symmetry of the world around us. Some collectors even refer to this crystal as “the bones of Mother Earth.” Riverstone combines water’s nurturing properties with the soil’s stability to create profound calm. When you work with Riverstone, you can trust in the Earth and the divine plan, allowing yourself to adapt to any challenges. This mindset boosts your confidence and prepares you to receive abundance.

Riverstone is also a powerful tool for transformation. It has the boundless energy of rolling rapids, and it will revitalize your physical, mental, and spiritual selves. Riverstone is particularly useful if you find yourself stuck in a rut. It will give you the extra motivation to move forward, and it will also open your eyes to life’s limitless possibilities. Because Riverstone emits such powerful vibrations, you need a clear intent to properly focus its energy.

Whatever your personal or professional goals, Riverstone is the perfect tool to make lasting positive change in your life!