My Dream Crystals - November 2022 Edition

My Dream Crystals - November 2022 Edition

Posted by Heather McConnell on 31st Oct 2022

Happy National Novel Writing Month: Crystals to Achieve Your Goals and Inspire Creativity

Did you know that November is National Novel Writing Month? Affectionately nicknamed NaNoWriMo, the program encourages thousands of writers across the world to strive to write 50,000 words in the month of November.

Whether you are participating in NaNoWriMo, looking for another way to express your creativity, or need motivation to achieve an artistic goal, crystals are your best friend! Here are a few of our favorites:


Apatite expands your consciousness and boosts your communication skills, allowing you to convey innovative ideas in your writing. This crystal encourages you to view your story from your characters’ different perspectives. It also promotes dedication to your craft, helping you stay committed to NaNoWriMo all November long!

Aura Quartz

Aura Quartz engages your sense of empathy, making it easier to connect with your characters and your audience. Because Aura Quartz was fused with metal in a lab, it has a particularly strong affinity with science fiction writers.

Blue Lace Agate

Blue Lace Agate resonates strongly with your Throat Chakra, helping you communicate effectively through your writing. If you feel stressed meeting your writing goals, this crystal also offers calming vibrations that gently dissipate emotional blocks and redirect you to the task at hand.


A stone of creativity, confidence, and motivation, Carnelian is the perfect ally for NaNoWriMo. It keeps you energized and excited throughout the writing process. If you are looking for some inspiration, Carnelian will provide that spark.


Cinnabar has been intimately connected with the art world for centuries. It inspires creativity, but it also attracts success, ensuring that you reach your highest potential and achieve your goals. Cinnabar links together your Root, Sacral, and Third Eye Chakras to keep you grounded while stimulating confidence and inviting divine inspiration. This crystal also removes energetic blockages to help you work through writer’s block.


If you are unsure where your artistic path is leading you, reach for Chrysoprase. This crystal activates your Heart Charka, connecting you to your deepest passions and drawing out your hidden talents. Once you know what you truly want, Chrysoprase will guide you along your journey.


Fluorite is an amazing focus stone, and it is perfect for long writing sessions. If you get distracted, Fluorite’s tender vibrations help you find a “flow state” for concentration and productivity. It also promotes effective decision-making as you shape your story.


Garnet combines grounding Earth energy with creative inspiration. Especially if you are embarking on your first NaNoWriMo, Garnet will give you the confidence and positivity to keep going. It also connects you to the larger community of writers who are also participating around the world.


Writing 50,000 words in thirty days requires planning, patience, and self-discipline. Howlite supports you as you tackle this project and work toward your larger goals. It is the perfect tool to address the practical side of your artistic endeavors.

Indigo Gabbro

Have you been afraid of exploring your artistic talents? Indigo Gabbro helps you step into the spotlight. This crystal gives you the courage to share your writing with others and also the growth mindset to incorporate the constructive feedback you receive.


The Vikings used Iolite as a compass, and this crystal helps you navigate your artistic journey. An inspirational and intellectual stone, Iolite gives you the clarity to face any challenges you may encounter during NaNoWriMo. It encourages you to approach the process with curiosity, positivity, and self-confidence.


Writing is a highly personal endeavor, and Jasper provides the support you need to achieve your goals. Known as the supreme nurturer, Jasper regulates your emotions, supercharges your mental capabilities, and promotes endurance. If you feel drained from NaNoWriMo, Jasper will give you the strength to keep going.


Labradorite’s stunning iridescence is enough to inspire anyone! This crystal engages your imagination, and it is particularly helpful for poets and fantasy writers. No matter what genre you write in, Labradorite will bring out your most awe-inspiring words.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli connects your Third Eye and Throat Chakras, allowing you to channel divine wisdom. This stone infuses your writing process with balance and honesty. If you’re facing a difficult problem in your story, Lapis Lazuli will help you find the solution.

Ruby Zoisite

When the writing process gets too frustrating, turn to Ruby Zoisite. This stone combines two passionate, inspirational crystals—Ruby and Zoisite—to soothe your emotional state and spark creativity. It also replaces those negative feelings with a positive, can-do attitude.

Smoky Quartz

If you write genres like horror, paranormal romance, or gothic literature, Smoky Quartz is the stone for you. Its protective properties keep you healthy and balanced while you explore the darker sides of human (and inhuman) nature. Because Smoky Quartz also shields you from electromagnetic frequencies, it is also a must-have for writers who work on a computer.


Sodalite encourages you to look within to understand the outside world. This crystal’s clarifying vibrations assist with the research process and help you communicate more clearly through your writing. Sodalite also helps you engage with new ideas and process information.

Tiger’s Eye

NaNoWriMo is a daunting task, but Tiger’s Eye is here for you. This crystal promotes determination, concentration, and intuition. It reconnects you with your “why” for writing, encouraging you to continue in spite of adversity or a fear of failure. And after all, isn’t that what NaNoWriMo is all about?

Let’s Get Cooking: Crystals for the Kitchen

With Thanksgiving coming up and the holiday season just around the corner, many of us will be spending more time in the kitchen. Food brings people together, and whether you lovingly make a pie from scratch or heat up the frozen version, the kitchen is still the heart of the home.

But where do crystals come in? Well, believe it or not, you already have crystals in your kitchen! Sugar and salt are both naturally occurring crystals. However, there are other ways you can infuse your cooking with a little bit of crystal magic!

Cultivate Feng Shui

Feng shui connects the kitchen with prosperity and abundance; it’s where our food is prepared, and food is the number one way we nurture our bodies. Feng shui principles recommend placing a fire crystal, like Red Calcite or Tiger’s Eye, near your stovetop to keep both your food and your heart warm.

Cook Creatively

If you aren’t the best chef—or if you’ve simply been feeling uninspired in the kitchen—Carnelian is your best ally! This stone will boost your creativity and confidence so that you can whip up inspiring, delicious dishes. Folk medicine also holds that Carnelian can help with digestion, so it’s a great crystal to add to your cooking space.

Protect Your Pots

Leave Obsidian in your pots and pans while you’re not using them to guard their creative, nurturing energy. If you’re concerned about electromagnetic frequencies from your microwave, Shungite is also a great option. This stone blocks EMFs and encourages healthy habits.

Add a Dash of Luck

Avoid cooking pitfalls by placing a lucky stone like Jade in strategic places. For example, a crystal next to the toaster can prevent burnt toast, and placing it next to your stovetop can help guard against kitchen fires.

Supercharge Your Meals

If you need some extra support, try leaving a specific crystal on the counter next to your food while it is cooking. The crystal’s vibrations will charge the meal with whatever intention you need. For example, try Bloodstone for extra energy, Amethyst for peace, Rose Quartz for more self-love.

This Thanksgiving, bring the nurturing elements of food and crystals together for a truly unforgettable and enjoyable holiday!

Give Thanks: The Top 10 Gratitude Crystals

What are you thankful for? It’s a question that many of us contemplate this time of year, but a gratitude practice is beneficial beyond November. Here are our top 10 gratitude crystals to help you take advantage of Thanksgiving’s message all year round:

  • 1.Amethyst: Amethyst resonates with the Third Eye and Crown Chakra, bringing you in tune with your highest self. It aligns you with the universal plan, which in turn helps you release stress and trust that everything will work out for the greatest good.
  • 2.Chrysocolla: Chrysocolla’s loving energy encourages you to view everything from the most kind and compassionate perspective. It is a crystal for appreciating everything and everyone you have in your life, flaws and all. Chrysocolla also keeps your mind oriented to the present so that you can enjoy your current life instead of fretting over the past or the future.
  • 3.Citrine: Citrine is a stone of infinite positivity, and it encourages you to enjoy life’s little pleasures. Citrine reminds you that joy is everywhere if you are willing to look for it!
  • 4.Clear Quartz: As a natural amplifier, Clear Quartz is the perfect addition to any gratitude practice. This crystal will increase your feelings of thankfulness. It also absorbs negativity, replacing it with positive energy. Clear Quartz connects you to divine wisdom, boundless optimism, and a more enriching spirituality.
  • 5.Kyanite: The key to a successful gratitude practice is shifting your mindset, and that is where Kyanite can help. Kyanite re-aligns and balances your energy, making it easier to approach the world from a constructive, grateful perspective.
  • 6.Malachite: Malachite activates your Heart Chakra. It helps you discover your most loving self and express that love to others. Malachite is also a powerful purifier, helping you release anything that is keeping you from appreciating your life.
  • 7.Moonstone: When our emotions get out of hand and threaten our gratitude mindset, Moonstone is here to help. Just like the moon controls the tides, Moonstone calms your turbulent feelings and replaces the storms with peace and thankfulness.
  • 8.Rose Quartz: Rose Quartz is the number one love crystal, and you can take advantage of its nurturing energies to encourage gratitude. Rose Quartz reminds you that gratitude starts within. This crystal cultivates self-love so that you can share your thankful, compassionate heart with yourself and others.
  • 9.Tiger’s Eye: Gratitude isn’t easy, but Tiger’s Eye gives you the motivation to keep going. When you reach a stumbling block, this crystal encourages you to embrace the challenge instead of fight it. It also emits protective frequencies that shield your aura and your practice from negativity.
  • 10.Unakite: Unakite is a stone of deep emotional understanding. It helps you identify your most profound needs and communicate them in an authentic yet loving way. Unakite is especially helpful for strengthening interpersonal relationships and keeping you from taking the people in your life for granted.

What are you grateful for this year? Do you have a favorite gratitude crystal? Leave us a comment here or tag us on Instagram @mydreamcrystals!

Make Some Sacred Space: How to Create a Meditation Altar

Meditation is a valuable practice that we hold near and dear at My Dream Crystals. It encourages calm, clarity, and creativity, but in our busy world, it’s difficult to make space for your practice. Who even has the time?

We have a secret weapon: meditation altars. Creating a dedicated meditation altar makes it easier to commit to meditation. It supports your practice, eliminates distractions, and expresses your personal needs. Whether you’re a certified yogi or a new mindfulness practitioner, everyone can benefit from a meditation altar!

What is a Meditation Altar?

The word “altar” comes from the Latin word “altarium,” which means “high place.” Altars play a part of almost every religion in the world, including Christianity and Buddhism. However, in its most basic definition, an altar is a simply sacred space where we come to meet with our highest energies: spirituality, psychic power, and wisdom.

Your meditation altar represents your unique practice. It is the physical embodiment of your spiritual journey, and it gives you a dedicated, sacred space to raise your frequency. Whenever you feel stressed or off-balance, you can come back to your altar to ground and center yourself. It radiates positive energy and empowerment.

Where Should I Put My Meditation Altar?

The first step to making your meditation altar is finding the perfect place. You want somewhere where you can meditate undisturbed, but your altar shouldn’t be so out of the way that you can’t access it easily. If you have to move objects to reach your meditation altar, you don’t have a sacred space!

You can build your meditation altar on a windowsill or an end table in the corner of a room. There’s nothing wrong with starting small, but as your practice continues, you may want to consider devoting a larger area. More space gives you more room for your spiritual practice to develop!

Once you’ve identified your meditation space, keep it clean. Clutter has a powerful psychological effect, and it will cloud your practice. You should also energetically cleanse the space with a purifying crystal like Clear Quartz or Shungite, herbs like sage, or a singing bowl sound bath.

How Should I Decorate My Meditation Altar?

Your meditation altar reflects your personal practice, so the way you decorate it is completely up to you. However, there are a few principles that you can consider when deciding what you want on your altar:

  • Representing Nature: Connecting with nature is a big part of many spiritual practices. Consider adding something to your altar represent the natural world. You may even want to choose something to represent all four elements: earth (plants, leaves, or stones like Petrified Wood), air (a feather or Amethyst), fire (a candle, incense, or Carnelian), and water (a dish of water, beverage, or Opal). You can also consider changing your altar decorations to reflect the changing seasons.
  • Sacred Items: If there is a symbol that you associate with your spirituality or religion, add them to the altar. Books, art, pictures, and family heirlooms are all welcome! Anything that holds special meaning to you can add power to your altar.
  • Meditation Accessories: If you have any tools that enhance your meditation practice, such as a journal or oracle cards, feel free to give them a place on your altar.
  • Engaging the Senses: To help yourself stay in the present and focus on your meditation, add items that attract all five of your senses: decorations for sight, singing bowls or chimes for hearing, luxurious fabrics for touch, candles or incense for smell, and snacks or sweets for taste.
  • Meditation Crystals: Crystals provide a powerful link between the earthly realm and the divine, making them the perfect meditation tool! Add Third Eye crystals like Lapis Lazuli and Fluorite and Crown Chakra crystals like Selenite and Celestite to your altar to supercharge your practice.
  • Setting an Intention: If you are working through a specific issue, consider theming your meditation altar around that intention. For example, try decorating a self-love altar with soft pinks, Rose Quartz, and your favorite candy.

Now that you’ve made your meditation altar, it’s time to use it! After all, if you don’t use it, it’s just decoration! Take advantage of your meditation altar to commit to your practice and make meditation a bigger part of your life.