My Dream Crystals - October 2021 Edition

My Dream Crystals - October 2021 Edition

Posted by Heather McConnell on 30th Sep 2021

Crystals and the Spirit Realm: How to Connect and Disconnect

Sometimes, you feel lost. You simply don’t know where to go next, and it seems like nothing is going right in any part of your life. You’re fighting with your family, you can’t get a date, and, to top it all off, your boss is watching your every move like a hawk.

We all have different ways of coping with these slumps, from reaching out to friends to a little self-care.

When we need direction, however, there is one resource that can’t be beat: the spiritual realm. Our deities, angels, and spirit guides are just waiting to help us persevere through life’s challenges and find our true paths.

But how do we reach them? And when we interact with the ether, how do we protect ourselves? Crystals are here to help! If you need to commune with your spirit guides, psychic crystal meditation is the perfect tool.

What Crystals Should You Use for Psychic Meditation?

There are a wide variety of psychic crystals that you can use to connect with the divine. If you are new to spirit work, Lapis Lazuli will open your Third Eye Chakra, boosting your psychic abilities so that you can commune with your guides. As its name implies, Angelite unlocks the angelic realm. It promotes communication and spiritual understanding, helping you not just speak with your spirit guides but also truly receive and apply the lessons they impart. If you are struggling with a particularly difficult decision, Moqui Marbles will channel divine wisdom to provide perfect clarity.

However, a psychic crystal is only one part of a meditation. The spiritual realm is vast and mysterious, and you need a grounding, protective crystal to keep your tethered to the earthly plane. Hematite’s balancing energy allows you to safely access the divine while shielding your aura and keeping you connected to your Root Chakra. Black Obsidian provides similar protection while also supporting your spiritual development. Tiger’s Eye stabilizes all of your lower Chakras, leaving you free to safely explore universal energy.

If you have an Amethyst, then you have access to both a psychic stone and a protective stone in one crystal package!

How To Meditate with Psychic Crystals

To begin your crystal meditation, find a private, quiet space. It should be free from distractions so that you can open your heart and mind without reservation. You may want to set the mood with incense or soothing music.

Once you have found the right space, take a comfortable but active position, such as sitting up in alignment. Leave your protective crystal within arm’s reach and hold your psychic crystal. Take three deep, cleansing breaths and close your eyes.

Next, focus your attention on the psychic crystal. Feel its vibrations extending out into your hands and up your arms, neck, and head, illuminating your Third Eye and Crown Chakras with a beautiful purple light.

Then, say this mantra: “I am one with the divine, and I am ready to listen.” If you have a specific query, now is the time to ask it. Focus on the crystal, and see what images come to mind.

You may see your spirit guides, or you may just have a piece of advice pop into your head. Be open to exploring the divine realm and your ethereal self.

When you feel that you have received all the messages the universe has for you at this time, say “Thank you for your wisdom. I am closing the portal.” Open your eyes, and thank your psychic crystal.

Then, pick up your protective crystal and say, “I am one with the Earth, and I am protected.” Take three more cleansing breaths, feeling the connection between your body and the ground.

When you are ready, open your eyes and take in the room around you. Let the crystal’s grounding energy reacclimated you to the earthly plane. Thank your grounding crystal, and return to your day.

What is the Day of the Dead?

The Day of the Dead, or Dià de los Muertos, is celebrated in Mexico and around the world between October 31st and November 2nd. Because it begins on October 31st and boasts brightly colored sugar skulls, parades, and feasts, many people unthinkingly call it “Mexican Halloween.” However, the spiritual reality of Dià de los Muertos is much more nuanced, and it deserves to stand on its own as an important cultural festival.

Dià de los Muertos marks the time when the border between the spiritual and earthly planes dissolves, allowing the souls of the dead to cross over and visit the living. In this way, Dià de los Muertos is similar to Halloween’s Celtic predecessor, Samhain. However, whereas the Ancient Celts carved faces into turnips (the forebearers of the modern jack-o’-lantern) and lit them to ward off spirits, Dià de los Muertos welcomes the dead as honored guests.

Dià de los Muertos is an opportunity to reunite with loved ones who have passed and show them that they are still remembered and cherished. This holiday acknowledges death as part of a natural cycle, not an ending or a tragedy. It is simply the next chapter in one’s existence. Dià de los Muertos offers us a way to keep loved ones close and celebrate our vibrant communities.

What is the History of Dià de los Muertos?

Dià de los Muertos has its roots in ancient Aztec, Toltec, and Mayan religious practices. These cultures venerated skulls as symbols of their dead. However, it is the spirituality of central Mexico’s Nahua people that most directly shaped modern Dià de los Muertos. The Nahua believed that their dead undertook a long and arduous journey to reach Chicunamictlán, the Land of the Dead. They prepared offerings of food and water to assist their loved ones on the trek—the ancestor to modern ofrendas, or altars decorated to celebrate the dead.

Dià de los Muertos has survived against all odds. When the Spanish conquered the Aztec empire, Catholic officials quickly moved to squash indigenous religion. However, the Aztecs continued their traditions. Eventually, Latin American traditions around death merged with the Catholic feasts of All Saints Day and All Souls Day. The Spanish tradition of bringing wine, pan de ánimas (soul bread), and candles to their loved ones’ graves on All Souls Day merged with the Aztec altars, giving birth to the modern traditions of Dià de los Muertos.

Dià de los Muertos took on extra importance over the centuries that followed, especially as an expression of Mexican heritage. After Mexico achieved its independence in 1821, political upheaval threatened to tear the new country apart. Mexico saw 50 governments in 36 years; however, Dià de los Muertos remained a constant, a celebration of the new country’s rich culture and a way to unify competing factions.

In the early 20th century, a political cartoonist inadvertently gave birth to one of the most important pieces of Dià de los Muertos iconography: La Calavera Catrina (The Elegant Skull). This 1910 cartoon by José Guadalupe Posada showed a female skeleton decked out in makeup and European clothing and was meant to satirize the growing Westernization of Mexican culture. Elegantly dressed skeletons have since become a major part of Dià de los Muertos, from art to parades.

How Is Dià de los Muertos Celebrated?

Today, Dià de los Muertos is celebrated with parades, vibrant artwork, and tasty treats like sugar skull candy and dark chocolate. However, the heart of Dià de los Muertos festivities remains the ofrendas.

Ofrendas are often constructed at home, but if it’s possible, a family will bring the offerings to their loved one’s graves to celebrate with them more closely. Although they are highly personal and vary by family, almost all ofrendas include photos of the deceased and candles, usually accompanied by keepsakes their loved ones left behind. Other popular decorations include copal incense, sugar skulls, and papel picado (folk art constructed from tissue paper). Many ofrendas incorporate marigolds, whose scent is believed to guide the dead back home. When constructing an ofrenda, families often try to have an item to represent each of the four elements: water, earth (food), fire (candles), and air (papel picado).

Families gather around the ofrenda to remember their loved ones. They share memories, swapping anecdotes and reading letters. They also give offerings of their loved ones’ favorite food and drink, as well as traditional gifts of water, tamales, tequila, and pan de muerto (a bread similar to the Spanish pan de ánimas). Rather than being marked by sadness, Dià de los Muertos is a joyful reunion, and families will celebrate with feasting, music, and jokes.

How Can We Use Crystals to Observe Dià de los Muertos?

Just as if you were constructing an ofrenda, we recommend celebrating Dià de los Muertos with crystals that represent the four elements. Our favorite combination is Amethyst (Air), Carnelian (Fire), Petrified Wood (Earth), and Labradorite (Water).

Amethyst is a highly spiritual crystal, connecting you to the divine realm through your Third Eye and Crown Chakras. These ethereal frequencies link it to the element of Air. Carnelian carries a vibrant, fiery energy, but it also helps you accept the natural cycles of life and death. As fossilized wood, Petrified Wood is literally a part of the Earth, and it supports contact with the afterlife, especially your ancestors. Labradorite carries a magical, transformative energy that resonates with water’s emotional maturity. This crystal helps you lean into the mystical side of Dià de los Muertos and appreciate the unknown.

If you are struggling with grief and need support during this time of communing with the dead, Morganite and Blue Lace Agate both have gentle, loving energies that will help you work through your emotions and find peace.

Pyrite also draws out the celebratory atmosphere of Dià de los Muertos. It helps you banish sadness and focus instead on being thankful and happy for the lives of those that have passed.

Work with these crystals throughout Dià de los Muertos to help you learn this holiday’s important lessons of acceptance, gratitude, and joy. If you celebrate, add them to your ofrenda. Feliz Dià de los Muertos!

Clearing the Past and Raising Vibrations: How to Release Negativity through Crystal Work

Do you ever feel like there’s a rain cloud over your head? It becomes harder to motivate yourself at work, and even the things that you used to enjoy—hanging out with your friends, watching your favorite shows, or eating some tasty treats—leave you feeling numb.

That weight you feel pulling you down into the abyss is negative energy. Sometimes, we know why it is chasing us. Lost jobs and failed relationships are obvious catalysts. However, negativity often builds up in a much more subtle way. We suppress minor irritations and unknowingly absorb toxic energy from those around us. Those little triggers combine with our past trauma, and, before we know it, we’ve fallen into a pit of despair.

Crystals are the perfect tool to keep negativity at bay. They vibrate at very high frequencies, and they naturally raise the vibrations of those around them. If you just keep a crystal in your space, you will notice a change.

Here are some of our go-to crystals for releasing and deflecting negativity:

Apache Tear Obsidian

Apache Tear Obsidian channels the Earth’s ancient wisdom to help you release negativity. This balancing stone provides profound support, so that you can feel free to cut out toxicity from your life. Apache Tear Obsidian connects your mental and emotional selves, reminding you the practical benefits of letting go.


Aquamarine’s soothing blue color provides gentle empowerment. This crystal calms your fears and anxieties, making it easier to view your present situation with clarity. From this stable emotional state, Aquamarine helps you release the things which no longer serve you. While letting go can be scary, this crystal provides the extra courage and support to help you through the transition.

Black Kyanite

All forms of Kyanite offer calming, introspective properties, but Black Kyanite channels this energy to push past any blockages. Black Kyanite uncovers and removes negativity. It dispels whatever has been holding you back. When you achieve this clarity, you are able to recognize your true needs instead of focusing on more superficial wants.

Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline is a psychic shield. If you are an empath or simply find yourself absorbing negative energy from a coworker, family member, or friend, wear a Black Tourmaline pendant. This crystal repels toxic energy, only allowing positive vibrations to affect your aura.


Cavansite is a stone of powerful transformation, and this energy extends to your psychic field. It absorbs negativity and converts it into positivity. If you limit yourself with fears or unconstructive self-talk, Cavansite will help you release these habits and move forward to become your best self.


This gentle crystal shows you the path to peace and acceptance. Chrysocolla cleanses and supercharges your heart, opening you up to every form of love. Through this process, Chrysocolla also frees us from past pain and unconstructive habits. It invites you to release negativity and embrace the universe’s unconditional love.


If deep-seated trauma is fueling your emotional slump, Danburite is the stone for you. This crystal’s calming vibrations uncover long-held sources of pain and gently encourage you to release them. Danburite’s profound spiritual connection shields you while you undergo this emotional transformation, making it safe to work through your past suffering.


Hematite helps you turn unconstructive habits into constructive ones. It reveals the source of negativity without letting you off the hook. Hematite helps you release all toxicity, and if your actions or thoughts are part of your problem, this crystal gives you the self-discipline to develop into your best self.


Onyx’s strong protective energy has long been recognized as an invaluable source of support. This crystal helps you through the darkest times, giving you the strength to persevere. Onyx also transforms negativity into positivity, taking that which drains you and making it into something empowering.

Rose Quartz

We already recognize Rose Quartz as the ultimate crystal of unconditional love. What we don’t always realize is that the profound self-love and self-worth that Rose Quartz promotes is sometimes all we need to combat negativity. When you know that you are inherently valuable, it is much easier to reject toxic people, situations, and thoughts.

How To Use Anti-Negativity Crystals

For the most immediate results, try wearing any of these negativity-banishing crystals in a pendant. You can also use your crystals as worry stones and hold them whenever you are in a crisis. If other people are the source of your negativity, try leaving a crystal in the room(s) where you spend the most time with them.

Before long, the negativity will be banished from your life, and you will be ready to claim your positive, abundant future!

Black Moonstone: The Divine Feminine and Connection

If you turn Black Moonstone to the light, its dark surface reveals a beautiful, silvery sheen; it is a literal light in the dark. This crystal offers positivity, empowering you to face any challenge, and its powers have been celebrated for millennia. For the Ancient Greeks, Moonstone symbolized the gods, and in Indian traditions, Moonstone is a stone of love.

Despite its impressive pedigree, Black Moonstone is sometimes eclipsed by its rainbow cousin. This month, we are shining some (moon)light on Black Moonstone to explore how this crystal can change your life.

Just like the moon controls the tides, Black Moonstone encourages you to move forward in life. This crystal combines water’s emotional intelligence with grounding properties to support you through periods of grief and difficult transitions. While you work through these issues, Black Moonstone shields your entire aura, freeing you from toxic influences. It also allows you to keep your heart open to new, positive experiences and relationships.

These nurturing vibrations connect you to the Divine Feminine. The Ancient Greeks knew that Moonstone had a direct link to the gods, and for good reason. Black Moonstone radiates universal energy, unlocking spiritual protection and encouragement. It also connects your heavenly vibrations to the Earth. When you work with Black Moonstone, you are able to develop spiritually without losing sight of the practical needs of your day-to-day life.

Black Moonstone represents rebirth. It invites goddess blessings on any new opportunities you explore, from careers to relationships to parenthood, and supports emotional and spiritual growth. This renewal also opens your mind to innovative ideas, unlocking creative and effective problem-solving.

The Divine Feminine calls out to you from Black Moonstone’s dark shimmer. Answer, and see how your life transforms.

Six Crystals for Libra to Balance it All

It’s Libra’s birthday month! This intellectual, compassionate sign rules over everyone born between September 23rd and October 22nd, but Libra’s energy can appear anywhere in your astrological natal chart.

The stars that form the Libra constellation make balanced scales: the symbol of the Themis, the Goddess of Justice in the Hellenic pantheon. Whether Libra is your Sun sign or not, we could all use a little more stability in our lives, and crystals can help!


Libra balances the scales, and Ametrine balances Amethyst and Citrine. This naturally occurring combination brings together the best of the Quartz cousins. Ametrine leverages Amethyst’s spiritual energy to provide clarity, calm, and focus, while also making the most of Citrine’s intense motivation and positivity.


Just like a Libra harmonizes a friend group, Apatite brings the mental, physical, and emotional selves into perfect alignment. When you achieve this level of balance, Apatite gently removes toxic frequencies, opening your heart to love. This crystal promotes honest communication, strong decision-making, and calm acceptance.

Blue Tourmaline

Blue Tourmaline calls out to Libra’s introspective side. This crystal links the Heart and Throat Chakras to reveal your true needs, not just your wants. It provides emotional clarity and protection, allowing sensitive Libras to indulge their friendly nature without fear of attracting negative people.


Libra is an Air sign, and Hemimorphite’s association with the element of Water tempers Libra’s most ethereal qualities. This crystal forges strong bonds based on positive vulnerability, emotional maturity, and empathy. When Libras feels lost, Hemimorphite allows them to let go of their ego and open themselves up to the universe plan.


Kyanite is one of the most powerful alignment crystals out there; simply holding a chunk can bring all of your Chakras into balance. Kyanite combines this stability with soothing energy to calm Libras and encourage them to express themselves in all of their relationships, both earthly and spiritual.

Moqui Marbles

Moqui Marbles come in pairs of two, the perfect physical embodiment of Libra’s balance and desire for strong relationships. These crystals provide both grounding energy and spiritual connection, allowing Libra to make “the best of both worlds.” For Libras who struggle with decision-making, Moqui Marbles help them trust their intuition.

For more information about the Libra zodiac sign and how you can use crystals to keep your balance, check out our full Libra description here!