My Dream Crystals - September 2021 Edition

My Dream Crystals - September 2021 Edition

Posted by Heather McConnell on 1st Sep 2021

Ametrine - The Essence of Purple

The leaves are starting to change, the weather is getting cooler, and many of us are reaching for richer, darker colors. Reds, yellows, and oranges are autumn mainstays, reflecting the natural hues that surround us during the season.

However, there’s another color that has become attached to the autumnal color palette: purple. Just like fall, purple branches two worlds—cool and warm colors—to create something truly unique and lovely.

Combining Amethyst’s purple with Citrine’s warm yellow, Ametrine is the perfect conduit for purple’s radiance. Let’s explore all of the ways that you can use Ametrine’s purple power to make the most of this time of year.

Spirituality, Magic, and Psychic Abilities

Purple has long been associated with the spiritual realm and magic. How many times have you seen it used to represent witches, magicians, or mediums in popular culture? Purple resonates very strongly with the Third Eye and Crown Chakras, providing a link between the earthly and the divine.

Ametrine harnesses purple’s mysticism. This crystal aligns you with the universe’s energy, allowing you to achieve enlightenment and more easily manifest your desires. Ametrine also unlocks communication with your spirit guides and helps your receive wisdom. This divine knowledge provides clarity and awareness that you can take into your daily life.


Historically, purple has been a rare color. It does not occur as very frequently in nature, and because of sumptuary laws and high costs, purple dye was exclusively available to only the most powerful people for centuries.

As a naturally occurring combination crystal, Ametrine is just as unique. This stone empowers you to be your most authentic self. It supports strong leadership and helps you take control of your life, becoming truly “royal.” When you work with Ametrine, you have the support to make your dreams a reality.


Purple works with your Third Eye Chakra to channel intuition. When you are in touch with your subconscious self, creative energy is just around the corner. Purple encourages you to view life from a different perspective and create innovative solutions. This color unlocks your hidden talents and frees you to explore you most whimsical flights of fancy.

Similarly, Ametrine serves as a conduit for both Citrine’s creativity energy and Amethyst’s spirituality. It helps you leverage each stone’s strengths to draw out your artistic side. Whether you are a creative professional or you need to gain a new perspective on a problem, Ametrine is there for you.


Purple is a color of balance, bringing together all of blue’s serenity and red’s vitality. This alignment helps you release anxieties. Purple also promotes introspection, helping you draw on your own well of self-soothing techniques. It finds the perfect ratio between awareness and calm, making purple the perfect color for meditation.

Just like purple, Ametrine promotes peace through balance. This crystal combines Citrine and Amethyst to access your highest self. It also helps you release anxieties and reach a state of profound calm.

Next time you are in need of some purple power, reach for Ametrine. This fall is the perfect time to explore your spirituality and creativity while remaining calm and centered. With Ametrine, you can celebrate everything that makes you unique!

How to Get the Most From Your Crystals – Which Combinations are Best?

You already love your crystals, and you know how to use them! Maybe you keep a Shungite chunk next to your modem, charge your coffee with Jasper every morning, or leave a Rose Quartz stone in your makeup bag.

But have you thought about combining your crystals? When you bring more than one crystal together, it boosts your intentions and amplifies both stone’s properties.

Intention is the key word here. You can combine any crystals, but make sure that your intentions are clear. Do you need to boost your confidence, or are you trying to cleanse a blocked Third Eye Chakra? Your goals will affect which stones you choose.

Crystals always work best with a clear direction, and many stones have multiple properties that you should keep in mind when choosing your stones. You may want to consider color, associated elements, and crystal structure. No matter what, you want to draw on aspects that don’t conflict with each other.

For example, Citrine’s abundance-attracting energy will harmonize with Hematite’s grounding vibrations if you are trying to succeed in school; however, if you are trying to boost your energy, Hematite’s calm, steadying properties might counteract Citrine’s stimuli.

You will know a combination isn’t working well if you aren’t making any headway towards your goals. You may also notice that you feel uncomfortable or tired, and you might even develop a headache. These symptoms reflect unharmonious vibrations. Separate the crystals and try a different pairing.

Especially if you are new to crystal combinations, start with only two to three crystals. Combination is a powerful amplifier, and the energy can be overwhelming. You may have heard the phrase, “Too many cooks in the kitchen.” With all of those strong personalities in one place, the crystals may struggle to work together efficiently.

To help you get started, here are a few of our favorite pairings:

Amethyst and Rose Quartz

If you are nurturing self-love, Amethyst and Rose Quartz are your best friends! Since they are both members of the Quartz family, they already harmonize very well together, and they know how to address your deepest needs. Amethyst channels divine guidance to help Rose Quartz balance and calm your heart for profound peace. Both stones also encourage the patience with yourself and others that is necessary for high-level healing. As a soothing side effect, Rose Quartz and Amethyst also help silence the anxieties that cause insomnia.

Aquamarine and Carnelian

This crystal combination is perfect for advancing in your career. Carnelian’s red color energy encourages creativity and motivation, and when it pairs with Aquamarine’s clarifying vibrations, you simply cannot be stopped. Aquamarine and Carnelian will help you reach a productive work flow to truly get things done. Aquamarine is also a gentle, soothing stone that helps organize Carnelian’s unbridled energy to protect you from burnout.

Black Tourmaline and Selenite

When you bring these Root and Crown Chakra stones together, you cleanse your energy from head to toe. Both Black Tourmaline and Selenite are protective, purifying crystals. If you need to release toxic habits, people, or situations, Black Tourmaline will help you cut any non-constructive ties, and then Selenite replaces that negativity with pure positivity. Working with these crystals will leave you feeling refreshed and revitalized.

Emerald and Ruby

When you are ready to welcome abundance into your life, reach for Emerald and Ruby. These crystals have very similar properties: they are both powerful attractors that resonate strongly with the Heart Chakra. Emerald and Ruby manifest prosperity in all aspects of your life, from love to money to spirituality.

Green Aventurine and Red Jasper

If you are struggling with standing up for yourself, Green Aventurine and Red Jasper are here for you. Green Aventurine promotes emotional wellbeing based on a strong sense of self-worth, and when it joins Red Jasper’s empowering vibrations, you can face any challenge. Use Green Aventurine and Red Jasper to free yourself from the toxic effects of bullying or psychic vampires.

Hematite and Obsidian

Whether you are embarking on a new but perilous adventure or dealing with an excessively demanding boss, Hematite and Obsidian is the ultimate crystal combination for protection. When you bring together these two shielding stones, your aura is fully protected. Hematite’s more introspective energy also works with Obsidian to fend off the negative self-talk and limiting beliefs that you are placing on yourself.

Two heads are better than one, and when two crystals come together, they can supercharge your spiritual development. Try these combinations or experiment with you own, and let us know your results! Comment below or tag us on Instagram @mydreamcrystals.

The Power of the Pyramid

From Giza to Mayan temples to the Louvre, pyramids have captured our imagination for millennia. This shape is visually striking, but it also has metaphysical properties. When we combine pyramids with crystals, the result is lifechanging!

Metaphysical Properties of Pyramids

The pyramid combines four important geometric concepts: the Golden Ratio, the triangle, and the square. Numerologists have noted the importance of the number 3 (symbolizing divinity, creativity, and joy) and the number 4 (symbolizing the Earth and stability) in the pyramid’s shape. In sacred geometry, the pyramid is a visual representation of the Moon and the Earth. It also combines the four elements of Earth, Air, Water, and Fire and provides a link between the Root and Crown Chakras.

Pyramids represent the connection between the divine and human realms, and it serves as a spiritual amplifier. The pyramid’s point acts like a lightning rod, channeling divine energy down into the Earth. Some ancient cultures viewed pyramids as liminal spaces where the veil between the spiritual and corporeal worlds was particularly thin. They played central roles in religious rituals aimed at initiation, transformation, and enlightenment.

As a conduit for divine energy, pyramids also enhance manifestation. They raise your vibrations, allowing you to align yourself with the Universe and receive the abundance that you need. The pyramid’s square base grounds your intentions while its point reverses the signal, broadcasting your goals to the Universe.

Many healers also tout pyramids as preservers. Just as the Ancient Egyptians used pyramids to help preserve their mummies, you can place a pyramid in your fridge to keep your produce fresher for longer.

How to Use Crystal Pyramids

You can find a pyramid made out of almost any crystal. Choose your crystal pyramids to correspond to your intentions, or let intuition be your guide.


Because of the pyramid’s connection to the divine, Crown Chakra crystals like Clear Quartz and Selenite resonate very strongly with the shape. You can add a pyramid to your meditation altar to help you achieve enlightenment or simply release stress. Its solid base will keep you grounded as you explore the spiritual realm. The pyramid will also enhance your psychic abilities and cleanse your full Chakra system.


Not only are pyramids visually stunning, they can also enhance a space’s vibrations. Place a Shungite pyramid in your living room to purify your home’s energy while protecting you from electromagnetic frequencies.


Try leaving a crystal pyramid in your crisper to keep your fruits and vegetables fresh. The crystal will also charge the food with extra energy. Pyramids’ preservation properties aren’t just limited to the kitchen! Place a Rose Quartz pyramid next to your skin care products or makeups to maintain a youthful glow.


All pyramids support manifestation, but crystal pyramids with abundance-attracting stones like Jade and Citrine will supercharge your intentions. Leave the pyramid on your desk or in your workspace to help manifest your goals.

Crystal Grids

Pyramids are the perfect anchors for your crystal grids. They absorb the surrounding stones’ vibrations and send them out into the universe. No matter your intention, a crystal pyramid will boost your whole grid.

Pyramids are one of the most powerful shapes in sacred geometry, and when we use them in conjunction with crystals, we unlock some of the universe’s ancient energy. Whatever your goals, there is a pyramid for you!

How to Raise Your Vibrations: Which Crystals to Use

Crystals have the power to transform your life. Have you ever wondered why?

The crux of a crystal’s power is its energetic vibration. As we explored in-depth in our August issue with the article, “Crystals and Their Power to Transmit Energy,” everything on Earth emits a certain frequency. Crystals naturally vibrate on a very high level, and when they encounter something or someone that is releasing lower frequencies, crystals raise the object’s energy to meet their own.

If you’ve ever felt revitalized after using a crystal, this vibration boost is the reason why!

Sometimes, the average stone’s frequency may not be enough. That’s where high vibration crystals come in. Their exceptional energy allows you to access the spiritual realm and expand your consciousness. Working with high vibration crystals can help you raise your own frequency and get closer to enlightenment.

If you are in need of a radical transformation, consider using a high vibration crystal. They are also great for seasoned healers and collectors. High vibration crystals are especially effective for developing psychic abilities and supercharging spiritual progress.

When you work with high vibration crystals, it can be overwhelming at first. We recommend using small pieces of stone for short periods of time if you are a beginner. Combine high vibration crystals with grounding and protective stones like Black Tourmaline, Hematite, Shungite, or Obsidian to balance yourself as you becoming more attuned to your divine energies.

Clear Quartz

If you’re new to high vibration stones, Clear Quartz is the perfect place to start! A universal healer and amplifier, Clear Quartz is an all-star crystal that vibrates at a very high frequency. This stone’s gentle yet powerful energy will introduce you to the world of high vibration crystals in an accessible way.


Clear Quartz’s purple cousin, Amethyst, resonates strongly with the Third Eye and Crown Chakras, allowing you to unlock your highest self. When you receive this divine wisdom, you will experience a profound sense of relaxation and clarity. Amethyst also cleanses your aura to raise your frequency.


The word “Celestite” comes from the same root word as “celestial,” and this crystal’s name is no coincidence. Celestite is the perfect tool for connecting with angels and spirit guides. By promoting peace and clarity, this crystal creates the optimal environment for spiritual growth. It shares it high vibrations in small doses, gently uplifting you in the process.


Chrysocolla has so much divine feminine energy that it is often called “the Goddess Stone.” If you feel disconnected from your emotions or communication abilities, this crystal will help you express your inner truth. Chrysocolla unlocks a world of ancient wisdom that will supercharge your spiritual journey.


A stone of unconditional love, Danburite aligns you with the divine plan and draws out your innate altruism. When you work with Danburite, you are able to connect with angels, spirit guides, and deities who can reveal your life path. This level of knowledge allows you to navigate both the earthly and spiritual realms more easily.


Kyanite is one of our favorite high-vibration stones at My Dream Crystals. Our co-founder, Kelly, had a particularly powerful encounter with Kyanite when helping a client who was struggling with blocked Chakras: “Nate grabbed a big piece of Kyanite off the counter, and his chakras popped open with an overwhelming energy! All the sudden, he was light-headed and dizzy. After he re-centered, he went home with that huge chunk of Kyanite and became a frequent visitor to my store.”

As Nate discovered, Kyanite re-aligns your entire Chakra system. It also channels divine wisdom to help you release non-constructive thoughts and habits. If anything is holding you back on the path to enlightenment, Kyanite is your best friend.


Mythology says that Labradorite’s iridescent shine contains the Northern Lights, and you can look to this crystal to guide you in the darkness. If you are looking to transform your life, Labradorite will help you take the risks you need for your spiritual growth. It infuses you with strength and clarity while also providing protection.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli links your Third Eye and Throat Chakras, allowing you to strengthen your psychic gifts and express what you learn. A stone of profound spiritual knowledge, Lapis Lazuli guides you along the path to enlightenment like a wise mentor. Working with this crystal promotes clarity and courage.


This stunning green crystal’s vibrant color and swirling pattern call out to your emotions. Malachite heals and strengthens your heart. This crystal channels its strong vibrations to dissipate all toxic energy and limiting mindsets, unlocking the path to spiritual development.


Formed by a meteor, Moldavite is literally out of this world. It is a conduit of space’s unlimited power, and these otherworldly vibrations expand your consciousness at an extremely rapid pace. Working with Moldavite will transform your entire life, but if you are new to high vibration crystals, start off slowly. This stone has a particularly intense energy that does not resonate with everyone.


Selenite radiates love and clarity. This crystal’s nurturing vibrations channel divine energy down to you, cleansing your entire aura. Selenite also stimulates your Crown Chakra, allowing you to access spiritual wisdom. When you work with Selenite, you will move through life with perfect balance and judgement.

High vibration crystals are an invaluable tool in your spiritual development. They allow you to access your highest self for success in all aspects of your life. Explore these transformative stones, and prepare to be amazed!

Disappearing Crystals - What Does It Mean?

Most crystal collectors have an organization system for their stones. Whether you keep your crystals in a designated box, arranged on a shelf, or used as strategic décor, you know where they are. Most of the time.

Have you ever had a crystal… disappear?

Just like the socks that seem to evaporate in the laundry or the earring that slips to the back of a drawer and is never seen again, crystals can vanish without a trace. For ordinary objects, these disappearances can be simply annoying, but for something as personal and powerful as a crystal, it can be upsetting.

You may ask yourself, “Does this have a spiritual meaning?”

The answer is usually, “Yes.”

When a crystal disappears, don’t panic. It may not be a permanent departure, and even if it is, it is probably for the best. There are a few reasons why you may lose or misplace a crystal:

Your work with the crystal is complete.

Just as friends and mentors come and go in our lives, sometimes crystals only serve us for a finite period of time. You may have learned all of a stone’s lessons, or it may have found someone else who needed it more. If you find yourself regressing or in need of the crystal’s properties again, don’t be surprised if it reappears.

You need more of the crystal’s vibrations.

Although it may seem counter-intuitive, losing a crystal may be a sign that you need more of it. The universe is nudging you to go buy a larger or stronger replacement. Head to your favorite crystal shop and see if any of the pieces are calling to you.

Your energies do not match.

Everything on Earth has a unique vibration. You don’t get along with every person that you encounter, and you won’t resonate with every crystal, either. If you don’t harmonize with a stone, it may move on. Sometimes a crystal may be too strong for you at the moment, but you may resonate with it better at another point in your journey.

You are not listening to divine messages.

If you are consistently losing the same or similar types of crystals, it could be a sign from the universe. For example, if you just can’t find any of your Rose Quartz pieces, it’s time to really focus on self-love.

What to do after a crystal disappears

If you notice that your crystal is lost and cannot be found, thank it and send it on its way. Meditate on whether or not to replace it; your divine guides will tell you the answer.

Everything happens for a reason. Don’t fret over a lost crystal. Use this disappearance as an opportunity to listen to the universe’s messages. The stone will come back to you if you need it again.