Summer Solstice - Symbolized Celebration, Abundance & Creativity

Summer Solstice - Symbolized Celebration, Abundance & Creativity

Posted by Heather McConnell on 21st Jun 2021

On June 21st, the Sun will be in its highest position in the sky, creating the longest day of the year. Known as the Summer Solstice, Litha, or Midsummer, this date marks the official start of summer in the Northern Hemisphere. The Sun seems suspended, and the term “solstice” comes from the Latin word solstitium, which means “the sun stands still.”

This astrological phenomenon has been observed for thousands of years. Stonehenge is positioned so that it aligns with the Sun on the Summer Solstice. Ancient Celts dedicated the day to the Earth Goddess, Danu, and Ancient Romans associated Litha with the goddess of marriage, women, and childbirth, Juno, for whom the month of June was named. In Christian tradition, Midsummer is St. John’s Day, celebrating John the Baptist.

For our ancestors, the Summer Solstice symbolized celebration, abundance, and creativity. It is a time to enjoy the benefits of all of our hard work and expand our goals to reach even greater heights in both our personal and professional lives. Have you ever wondered why June is such a popular month for weddings? The answer lies in the ancient ties between Midsummer and fertility. Just like the abundant harvest, blooming flowers, and lush greenery, our ancestors believed that a Summer Solstice marriage guaranteed a successful and happy union. Litha represents the Earth’s bounty and infinite positivity.

The Summer Solstice is closely tied to the element of Fire, embodied by the Sun’s life-giving rays. Traditional Midsummer activities include bonfires and even burning large wheels and rolling them into a lake, which symbolizes the balance between Fire and Water. This elemental energy inspires renewed vitality, happiness, and fulfillment, but it also provides protection against enemies and the coming cold.

Litha is the longest day of the year, but it is also the point where the days start to shorten, signaling winter’s gradual arrival. Midsummer encourages you to celebrate what you have received but also to remember that you only reap what you sow. In some Pagan traditions, the Summer Solstice is the battle between the Oak King, who represents spring and summer, and the Holly King, who reigns over fall and winter. The Holly King emerges victorious and heralds the change of the seasons. The Summer Solstice is a time of joy but also a time of gratitude, commitment, and security.

Whether you already have a Summer Solstice tradition or are looking to incorporate the wisdom of this ancient festival into your life, crystals are an indispensable tool. They are part of the Earth and help attune you to the planet’s natural cycles while also amplifying the Sun’s gifts.


As fossilized tree resin, Amber is closely related to the myth of the Oak King, and historical Summer Solstice celebrations often venerated trees. Amber is a stone of luck and protection for the second half of the year. It also transforms negativity into positivity to open you up to a whole new realm of joy and abundance.


Carnelian’s positivity is irresistible, and its bright orange and red colors resonate with Fire energy. This crystal infuses all of the element’s vitality and creativity into your life while also allowing you to release toxicity. With this constructive mindset, Carnelian encourages you to deepen your personal connections. If you are getting married or making a personal commitment around the Summer Solstice, Carnelian is the stone for you!

Chrysanthemum Stone

As its name implies, Chrysanthemum Stone, also known as “Flower Stone,” encourages you to bloom with all of the radiant plants that you see around you at Litha. Chrysanthemum Stone links your Root to your Crown Chakra, allowing you to access both earthly and divine knowledge. It also encourages a profound sense of harmony. Chrysanthemum Stone reminds us that by trusting each other and working together, we will all experience more abundance and have more to celebrate.


Cinnabar is the physical embodiment of Fire. It uses the element’s cleansing energy to transform you and manifest your dreams. Cinnabar radiates success, particularly financial wealth, but it is also closely tied to relationships. This crystal enhances the physical connection between romantic partners to magnify Midsummer’s sensuality.


This golden crystal is tied closely to the Sun, so its properties of manifestation, vitality, and joy are at their strongest at the Summer Solstice. Citrine is a stone of infinite positivity that improves every element of your life, from your spirituality to your career and your friendships. To find out more about Citrine’s connection to the Sun, see our article “Summer and Citrine” in the June 2021 edition of My Dream Crystals.


Garnet’s bright red color channels all the Sun’s life-giving energy. This crystal acts like a metaphysical enzyme to speed up your positive transformation. When you work with Garnet, you will notice increased creativity, confidence, and vitality. It is no coincidence that Garnet has long been a popular gemstone for jewelry; it also embodies love and loyalty, making it a great gift for a friend or lover at Litha.


As lush and fertile as the summer foliage, Jade’s nurturing vibrations welcome abundance into your life. It is the perfect crystal to expand your horizons for the second half of the year. Jade will ensure that your new goals are achievable and beneficial, while also blessing your endeavors with a little extra luck.

Petrified Wood

Petrified Wood channels the ancient wisdom of the planet and your ancestors to support you at Midsummer and all year round. It is a stone of transformation, encouraging new beginnings and renewing your strength. Petrified Wood embodies both the joy of the Summer Solstice and its call for responsibility.


This empowering crystal resonates strongly with its celestial namesake, and its powers peak with the Sun’s path at the Summer Solstice. Sunstone encourages leadership, confidence, and ingenuity, allowing you to take your dreams and make them a reality. You may also consider pairing Sunstone with its sister crystal, Moonstone, to make the most of the balance between Fire and Water energy that has long been associated with Litha.

Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s Eye emits protective and energizing vibrations. This crystal gives you the drive to achieve your dreams while also encouraging self-discipline and standing in your own power. It perfectly captures both sides of the Summer Solstice: celebration and accountability.

Summer is always an exciting time, but it is even more fulfilling when you connect with the Earth and its natural cycles. This Summer Solstice, work with your crystals to celebrate the season’s beauty and set strong intentions for the second half of the year. From crystal grids to elixirs, meditation to decoration, there are so many ways to supercharge your life with the ancient traditions of Litha!