The Snow Moon -  February’s Full Moon

The Snow Moon - February’s Full Moon

Posted by Heather McConnell on 13th Feb 2022

Snow Moon

February’s full moon, known as the Snow Moon, will occur this year on February 16th at 11:59am EST. For the best view, though, you will want to look up at the sky around midnight.

February’s Snow Moon is the last of the winter moons, and it completes the cycle of reflection and rest that we began in December with the Cold Moon. This year, the Snow Moon will rise in Leo, bringing the lion’s courage and ambition as we prepare to transition to Spring.

What is the Snow Moon?

Like most moon names, the term “Snow Moon” comes from Native American folklore. February is typically the snowiest month in the United States, and its full moon reflects the weather. The first recorded mention of the February Snow Moon comes from Jonathan Carver’s narrative of his interactions with the Naudowessie (more commonly known as the Dakota) people in the 1760s.

For other Native American tribes, February’s full moon was closely related to animals. During February, animals increase their activity, and some even begin mating. The February full moon is known as the Bald Eagle Moon to the Cree, Black Bear Moon to the Tlingit, Groundhog Moon to the Algonquin, and Goose Moon to the Haida.

In Cherokee folklore, the February full moon has a harsher connotation: reaching the end of the winter food storage. They often refer to this moon as the Hungry Moon and February as the Month of the Bony Moon.

What is the Spiritual Meaning of the Snow Moon?

As the final winter moon, the Snow Moon is about renewal. It symbolizes releasing past pain and redirecting our energies to build a brighter future.

Even though the Snow Moon occurs during a time of cold and privation, it also marks the subtle stirring of spring. You may notice that the temperatures in your area are incrementally increasing or that the hard ground is starting to thaw.

Like the Celtic and Neopagan festival of Imbolc, the Snow Moon invites us to look forward to spring with hope and strong intentions. It is the culmination of all of the reflection and preparation that we have done. Your dreams are beginning to take shape, so don’t give up!

While change can be scary, the transition between winter and spring is one of the easiest to accept. It promises temperate (if often rainy) weather, and it’s hard not to feel excited by the budding flowers and singing birds.

This Snow Moon, take advantage of the extra Leo energy to pursue your ambitions. Between Leo’s drive and the Snow Moon’s traditional association with moving toward success, it’s the perfect time for manifestation.

What Crystals Can I Use for the Snow Moon?

As you look forward to spring, reach for Moss Agate and Pink Opal. Moss Agate symbolizes the planet’s rebirth in spring, and it will help you release any negativity that could hold you back in the new season. Pink Opal emits very nurturing vibrations that promote hope for the future.

You may want to include some Obsidian in your Snow Moon observances to help you persevere through the final days of winter. This crystal carries a strong Earth energy, which aligns you with the planet’s natural cycles, and it replaces negative energy with pure positivity. It also encourages protection and balance.

To honor the Snow Moon’s connection to animals, work with Carnelian. This harmonious crystal strengthens relationships between humans and animals. Pet owners with multiple animals will find this crystal especially useful.

Make the most of the Leo Snow Moon with Jade and Sunstone. These powerful manifestation crystals work beautifully together. Jade opens your heart to prosperity and adds a little luck to your journey, and Sunstone imbues you with the energy and optimism of the coming spring sun.

Winter is almost over, and with crystals and the power of the Snow Moon, you will be ready to spring into action in March!