The Worm Moon  Welcomes Spring

The Worm Moon Welcomes Spring

Posted by Heather McConnell on 18th Mar 2022

Worm Moon

With the Spring Equinox right around the corner, it’s time to look up at the sky again! March’s full moon will occur at 3:20am EST on Friday, March 18, 2022, two days before the official start of the season.

Commonly called the “Worm Moon,” March’s full moon welcomes spring. Let’s explore how to make the most of this moon’s renewing energies.

What is the Worm Moon?

The name “Worm Moon” originates with Native American tribes in the Southeastern United States. It is thought to refer to the earthworms that appear as the ground thaws and the natural world reawakens.

Captain Johnathan Carver, whose journals cover a lot of Native American moon names from the 18th century, provides a different origin for the Worm Moon. According to Carver, the Worm Moon refers to beetle larvae that emerge from tree bark as spring arrives.

Other Native American tribes associated this moon with different returning animals, such as the Crows Come Back Moon (Northern Ojibwe). For the Ojibwe and the Shawnee, March’s full moon was closely associated with sugar maple trees, earning the nickname the Sugar Moon and Sap Moon. The Pueblo called it the Moon When the Leaves Break Forth.

In Europe, Anglo Saxons named March’s full moon the Storm Moon, after the month’s traditionally turbulent weather. Celts recognized it as the Plough Moon, and in Medieval England, the Chaste Moon was the most popular term, referring to spring’s purity.

March’s full moon holds spiritual significance across a broad variety of religions. In Hinduism, it brings the vibrant celebration of Holi. This festival—which celebrates the eternal love of Radha Krishna, the coming spring, and the victory of the god Vishnu over the evil Hiranyakashipu—is marked by singing and dancing in the streets, as well as the spraying of colored powders and water.

The Worm Moon is also extremely important in Judeo-Christian traditions. When it occurs before the Spring Equinox (as it does this year), it is the Lenten Moon. If it falls after the Equinox, the Worm Moon is considered the Paschal Moon, and it determines the dates for Passover and Easter.

What is the Spiritual Meaning of the Worm Moon?

With the start of spring, the Worm Moon symbolizes optimism and new beginnings. The Snow Moon energized us to achieve our goals, and now it is time to enjoy the fruits of those labors and set fresh intentions.

In many ways, the Worm Moon is a liminal space. Winter winds have given way to cool spring breezes, but there might still be some snow on the ground. It’s the perfect opportunity for journaling and reflecting on what you achieved in the first quarter of the year. What worked? What didn’t work?

The Worm Moon is highly personal. Dig deep and think about the things that nurture you: people, hobbies, places. Lean into them. If there is anything that makes you feel uncomfortable or off-kilter, it is also a good time to let it go. Spring cleaning isn’t just for your house, after all! This year, the Worm Moon will be in Libra, which adds an extra balancing energy to an already grounding time.

As the Earth wakes up from her long sleep, there is a little extra magic around. You may notice lucky “coincidences” or divine messages. Take the time to listen and deepen your relationship with the planet so that you can decode her signs.

Your creative energy will also be flowing, and inspiration is around every corner! If you feel called to explore a new journey this month, run with it.

What Crystals Should I Use During the Worm Moon?

As you reflect on the past winter, reach for Amethyst. This crystal activates your Crown and Third Eye Chakras, channeling divine wisdom while also promoting happiness and calm. If you feel confused, or your emotional body is out of balance, add Fluoritefor extra clarity.

Selenite and Shungite can assist in your “spring cleaning.” Selenite resonates strongly with the moon and is a perfect cleansing tool. Balance Selenite’s strong spiritual energy with Shungite, another purification crystal that has a profoundly grounding effect.

Green Opal is the physical embodiment of the Worm Moon’s nurturing and inspiring nature. It soothes any fears you have, gently helping you take creative risks and adapt to change.

The Worm Moon is also the perfect time to reconnect with the awakening planet. Garnierite attunes you the Earth’s subtlest energies, and Petrified Wood encourages you to be fully present, taking in all the messages nature is sending to you.

Celebrate spring and all of its blessings this Worm Moon, and you will be perfectly set up to bloom along with the flowers!