​Top 10 Crystals for Attracting Abundance

16th Aug 2020

Top 10 Crystals for Attracting Abundance

At these times, we may all be feeling a bit tired and overwhelmed of the global chaos taking place. There´s lots of uncertainty and hopelessness in the air, as many of us have lost jobs and are trying to somehow make ends meet. However, let´s not forget that within us all, there is limitless potential and new talents to be discovered. We can all manifest abundance by recognizing that we are the Creators and if we believe in our divine power, we can manifest our wildest dreams.

My sincere hope is that working with any of these 10 crystals helps you attract abundance and exciting new opportunities into your life. At the same time, the powerful vibes of the Leo Season help recharge you and make you blossom with potential.

Rough Carnelian

Carnelian for New Opportunities

Carnelian crystals work like a magnet to attract exciting new opportunities, positivity, success and abundance into your life. Turn to this crystal when you´re struggling with extreme fatigue and lack of energy. It will give you strength and vitality to turn your dreams into reality.

Carnelian is also a wonderful stone for all those whose work requires some creative inspiration. It helps to tap into the flow of creative energy straight from the Source, so that you´ll feel divinely guided to manifest your dreams and ideas.

Congo CitrineCitrine for Attraction and Growth

Citrine is a perfect crystal for attracting material wealth and career success. It has incredibly uplifting and optimistic energy which helps boost your self-esteem and restores your faith in a better future.

As a high vibrational crystal, Citrine fosters spiritual growth and encourages you to trust your intuition and follow your inner guidance. It helps you bridge the gap between the material world and the higher spiritual realms.

It's always best to use real natural Citirine if you have it available.  Do you know the difference between real natural Citrine and commercially sold Citrine that's really "baked" Amethyst?


Turquoise for Good Fortune

The bright blue color of this crystal conjures up images of an azure ocean paradise. Turquoise crystal is believed to bring good fortune and shield you against evil spirits. It also helps you avoid unprofitable business deals and ventures.

Turquoise is a great crystal for improving health, as it connects you to the healing and life-sustaining energy of water.

Turquoise helps you listen to your intuition and inner guidance. Working with this crystal brings you a feeling of calm and tranquility.


Sunstone for Joy and Success

ere´s another great stone to activate the abundance flow!  Sunstone harnesses the healing power of the Sun and carries incredibly positive vibrations to lift you up when you´re feeling down. It helps you release painful memories of the past so that you would be ready to make a fresh start. 

This stunning crystal also helps to heal your Solar Plexus chakra, which is closely connected to your sense of self-esteem and ability to attract amazing opportunities.  Let Sunstone brighten up your day and attract success on every level!


Malachite the Transformation Stone

According to the Law of Attraction, we manifest according to our level of vibration. So, in order to attract abundance into our lives, we must first heal ourselves, so that we could vibrate on a higher frequency.

Malachite is a wonderful crystal that helps to heal a broken heart and release pain from the past.

It supports us in transforming our fearful beliefs and limiting patterns, so that we could start attracting more uplifting relationships and opportunities into our lives.

The lush green shades of this crystal symbolize the vibrant growth of nature in the springtime, bringing us renewal and brand new beginnings.

Tigers Eye

Tiger Eye for Confidence and Will Power

Turn to  Tiger Eye when you´re feeling stuck and are looking for a way out. This unique crystal swiftly helps you let go of self-doubt and clear away negative energy. It gives you a welcome boost of confidence and will-power, so that you could unlock your true potential.

Tiger Eye reminds you that to follow your heart, you must sometimes be a risk-taker. It activates the abundance flow into your life and brings you financial prosperity.

Tiger Eye is also a powerful crystal of protection and good fortune, so be sure to wear it as your lucky charm!

Red Jasper

Red Jasper for Strength and Grounding

I think that it´s safe to say that we all feel stuck in negative energies at certain points in our lives.  Red Jasper helps you take back control of your life and gives you strength to overcome any challenge.

The bold vibrations of this crystal boost your self-confidence and willpower, so that you won´t give up on life. Red Jasper gives you courage to pursue your passions and because of its powerful grounding properties, you will be able to stay firmly rooted.

Golden Topaz for Empowerment

During these chaotic times, when it´s easy to lose hope, Golden Topaz is here to light your inner fire. The bright and sunny vibes of this crystal bring you joy and a sense of bliss.

Golden Topaz works wonders for Solar Plexus healing. This chakra is where your vitality, life energy and sense of personal power is concentrated. If your Solar Plexus chakra is activated, you feel empowered and enthusiastic about life. That is why this chakra is also the key to unlocking the flow of abundance into your life and working with a Golden Topaz crystal helps you achieve that.


Jade for Rejuvenation

Imagine an enchanted forest with lush greenery. Working with a  Jade stone will take you on a spiritual journey and connect you with your soul`s wisdom.

Its vibrant green hues remind you that the seasons change and after a long dark winter there will always come the Spring bringing a renewed sense of hope and enthusiasm.

Jade is widely known for its rejuvenating effects, as it carries the healing vibes of the earth. It is believed to bring you good luck and protect you from evil intentions.

Red Aventurine

Red Aventurine for Motivation

Red Aventurine is here to tell you to stop doubting yourself and start taking action towards fulfilling your heart´s desires. It is a crystal of passion and energetic renewal.

Turn to Red Aventurine for a boost of motivation to start over when everything has fallen apart. It helps you adapt to changes and encourages you to take risks, when the timing is right. Working with a Red Aventurine crystal helps you live your life to the fullest and make the most of each moment.