Top 5 Crystals for Real Estate - Buying, Selling & Agents

Top 5 Crystals for Real Estate - Buying, Selling & Agents

Posted by Heather McConnell on 21st Mar 2022

Top 5 Crystals for Real Estate

Buying a home is an amazing experience; however, it is also complicated, difficult, and anxiety-inducing. There’s a reason you need an agent to serve as your representative!

While a good agent can guide you through the in’s and out’s of the real estate process and provide support through the emotional rollercoaster, you can’t rely on them alone.

Whether you are buying, selling, or investing, crystals can be your secret weapon in the everchanging real estate market!

Manifest with Pyrite

Although this crystal is commonly called “Fool’s Gold,” there’s nothing foolish about it! Pyrite leverages the Earth’s energy to manifest your desires. Its combination of grounding energy, protection, and assertiveness is uniquely powerful and perfectly suited to real estate. We recommend using Pyrite at the beginning of your real estate journey. Charge it with your absolute must-haves, and let it get to work.

Be in the Right Place at the Right Time with Jade

No matter how prepared you are or how well-connected your agent is, there is always an element of luck in real estate. Jade has been used as a lucky charm for centuries, and it will help create the optimal situation for success. Jade is also a powerful abundance crystal to supercharge your house hunting.

Communicate with Howlite

Communication is the most important part of real estate. Without clear communication, your agent cannot represent you accurately, and you cannot negotiate a deal. Howlite facilitates communication by stressing patience, positivity, and knowledge. It allows you to express yourself in a kind yet productive manner.

Make Clear Decisions with Tiger’s Eye

When it comes time to make a choice in real estate, you want to know that you are making the right one. Tiger’s Eye encourages the sharp analytical skills and mental clarity needed to make strong decisions. It also promotes your willpower and provides protection from negative forces.

Keep Calm with Kyanite

Even with all of this extra help from crystals, keeping calm may still be a struggle. Kyanite emits soothing vibrations while also aligning your full Chakra system, making it an invaluable ally for the entire real estate process.

With these crystals, it really is that easy to find home sweet home. Do you want to learn more about how crystals can help with buying or selling a property or other real-life situations? Comment below or tag us @mydreamcrystals on Instagram!