Water Your Plants with Charged Crystal Infused Water

Water Your Plants with Charged Crystal Infused Water

Posted by Heather McConnell on 18th Dec 2020

Water is the essence of life. It makes up 70% of the human body, and we need to keep hydrated in order to be happy and healthy. The same is true for our plants! In fact, plants have an even higher water content than humans, between 80 and 90%. Water is valuable on its own, but it can be boosted with crystals! You may have made crystal elixirs for yourself, but did you know that your plants can benefit from them, too? Crystal-charged water is perfect for keeping your garden happy and healthy!

You will want to prepare your plants’ crystal elixir a day before you plan to water them. Place your chosen stone at the bottom of your watering can. Then, fill it with water. Leave the watering can in the sunlight for twenty-four hours to charge the water with both the crystal’s power and the sun’s nurturing rays. Once the can is fully charged, remove the crystal and water your houseplants and/or garden. See the difference it makes! 

Crystal elixirs give your plants a boost of vitality while also nurturing growth and healing disease. You can water your plants with a crystal elixir every week, or you can plan your crystal watering schedule to coincide with important cosmic events, such as full moons, for maximum effect.

What crystal should you choose for your plants’ water? To begin, make sure that the crystal is not soluble or toxic. You don’t want to lose your stone or accidentally poison your plant friends! Our absolute favorite crystal for plants is Clear Quartz. This master healer stimulates growth, amplifies positive energy, and nurses damaged or wilting plants back to their full glory. It also catches sunlight to support photosynthesis. 

Clear Quartz’s cleansing energy detoxifies your plants and keeps away pests. Another great choice is Moss Agate, which is known as the “gardener’s stone.” This crystal’s earthy green energy supports renewal, and it revitalizes droopy plants. Moss Agate also encourages communication, allowing you to build a closer relationship with your plant friends!

The powerful combination of crystals’ Earth energy with the element of water nurtures humans and plants alike. Try some crystal-infused water in your garden, and show us your results!