What is a Cold Moon?

What is a Cold Moon?

Posted by Heather McConnell on 13th Dec 2021

Cold Moon

As we approach the Winter Solstice, the day keep getting shorter and shorter, and the nights keep getting longer and longer. On December 18th at 11:37pm EST, the full moon will illuminate the darkness.

Known as the “Cold Moon,” this moon ushers in the winter. Like all full moons, it carries its own unique energy. Today, we’ll explore how to work with crystals to learn all of the Cold Moon’s lessons for a restful, nourishing December.

What is the Cold Moon?

The Cold Moon occurs near the Winter Solstice, which usually lands on December 21st, and it has long been an important astrological event, particularly in North America. In Mohican lore, the Cold Moon is known as the “Long Night Moon,” a reference to the coming solstice, and the Dakota call it “When the Deer Shed their Antlers.” Pagans may refer to it as the “Moon Before Yule,” the sabbat celebrated at the Winter Solstice, or the “Oak Moon,” a reference to the British myth of the Oak and Holly Kings. Other names for the Cold Moon include the Little Spirit Moon, Evergreen Moon, and the Sun Has Traveled Home to Rest Moon.

Traditionally, the Cold Moon represents the past, as well as the changes that are being made to create the future. It marks the end of the harvest and the beginning of winter. This year, the Cold Moon occurs in Gemini, and the twins will encourage communication and transformation.

What is the Spiritual Meaning of the Cold Moon?

The Cold Moon’s main message is renewal. While the world around you may look cold, bleak, and lifeless, the Earth is just resting. Take a break and reconnect with your spirituality while looking forward to the future with hope.

Because the Earth is in a period of “death,” the Cold Moon is also heavily associated with the afterlife. It’s no coincidence that ghost stories are an important part of Christmas lore! The Cold Moon is a good time for mediumship, communicating with angels, or simply remembering your loved ones who have crossed over.

Many people use the holiday season as a chance to reflect on the past year, and the Cold Moon encourages this mindset. Use it as an opportunity to take stock of 2021 and set intentions for the year to come.

The Cold Moon also brings your priorities into focus. Winter was a time of privation for our ancestors, when nothing could be spared or taken for granted. The Cold Moon encourages gratitude while also drawing out your passions. It is a time for really thinking about what you care about and pursuing your dreams.

An important part of this reflection is releasing negativity. The Cold Moon calls on you to identify and let go of that which no longer serves you. You can’t truly move forward until you are freed from these toxic influences.

This year’s Cold Moon in Gemini takes the traditional introspection to the next level, calling you to transform your life. Use Gemini’s boundless energy to make a change and be your best self in the new year. However, don’t let Gemini’s vitality overwhelm you; the Cold Moon is a time for rest as well as transformation.

What Crystals Should I Use During the Cold Moon?

Goldstone fully embodies the Cold Moon’s message of introspection and renewal. This crystal helps you release negativity and set strong intentions to manifest abundance in the new year. As you shift your priorities towards your passions and the people you truly care about, reach for Garnet. If 2021 has been a rough year for you, Chrysoprase will invite prosperity while helping heal your heart.

As you enter this period of rest, Bloodstone grounds you and renews your energy. Onyx helps you release negativity, set clear intentions, and work diligently toward your goals. Turquoise is the traditional birthstone for December, and for good reason: its lovely blue-green color represents winter’s cold while also reminding you of the hope of the coming spring.

Work with Selenite and Labradorite to connect with your spirituality. Selenite repels negativity and opens the pathway to divine communication. It is also named for the Roman goddess of the moon, Selene, making it an excellent crystal for the full moon. Labradorite’s magical energy unlocks your intuition while also providing protection for the year ahead.

After a turbulent year, the Cold Moon invites you to rest and prepare for all of the abundance that 2022 will bring. The entire My Dream Crystals staff wishes you a happy holiday season and a very happy near year!