When Do I Clear And Charge My Crystals?

When Do I Clear And Charge My Crystals?

Posted by Karen Bolt on 10th Mar 2015

When you are overworked and stressed, you get run down…so do your crystals! They work very hard to help you. What a lot of people are not aware of is that most crystals need to be cleared and recharged regularly. Crystals vibrate energy and this energy can become dull. Think about your computer, and how it starts to get slower and slower over time. So you clean off old files and defragment it and lo and behold it starts working at full speed again.

I have seen crystals spontaneously crack or lose their color. This happens because the owner has been draining the crystal of its energy without clearing and recharging it regularly.

The more frequently you work with a crystal, the more you have to clear and charge it.

If you are a healer, you should clear the crystals you use after each client.

If you wear a favorite crystal every day, clear it at least once a week or after you have had a particularly difficult day.

Everything else clear once a month. Since crystals love the moonlight, use the full moon as your reminder to clear and charge your crystals.

As with all rules there are some exceptions. There are 4 crystals that do not need to be cleared. These are Selenite, CarnelianCitrine and Kyanite.

Treat your crystals lovingly and they will continue to provide you with loving, healing energy.