Bronzite Pyramids, Protection from Psychic Attacks

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Small and Medium Bronzite pyramids

Bronzit Pyramids, 2 Sizes Available, Pyramids 

Bronzite is a strong protection stone that acts like a boomerang. If you are psychically attacked Bronzite returns negative thoughts, spells, psychic attacks, curses back to the sender, then it comes back to you! Like in a never ending loop.  In order to prevent this from happening use Bronzite with other protection stones to form a barrier protecting you.

We're excited to intuitively pick a perfect Bronzite pyramid stone for you from our inventory. The pictures are a representation of what we have available.  There are 2 sizes available, small size is approximately 1.35"-1.4" and 1.15" to 1.3" tall and the medium pyramids are approximately 2" at the base and 1.7" to 1.8" tall.