Citrine Geode from Brazil, Polished Citrine Cut Base Geodes for Abundance and Manifestation

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Citrine Geode

Brazilian Citrine Clusters With Cut Base - Heat Treated Citrine Free Standing Geode

This small Citrine geode has rolled over polished edges on the sides.  Citrine is used as a manifesting stone for abundance and prosperity. Citrine is powerful manifesting & healing stone. It's a solar plexus stone that helps you to be in your power & assists with manifesting. Citrine is known primarily as a prosperity stone however use it to manifest anything you desire.  Citrine never needs to be cleared and helps transmute negative energy. It's yellow/orange color brings happiness & joy, like a ray of sunshine in your day. Keep it close to your cash register or cash.

You'll receive the exact citrine cluster in the picture.  This Citrine piece has been heat treated, see note below.   Approximate size 4" tall x 2.75" W x 2" D and weighs15 ozs.

***Citrine Note: Natural Citrine vs. Heat Treated Citrine***
The majority of commercially sold Citrine on the market is heat treated Amethyst. Light colored Amethyst is baked causing the purple color to turn yellow/orange/brown. This type of Citrine is reasonable priced and abundantly available.