Coral Calcite Rough Pieces, Raw Chunks, Fiero Calcite, Energizing

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Fiero Calcite Rough Pieces, Small Raw Chunks

Coral Calcite Rough Pieces, Raw Chunks, Fiero Calcite for Lower Chakra Work

Use Coral Calcite rough pieces where you're doing any type of lower chakras work for root and sacal chakras. The beautiful coral color provides a boost to your energy, it's energizing and revitalizing for the lower chakras.  You may also find Coral Calcite sold under the trademarked name Fiero Calcite by a well known crystal company.

We're excited to intuitively select a Coral Calcite rough piece for you from our inventory.  The picture is a representation of what we have in stock.

Approximate sizes:
Small: 1.4 oz. 1.5-1.7"
Medium: 3.5 ozs, 
2.4" You'll receive this exact stone.
Large: SOLD 5 ozs, 2.4"