Dalmatian Jasper Small Pyramids, Dalmatian Pyramid Stones, Small Pyramids

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Dalmatian Jasper Small Pyramids

Dalmatian Jasper Small Pyramids, Pyramid Stones, Dalmatian Pyramids 

Dalmatian stone pyramids radiate joy and possibility. The pyramid’s point acts like a broadcast tower, imbuing both you and your space with creative, constructive energies.

If you are uncertain of your life’s purpose or direction, use your Dalmatian stone pyramid in meditation or place it by your bedside to help you interpret subconscious messages from your dreams. Dalmatian stone will reveal all opportunities to help you achieve your goals.  Dalmatian stone is commonly referred to as Dalmatian Jasper however this is not a Jasper stone. The spots are said to be tourmaline however says the black material has been tested and is Arfvedsonite.

There are 2 sizes available
Small: Approximately 1.4" at the base and 1.2" tall.  This is the smaller pyramid in the picture, in the front row.
OUT OF STOCK: Medium: Approximately 1.9"-2" at the base and 1.7" to 1.8" tall.  This size is the larger pyramids in the back row.